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Professional Experience Software Engineer

November 13, 2017

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Christian Medina-Soriano



Technology Solutions ● Computer & Mobile Applications ● Networks & Servers ● Communications Infrastructure Web Development ● IT Contract Administration ● Quality Assurance ● Vendor Sourcing & Management Snapshot: Blend of technical expertise and business acumen to develop solutions and lead technology projects that boost financial ratios, increase the customer experience and strengthen compliance.

Develop applications and solutions across multiple functional areas including procurement, logistics, inventory and sales, among others, in diverse sectors and regulated industries. Understand and address client concerns to accurately define wants and needs.

Programming languages (Frontend & Backend environments): Swift 3, JavaScript, AJAX, C/C++, C#, MySQL, NoSQL, HTML5/CSS3, Regex, PHP, ASP .NET, OpenGL 4, OpenGLES 4, OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), jQuery, Node.js, React, React Native framework, Ionic framework and Google Firebase with mass notifications.

Oversee quality control and contract audits (some with multimillion dollar values) to ensure compliance with strict policies, best practices and ethics, requiring extensive analyses of documentation and operational procedures with highly complex data and cross-functional teams. Key Projects / Contributions:

Johnson & Johnson Caribbean: Developed a Web-Based Accounting Application for Business Plans to store data, calculate and generate different reports (GPP&L, NTSP&L, etc.), reducing time cycle from four weeks to several minutes. Collaborated in the conversion of Windows XP to Vista, for Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Janssen Ortho Pharmaceutical: Developed a Web-based Knowledgebase and a Helpdesk in .Net 2, C# and SQL 2000. Created a simple web-based automated interface to access real-time information in conjunction with an OPC Server. Verified and validated applications created by other members of the team. Verified and validated computer systems and handheld devices, and developed tools used in the manufacturing process.

McNeill Consumer Healthcare: Designed solution to track manufacturing product storage and reallocations within different areas. Developed an Intranet Web Based Application to store information on operator, product site area and timestamps for each track movement.

Puerto Rico Waste Industries (Landfill Technologies): Developed and designed a custom implementation of an Electronic Library to digitize, maintain and search documents.

ItSecData (Remote Deployments): Targeting Product Deployment using SMS 2003; Active Directory 2003 User Creation and Group Association; ITMU Deployments Using SMS 2003 and SMS 2003 Client Troubleshooting, Reading Client logs and Identify Deployment Issues, for a company located in Sarasota, FL.

Developed an Electronic Library System with a Web-based Interface to digitize documents, maintain Meta-Data in an SQL Database linked to each document and create Index and OCR for electronic search capability.

Developed an electronic search engine based on Lucene Core Engine.

Collaborated in the implementation of a search engine with a NoSQL and Regex approach for VENU’s way finding progressive web app (events / activities locator).

Implemented ApplePay natively (Swift 3, PHP and Braintree Payments API) in a hybrid mobile app (audio streaming) for TailorMadeRadio from MeepHead, LLC.

Developed a calendar application and other features for a religious organization.

Designed and programmed animation features for the website: PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Technology Solution Projects

Software Developer January 2009 – Present

Developed mobile app iMamey for iOS and Android currently available in Apple's App Store and Google Play. Knowledge in Java, AngularJS, Obj-C, Shell scripts, Visual Basic, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d-x. Developer in interactive technologies such as Cocos2d-X, Unreal Engine & Unity3D; and two independent mobile games

(current) in Cocos2d-X with a platformer gameplay style and a multiplayer party game for iOS and Android.

Technologies used are Cocos2d-X game library, C++ as the main language, Esoteric Spine software for animations, JavaScript for Android native specific implementations.

Objective-C for iOS implementations, OpenGLES 4 and GLSL for customized shader effects, and multiplayer services from Google Play Games services for iOS and Android. Christian Medina-Soriano, Page 2


Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

Quality Assurance Specialist January 2009 – Present Conduct over 20 audits per month to analyze vendor contracts valued up to $3M with the US Federal Government that include aircraft parts, clothing and other military supplies.

Review key quality management system elements to validate data. Collect and analyze customer, supplier and government data. Identify risk to determine surveillance strategy, frequency and/or intensity and reassess assigned risk ratings.

Assess and ensure flow-down of contract requirements to the contractor's planning, manufacturing and inspection processes to include packaging/marking, shipping, purchasing, and receiving functions.

Define and perform process reviews and product examinations based on contract specifications, Defense Contract Management Agency policies and other customer requirements.

Prepare, maintain and retain plans, records, data, reports, correspondence, and other documentation as required by contracts, customer instructions and current Defense Contract Management Agency policies. Examples of these include: surveillance plans, process reviews and product examination records; process data; investigation reports concerning customer reported deficiencies; corrective action requests; letters of delegation; audit and survey reports.

Conduct post-award first article meetings to assess the adequacy of suppliers first article plans and processes. JC Automation

Software Engineer Oct 2007 – Nov 2008

Developed applications and solutions for pharmaceutical clients in different functional areas: accounting, administration, operations and procurement.

Created solutions for business and manufacturing infrastructure systems.

Configured and installed hardware and software in manufacturing and business environments. Developed solutions for business intelligence applications based on user requirements. Bluecore Studio, Inc.

Co-Founder, Software and Web Developer June 2003 – Oct 2007 Supervised and produced projects and schedules to meet customer needs and requirements: Object Oriented Programming using PHP and MySQL for Shopping Carts, Debugging Objects, Creating and Editing Images, Miscellaneous Enhancements Functions, Macromedia Flash Action Script for Flash-based Shopping Carts, Drawing Tools and Custom Classes and Functions.

Game Oriented Programming using PHP and MySQL for special dynamic functions and database storage, Macromedia Flash ActionScript and Macromedia Flash Studio MX to create online and offline Mini-games and 3D- Emulated Particle Systems, MaxScript for More Complex Physics and 3DSMax 6 for the design of complex 3D objects, 3D Character and Camera Animations, Particles Systems and Renderings.

Won the Platinum Award of the American Designs Awards for Bluecore Studio’s website. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND

Atlantic University College: Guaynabo, PR

Master’s Degree in Computer Sciences in Interactive Technologies (GPA: 4.00) Turabo University: Gurabo, PR

Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering (GPA: 3.56) Highlights: National Collegiate Honor Council ● Scholarship Recipient: Angel Ramos Foundation Honor Program, Turabo University ● University of Puerto Rico, Honor Program Association SKILLS

ITMU Deployments & Targeting Product Deployment using SMS 2003 Active Directory 2003 User Creation and Group Association SMS 2003 Client Troubleshooting, Reading Client logs and Identify Deployment Issues Microsoft’s, Apple’s & Linux’s Operating Systems (Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Windows 2003, OS X, Open SuSe, Ubuntu & Mint)

Software & Computer Language Skills: C/C++, Swift 3, Obj-C, AJAX, Java, Visual Basic / Front End Skills: JavaScript, React, Angular, Ionic Framework, jQuery / Mobile: React Native, Swift, Obj-C, Java / HTML 5, CSS 3, Regular Expressions (Regex) / OpenGL 4, Open GLES 4, OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) / NoSQL, MySQL, MSSQL 2000(MSDE), SQL 2008, SQL 2005 / PHP, ASP .NET (Framework 1.x, 2.x), Node.js, Google’s Firebase / Unreal Engine 4, Unity, cocos2d-x / Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, VMWare Server Adobe Photoshop and Flash, Spine from Esoteric Software Communications: Bilingual (Spanish and English)

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