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Nursing Nurse .Phlebotomist

Decatur, Illinois, United States
January 30, 2018

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I graduated at Parkland college in Phlebotomy training Program non-certificate . I will graduate on November 2017 . I used to be a nurse in Thailand 25 years .I had more phlebotomy experience so I want apply a job .

My name is Surunchana Busby

Birth of date : 8 January 1968 Surin City Thailand Marriage My adress 1: 1118 Beardstown Il 62618.

My adress 2: 515 S Greenwood Ave Decatur IL 62522. I uesd to be a nurse from Thailand. 25 years worked for Thailand government at Surin hospital Surin City and early retirement on 1 October 2014. I had pension and free for medical treatment all my life form Thailand Government.

-Primary School: Nongtong Suravitayakhom.

- Hi School: Sirindhon School .

- Surin nursing Collage Associate of Science (A.S.)Nurse Midwife/Nursing Midwifery.

- Khon Kaen University Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) Education:

- Primary School

- start 1972 -1979 at Nongtong Surawittayakhom School Surin City Thailand.

- Hi- School 1980-1986 at Sirindhon School Surin City Thailand.

-Certificate Associate of Science (A.S.), Nurse Midwife/Nursing Midwifery 1986 – 1989 at Surin nursing college.

Start work at eye ward 1 year and change mywork at E. N,T ward and Urology ward to 2006 at Surin Hospital,Surin City Thailand

and go back to school .

Experience :

Special E.N.T and Urology nursing care 24 years Palliative care nurse 3 years Screen patients E.N.T.System and Urology system Nursing care emergency E.N.T System Anterior nasal packing for emergency Nasal Epistaxis Observe and screen signs and symtomatic special case of E.N.T System . Emergency Urology system Nursing care of pre-post Urology system operations Emergency Urology system Nursing care of pre-post Uro operation Emergency Urology system Palliative care of all urology system.

RN-Nurse at E.N.T and Urology Department prevention Infection Control and the National Patient Safety VAP :Implication of Guidelines to Clinical Experience Managing Antibiotic Resistant Organisms Prevention of Central Line Catheter- Associated Bloodstream Infection Nosocomial Hospital acquired infectioin: HAI Peripheral Intravenous Fluid Prevention Catheter assosiated urinary tract Infection Preventing VAP & Respiratory Tract Infection. JOB DESCRIPTIONS


1. Regularly reports on time for prayer and endorsement. 2. Validates endorsement received through nursing rounds. a. Total patients’ census.

b. Check patient’s room condition:

• Clean and therapeutic environment.

• Functional facilities(pipe-in 02 and suction, faucets, lights and other fixtures). c. Diagnostic exams done and still tobe done immediately. d. Preparations of patients for surgery, chemotherapy, etc. e. Conducts comprehensive 5 mins head to toe assessment especially preoperative patients. f. Cheeks all IV fluids and lines, its patency, desired flow rate, placement, and condition. g. Assess Drainage systems (e.g. indwelling catheters, JP drain, Hemovac). h. Delivery of prescribed 02 therapy.

i. Checks equipment and supplies and facilitates immediate replacement of used items. j. Ensures completeness of the E-cart.

3. Warmly welcomes all patients and their significant others to the Unit. a. Competently orients patients/significant others on the hospital policies, facilities, equipment, supplies and other available services, like pastoral health care services upon admission. 4. Accompanies physicians in making rounds, facilitates and implements physician’s orders properly and accurately through:

a.Utilization o the nursing process and techniques to determine patients needs on admission.

• Conducts thorough head-to toe assessment

Performs simple physical examinations such as inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation.

• Formulates nursing diagnoses.

• Set realistic objectives.

• Creates plan of care.

• Implements plan of care through therapeutic nursing interventions.

• Evaluates plan of care and modifies it as necessary.

• Interviews an interacts with the patients/significant others with prudence. Delivery of basic nursing care such as:

• Wound care.

• Tracheostomy care.

• Proper positioning of patient.

The Maintenance of proper nutritional intake and balance of fluids and electrolytes.

• Monitors dietary restrictions such as NPO, limit fluid intake etc.

• Gives NGT, Gastrostomy tube feeding and Total Parenteral Nutrition.

• Administers correct IV fluids with proper labels and accurately regulates it to its desired infusion rates.

• Collaborates with the Dietary Department for dietary instructions. Maintenance of proper urinary and bowel functions of the patients.

• Measures and records intake and output in absolute figures.

• Checks urination and bowel movement,give laxative an suppositories as ordered.

• Applies hot and cold compresses in cases of urinary retention.

• Assist doctors in inserting straight and indwelling catheter. Administration of medications to patients (Oral/Parenteral/Rectal/Nasal)

• Obsers the 10 Rights in drug administration.

• Secures starting and stat medication/intravenous fluids from the Pharmacy.

• Monitors patient for any adverse reaction and refer accordingly.

• Check medications expiration date.

Provision of therapeutic oxygenation and ventilation.

• Demonstrates deep breathing turning and coughing exercise regularly to post-operative, post- intubated immobile patients unless contraindicated.

• Maintains the patency an proper placement of tracheostomy tubes, endotracheal tubes and nasal catheters through proper positioning and suctioning.

• Checks oxygen flow and amount of medical gases.

5.Maintenance of a safe, clean and therapeutic environment within the unit. a. Provides side rails/restraints as ordered and whenever necessary. b. Properly disposes contaminated articles following the proper waste management protocol on segregation of wastes.

c. Displays proper signage of patient’s safety.

d. Ensures proper functioning of all machines, equipment and other electrical accessories. e. Politely and tactfully instructs significant other of visiting hours and numbers of visitors allowed. 6. Assists physicians in the treatment/administration of highly specialized therapies and other complicated procedures.

a. Secures informed consent.

b. Prepares all necessary equipment and supplies to be used. c. Monitors patient’s condition during and after the procedure performed at bedside and promptly refers any unusuality.

d. Documents accurate descriptive records of medical treatment and medications ordered by the physicians.

7. Responds promptly and with urgency to patient’s call. 8. Calls for emergency codes with urgency and coordinates with the pastoral care if necessary. a. Conscientiously monitors patient’s status.

b. Initiates cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

c. Prepares equipment needed for intubation.

e. Replaces medicines and supplies, in the Emergency-cart. 9. Coordinates with Pastoral Ministry: assists and facilitates the reception of the Holy sacrament, communion, etc.

10. Actively participates in the implementation of Hospital Rules and Regulations and Hospital and Departmental activities.

11. Generously shares knowledge and skills in nursing care by taking an active role in the supervision of Nursing Aides and Orderlies.

12. Clears the unit and does final rounds before end of shift endorsement to check all rendered and not yet delivered nursing interventions.

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