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Electrical Engineering Network Engineer

San Jose, California, United States
January 30, 2018

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Network Engineer graduated from San Jose State University with interest and experience in Python, Network Protocols and Network Security.


M.S., Electrical Engineering, GPA – 3.41 San Jose State University, CA Jan’16 – Dec’17

B. Tech., Electrical Engineering, GPA – 3.7 Punjab Technical University, India Aug’11 – June’15


Languages : C++, Python

Tools : PyCharm, PowerShell, Wireshark, CodeBlocks, GNS3

Network Protocols : RIP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6, NAT, STP, RSTP, QoS, VLAN, IP Routing,


VoIP : H.323, SIP


Research Assistant SJSU Research Foundation March 17 – Present

Performed Statistical data analysis using IBM SPSS for quality data analysis

Academic Projects

Simulation of MPLS Label Distribution Protocol GNS3, CLI, MPLS

Performed the Simulation of MPLS Label Distribution Protocol in GNS3 for connection setup between multiple routers

Established LDP connections between router pairs for communication

Configured Cisco IOS 3640 using CLI (Command Line Interface)

Implementing VoIP using SIP SIP, Asterisk, X-Lite

Implemented VoIP using SIP connections through Ad-Hoc network. The process was carried by utilizing a server and few VoIP users as clients. Asterisk was used as server software

Phase 1 - Established and analyzed a successful connection between 2 SIP clients using Ad-Hoc network.

Phase 2 – One user is made busy while other users tries to call it through server.

Phase 3 – Established call on hold situation between three users.

Phase 4 – Conference calling between the users using Ad-Hoc network to establish real time conference call setup.

Security of Diffie-Hellman Algorithm Python, PyCharm

Implemented Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange algorithm in Python to establish a shared secret connection

Python implementation of a brute force algorithm to find solution to the Discrete Logarithm Problem to ensure security of Discrete Logarithm Problem.

Implementing Firewall mechanism Python, Wireshark, Ubuntu

Executing Python code to study the flow of packets and to allow/block packets based on IP address / port / protocol and analyzed the packets using Wireshark.

Analyzing the code to further improve efficiency and extended functions.

Tic Tac Toe game Python, PyCharm

Designed a Tic Tac Toe game in Python for two players on the same PC using PyCharm.

The game board is printed out each time a player makes a move.

IoT based Home Security System Python

The project detects the presence of an intruder outside a home or office.

The project uses Raspberry Pi, PIR sensor and Pi Camera for control, sensing and image capturing.

Python is used for programming the Raspberry Pi.

PIR sensor detects the presence and Pi camera captures the intruder’s image.

An email notification is sent using the SMTP to the owner with the captured image as attachment.

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