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Medical Technologist

Tyler, Texas, United States
January 30, 2018

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Dedicated and work-goal oriented Medical Laboratory Technologist with profound expertise and thorough knowledge in Biochemistry and Microbiology in hospital, quality control and consumer care industry.

Fast learner with initiative to learn and a “can do” attitude towards different things and loves to be challenged to improve the work.

Able to work and stay focus under fast paced and pressured environment. Gives 100% focus and ability in every task being handed and with a “do it right at the first time” attitude.

Responsible and self-motivated, optimistic, reliable and dependable colleague and individual.

Widely recognized in manual dexterity and techniques in Medical and Research laboratory.

Approachable, easy to be with and can adapt in all races and levels of people immediately.

Always seeks innovation with regards to the workflow to get things faster and more efficient without sacrificing the quality of the work output.

Loyal and will do everything to the fullest of knowledge and ability just to meet the company’s expectations.

Experienced not just in laboratory works but also with administrative works.

Customer oriented and delivers more than enough satisfaction for customers.


Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme Approved Signatory 2012

Biomedical Scientist – (United Kingdom) Health Professions Council 2010

Medical Technologist – (United States of America) American Medical Technologist 2008

Medical Technologist – (Philippines) Professional Regulation Commission 2007

**DEGREE University of Santo Tomas Philippines 2007 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology


Longview Regional Medical Center 2017-Present

Medical Technologist

Generalist MT for a hospital based laboratory.

Clariant Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. 2015-2017

Microbiologist Singapore

A multi-national and multi-range of manufacturing company is what Clariant is, supplying a diverse and highly demanded chemical for different industries such as agricultural, paints and coating, beauty and etc.

Set up the Microbiology laboratory for Industrial and Consumer Specialties business unit which involves:

Selection and purchasing of equipment

Selection and purchasing of Microbiology consumables

Preparation and implementation of protocols

Liaising with different permit and license giving department in Singapore

Implementing Health and Safety procedures for the Microbiology laboratory

Performs challenge tests (PET) for preservatives added to cosmetic products and home care products. Provides technical assistance for manufacturing plants across Southeast Asia

Provides training for Microbiology in terms of preservative application and plant audits thru technical visits among local and multi-national customers across Southeast Asia.

Provides studies for anti-bacterial agents that can replace Triclosan and Triclocarban in cosmetic application. Actively involved in the launch of the new preservative range chemicals for cosmetics that is available now in the market.

Sole person in-charge for technical support in terms of biocide application in cosmetics and home care products for the business unit in Southeast Asia.

AsureQuality Singapore Pte.Ltd 2011-2015

Microbiology Supervisor

The laboratory is following ISO 17025 and is accredited by accreditation body for the laboratories in the country. Milk Powders, dairy and foods are the basic and routinely tested in the laboratory which is coming from manufacturing plats across Asia and some local companies which are food providers.

Manage the everyday flow of samples from receiving, to testing up to the timely release of the results.

Ensures that the normal activity in the work flow of the laboratory is met by checking all the laboratory consumables, equipment calibration and maintenance and man power staffing management.

Supervise and performs testing in General Microbiology section which includes SPC, S. aureus test, B. Cereus test, Coliform test, E. coli test, Environmental testing on swabs and sweeping from manufacturing plants, probiotics tests, Yeast and Moulds, Coliforms in water testing, aerobic and anaerobic test for bacteria and spores and the likes.

Supervise and perform testing in Pathogen Section which includes Salmonella, Listeria, Shigella and Cronobacter detection using ISO method and TECRA method.

*All tests mentioned are following ISO procedures.

Performs Growth promotion test and General Microbiology test sent by MNC regularly and from R and D laboratories and diffusion assays like Manuka UMF honey determination.

Responsible for Good Documentation Practice (GDP) on everyday worksheets, laboratory files and archiving of the old worksheets and retrieving it if needed. Provides training for the new staffs with new tests and handles the training matrix to be presented to the auditors.

Participates and supervise on every Inter Laboratory Competence Program provided by international proficiency bodies which is on twice a year basis or if the need may arise for Pathogen and General Microbiology tests.

Communicates with the customers if they have demands, complaints or good points raised for the laboratory.

Performs Method Verification if the laboratory wants to acquire new tests. Implements new innovation to make the work lighter and more efficient for the laboratory and responsible for scrutinizing the validity of testing being done by the analysts.

St. Luke’s Medical Center, Philippines 2008-2010

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Friendly Hills Medical Services Inc., Philippines 2007-2008

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Organize the and planned the innovation of the filing and quality control for Microbiology Laboratory and Bio-chemistry section for Department of Health (DOH) inspection and licensing and introduces to the laboratory the Quality Control Procedures and monitoring files for internal quality assurance of the laboratory.

Gains the registration of Biomedical Scientist from Health Profession Council, receives all blood samples to be analyzed for Lipid Profile, Kidney Profile, Liver Profile, Enzymes, Electrolytes and Blood Sugars, different therapeutic drugs like Vancomycin, Methotrexate, etc. and different drugs of abuse like Barbiturates, Pencyclidine, Morphine etc., also runs samples for cardiac markers like CKMB, Troponin I, Troponin T, NTPRO-BNP, Homocysteine etc. and different body fluid analytes like protein, sugar and enzymes. Analyze samples for Hepatitis profile, Cancer, Fertility, proteins from viruses and bacteria and thyroid markers and screens blood from donor center of Blood bank before transfusing it to the patients and generates all results with accuracy and precision.

Quality control person responsible for procedures, adjusting and calibrating for different machines and parallel testing between different machines before generating laboratory results ensuring the its accuracy and participates in Quality Assurance between independent laboratories and hospitals.

Gains registration from American Medical Technology and Professional Regulation Commission as MT, receives and performs routine blood examination like Complete Blood Count, electrolytes determination, cardiac markers testing like Troponin T and Troponin I and double checks patient’s results with abnormalities using manual methods, also performs different coagulation tests for blood clotting factors, special examinations like Osmotic Fragility Test, Sucrose Hemolysis etc. Analyze test for Urine, Stool, Semen and Body Fluid Gross examinations and Cell counts, also performs special tests like Concentration Methods for Colonic Aspirates, Kato Katz test for stool samples and determination of RBC Morphology in Urine Specimen and etc. requested by the doctors.

Organize new standards and procedures for census, inventories and purchasing of all laboratory reagents and kits from different suppliers and companies.

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