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Oracle Technical Support

Princeton, New Jersey, United States
January 30, 2018

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Lee Chen



To be part of a technical team of Oracle DBA/Architect’s where I can utilize my years of experience designing, developing and supporting large-scale database systems in mission critical production environments.



• Masters of Science Degree in Computer Science


• Masters of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics (Operations Research)


• Bachelors of Science Degree in Mathematics


Experienced Oracle Database Engineer, DBA Administrator with Extensive knowledge in Oracle Database Performance tuning, Database High Availability design and implementation. Oracle Architect with years of experience designing and developing Oracle database instances in UNIX based and Windows based client environments in the Financial, Insurance and Pharmaceutical Industries. Strong experience supporting the needs of custom software application development teams. Adept at creation, configuration, administration, and tuning of multiple databases up to 10 TB in size within mission-critical, 24x7 production environments.


• Skills in PL SQL Shell Programming

• Experience with designing and implementing Oracle database High Availability and Disaster Recovery strategies using RAC, Data Guard, Streams,

• Experience managing medium to large scale databases servicing OLTP and DSS applications

• Performance tuning of database and SQLs

• Experience in designing and automating repetitive processes

• Solid verbal and written communication skills

• Excellent with Unix and Unix tools including shell scripts, Perl, etc.

• Solid understanding of Oracle database internal architecture

• OLTP and DSS applications,Performance tuning, Database High Availability


Database DBA: Oracle 10g, 11g, 12C, SQL Server, DB2/UDB

Languages, PL/SQL, SQL, Shell, C

O/S: HP UX, Sun Solaris, Linux Red Hat 4.0 & 5.0, AIX


MOL (8/2013-Present) Woodbridge, New Jersey

Data Base Architect/Sr. Oracle DBA

• Responsible for database architect include designed, implemented, monitored and setup oracle

RAC, RMAN, High Availability (DR), Oracle Stream, OEM etc.

• Coordinated between development, management, technical support (include DBA, Unix,

Window, Network, Backup, Storage and Global Service teams) to ensure communication and Quality exceed company’s standard.

• Responsible for database day-to-day operations such as database migration, installation, Upgrade to Oracle 12C, Application SQL testing on Oracle 12C, patch, backup, performance

tuning etc.

MORGAN STANLEY (1/2011–08/2013) New York City, NY

Senior Oracle DBA/Data base Architect

• As a Senior Oracle DBA responsible for database maintenance, performance tuning, installation, upgrade, apply patches, RMAN backup etc.

• Installed and configured Oracle 2 nodes RAC on Linux at new database production server environment. Configure and setup OEM/Oracle Grid control tool and setup physical Data Guard for high

availability and Oracle Stream.

• Involve with development team to help with SQL tuning, data migration, strategy and architecture design and implementation. Also, responsible for database upgrade, server migration, setup auto

database performance monitoring etc.

UBS (1/2009–12/2010) Jersey City, NJ

Senior Oracle DBA

• As a Senior Oracle DBA responsible for database performance tuning, installation, upgrade, apply patches, RMAN backup in development, test and production environments.

• Setup Oracle Data Guard high availability and Oracle streams in Oracle RAC on Linux and Sun Solaris AIX and Windows environments.

• Setup Oracle installation standard and setup Oracle RAC architecture and standard.

• Part of Oracle DBA operation team to support all kinds of Oracle activities includes database auditing perform yearly by audit department.

• Configured and performed Database Disaster Recover practice every 6 month.

• Support Sybase, SQL server and DB2 UDB environment.

JPMORGAN CHASE (11/2006-12/2008) New York City, NY

Senior Database Administrator

• As a Senior Oracle DBA responsible for database maintenance, performance tuning, installation, upgrade, apply patches, RMAN backup in development and production environment.

• Responsible for designing, architecting and implementing Oracle RAC using one Infiniband card solution on Linux RedHat 4 & 5 Updates 4 Release.

• Worked with CISCO, Oracle and Dell’s development team to troubleshoot and to find out feasible solution for applications for Investment Banking in JP Morgan Chase.

• Perform Oracle’s “RAC destruction tests” assist Oracle to certify the “Simplified RAC” on Linux RedHat 4 with one IP/IB card solution on 4 nodes RAC using ASM on SAN/NAS/DDN/LHN configuration.

• Support SQL server, Sybase environment.

ORACLE CORPORATION (4/2004–11/2006) Isline, NJ

Principal Consultant/Oracle Architect

• Client site consultant to perform High Availability architecture - designed, implemented, installed, evaluated, consulted, set up standard operation procedures and performance tuning on client’s Oracle

database high availability GRID solution includes data guard, RAC, extended RAC and Oracle streams configurations.

• Implemented Oracle 10gR1 and 10gR2 on Linux RedHat 3.0/4.0 and Sun for 5 RAC nodes on OCFS/ASM on EMC PowerPath 4.5 and ASMLIB 2.0 with physical data guard configurations.

• Implemented Oracle 9i RAC SFOR (Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC) and 10gR1 and 10gR2 on Sun Solaris VERITAS and AIX 5.3 GPFS 2.3 platforms.

AMERICAN RE-INSURANCE CO. (5/2001–4/2004) Plansboro, NJ

Senior Oracle DBA

• Responsible for Oracle, UDB and DB2 MVS database administration.

• Involved database backup recover using Oracle RMAN, performance tuning, database architecture and performed all the regular database administrator functions.

• Support Siebel and SAS applications.

• Performed as chief Oracle in-house technical support to resolve all the Oracle technical issues such as new patches, new functionality, new releases and Oracle bugs etc.

• Set up Linux enterprise 3.0 with Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) with Oracle Data Guard application.

• Function as DB2 database administrator to create DB2 databases, tables, indexes, tablespaces, views etc and set up image copy, unload, bind, runstat, recover, dclgen jobs. Support for production and

development DB2 databases.

CITICORP (3/1999–5/2001) New York City, NY

Vice President/Senior Oracle Architect

• Vice President and a Senior Oracle database architect and database group manager for E-CITI (Citibank internet division) end-to-end internet projects.

• Duties include database architecture, database design and manage Database Administrator group.

• Designed and implemented mated-pair Oracle database high availability architecture that includes using two nodes Oracle RAC and standby database for disaster recovery.

• Designed and implemented Oracle data warehouse (VLDB) project by using Oracle partition, start schema and materialized view options.

• Established data cleaning, extract, transform and load (ETL) processes from DB2 to Oracle for data warehouse project.

• Support 24x7 production environment using EMC Time Finder, SRDF with Oracle Parallel Server and standby database option.

• Setup Oracle database architecture standard, Oracle RMAN backup/recovery architecture standard.

• Setup Oracle standard installation procedures. Setup Oracle naming standard and enforce the application to follow the rules.

• Managed Oracle license and participated Oracle beta on Oracle 8i. Tried out Oracle new functions and implemented if suit for the applications.

• Projects involve were data warehouse, Commerce One Business to Business payment and time card modules and Electrical Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP).

ORACLE CORPORATION (3/1997–3/1999) Iselin, NJ

Senior Systems Engineer – On-site Support

• Problem management and prevention, provide technical support, improve local Oracle expertise, assist with upgrades and installations planning, assist with daily operation, technical issues and focus on escalation and

problem resolution.

• Advised the client’s Oracle DBA group on all Oracles related issues.


Oracle DBA

• Responsible for managing health HMO Data Warehouse Project. Responsible for migrating from Sybase to Oracle CARS project and Quality Assurance project.

• Duties included Oracle Data Base installations, upgrades and applied patch sets, database performance tuning, backup/recover and set up Oracle standard and procedures.

AT&T (1/1984-1/1995) Piscatawy, NJ

Project Lead/Oracle DBA

• Responsible for managing and supervising the AT&T File Transfer (AFT) project development.

• Duties included analyze, design, develop, implement and manage Oracle database application project. Performed database selection, logical and physical database design using Bachman CASE tools.

• Maintained and developed AFT system using TCP/IP, X.25 and C under several varieties of UNIX platforms.

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