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Data analyst

Ridge, New York, United States
January 30, 2018

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Chen Xu

Phone: 610-***-****



1. Physics Ph.D with solid statistical background and advanced programming skills in C++ and Python.

2. Accomplished research project utilizing multiple statistical methods and concepts: Maximum Likelihood Methods, Gaussian Process Regression, PDF 3. Demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills through experience as teaching assistant. Presented research work on top Physics international conferences with highly positive feedbacks.

4. Other relevant skills: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Kernel Regression, Neural Networks, Clustering, Decision Trees, BOOSTING, R, Data Structure, Bayesian Statistics Algorithm, Distributed Computing, SQL, ROOT.


Ph.D in Physics 2013-2018

New Mexico State University

1. GPA: 3.97

2. Four-year big data analysis experience using C++ and two-year experience of teaching assistant. B.S in Physics 2007-2012

Central China Normal University

1. GPA: 3.2

2. Experienced one-and-half year education in Journalism and four-year study in Physics. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

Research Assistant 2014-2018

New Mexico State University, Full-time

1. Implemented multiple C++ classes to read, clean and process large scale data with 90M records.

(C++, Big Data, PostgreSQL)

2. Quantified the detector resolution via Monte-Carlo simulation. (Shell script, Simulation) 3. Fitted the mass spectra of one species of particles using Gaussian Process of Regression model in order to remove the background particles. (Regression, C++, Big Data) 4. Improved the result of analysis using Maximum Likelihood Method. (Regression, C++, Big Data)

5. Made contribution to Internal Review Committee for paper publication in international collabora- tion.

Experimental High Energy Physics Internship 2014-2015 Brookhaven National Laboratory, Part-time

1. Manipulated the quality assurance data and extracted key quantities from the data and finalized the dataset for analysis by data visualization. (Shell script, C++) AWARDS

1. Highlight Young PHENIXians at Brookhaven National Laboratory in 2017. 2. Distinguishing Teaching Assistant at Physics Department in New Mexico State University in 2014. 3. Championship of debating contest in School of Chinese Language and Literature of CCNU in 2008.

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