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Test Cases Engineer

San Jose, California, United States
January 30, 2018

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Address: **** ********** **, *** ****, CA-95122 Cell No: 669-***-**** Email: Objective: Actively looking for full time opportunities to leverage my knowledge and skillsets in the field of RF communications,Wireless Networks and computer communication networks.

Education Background

The University of Texas at Dallas (MS in Electrical Engineering) GPA :3.27/4.0(DEC 2016) NMIMS University (B. Tech in Electronics and Communications) GPA: 3.27/4.0(MAY 2012) Graduate Coursework

Random Processes, RF and Microwave Circuits, RF and Microwave Systems, Wireless Communications, Digital Communications, RF Amplifier Design, Wireless Sensor Networks, Advanced Computer Networks Technical Skillsets/Tools/Programming Languages

• Programming Languages: C++ (Beginner), Python(Beginner), Matlab (academic projects)

• Wireless/RF Communications tools: Qualcomm QXDM, QPST, NI Microwave AWR Office, Qualcomm APEX (Data processing and analysis), Intel STT (System Trace Tool),

• Network and system Simulators(Proficient): Anite SAS system simulator, Anritsu MT 8820C & MT 8821C, Rhode & Schwarz CMW 500

• Networking Protocols: TCP/IP, SCTP, RTP, UDP, SIP, H.323, BGP, FTP, HTTP Professional Experience

Intel Mobile Communications (Modem Validation Intern) JAN 2016- AUG 2016

• Worked as a part of the Interoperability (IOT) team for performing manual and automated testing for AT&T Adapt Certifications.

• Jobs responsibilities included a wide range of duties from test execution based on the AT&T certified test plans using different variants of RF Dev Hardware using network simulators for in-lab testing of LTE/4G, UMTS and 2G test case scenarios like network selection, Femto cell, Emergency alert test cases, Call Processing, Inter/Intra RAT cell reselection, re-direction and handover test case scenarios.

• Log analysis using Intel proprietary tools, JIRA ticket raising with Vendors and development teams for bug reporting and validation

Qualcomm Technologies/Promedia Telecom MAR 2017-OCT 2017

• Regression and system testing for Qualcomm GPS receivers.

• Perform in detail data analysis, log processing and system tests to validate position and location fixes provided by the Global Navigation satellite system (GNSS). Testing performed using QXDM and QMI test tool clients for Inter and Intra RAT, Intermodulation distortion in GPS bands, Coarse positioning Indicator testing for challenging GPS signal conditions, Downlink Carrier aggregation, 247X stability tests for degrades in GPS system performance.

• Processing the logs post testing using Qualcomm APEX data processing tool. ticket raising, issue raising with development teams to get to the core of the issue and re-running failed tests using RCI engineering builds.

Qolsys (Quality of Life Systems) OCT 2017- JAN 2018

• Core responsibilities as a Hardware engineer involved flashing the devices using custom modem builds and Hardware and software binaries, defining the RF calibration and characterization parameters to be simulated using Qualcomm QSPR Tool and R&S CMW devices for calibrating applicability devices to enable support to multiple operating bands in WCDMA/UMTS and LTE (FDD and TDD) for OTA protocol and signaling tests.

• Certifying the home automation panels for support for AT&T and Verizon carriers for GCF and PTCRB approvals in accordance to the standard 3GPP test specifications.

• Protocol level debugging and in-depth log analysis using Qualcomm QXDM4 for failures by filtering out appropriate messages using custom DMC masks and filtering techniques for identifying and analyzing diagnostic and system level messages in accordance to standard carrier test plans. JIRA ticket raising with Qualcomm support team for issue resolving. Co-ordinating with external test houses on progresses in test execution and defining the documentation and list of supported test cases related to Volte, Non-VoLTE, physical RF, and FDD and TDD protocol and signaling, as well as filing appropriate waivers for test cases not supported and getting waiver approvals. Academic Projects

• Design of a 2 stage Low Noise Amplifier

Designed a 2-stage cascaded amplifier with less than 2dB overall Noise figure and 18dB total gain. The design included Input, Output and Interstage matching network designs, cascaded 2 stage amplifier design, stability analysis, performance analysis and Bias network design to meet the design specifications. Entire simulation was performed using National Instruments Microwave AWR office RF Design tool.

• Designed a navigation and communication system for satellite missions Designed and simulated an end to end satellite communication system in AWR system simulator(VSS). The spacecrafts communication system was designed to operate up to a distance of 3AUs, equipped with an on-board radar for debris avoidance. Simulations, link budget analysis, cascaded gain and noise figure, P1dB, were manually calculated and verified using AWR-VSS.

Work Authorization

F1 – EAD

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