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Security Manager

Lexington Park, Maryland, United States
January 30, 2018

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•Special Deputy – Marion County Police Academy, Indianapolis IN, 2000

•U.S. Army Military Police, Active/Reserve/National Guard – 1982 - 1990

•Diploma, Shelbyville High School – 1982

Relevant Experience

07/2011 - present Lundeberg School of Seamanship

Security Manager (40+ hr/wk) Piney Point MD

•Facility access control using CCTV and gate controls

•Access Control of persons/vehicles (contractors, visitors, students, employees)

•Write and maintain security logs and post orders

•Supervise and train guard personnel

•Coordinate with other managers to make the security section run smoothly and efficiently

•On-call Supervisor

•Other duties as needed

03/2008 – 07/2011 Lundeberg School of Seamanship

Night Commandant (40+ hr/wk) Piney Point MD

•Evening supervision of approximately 200 students

•Enforcement of rules and discipline

•Conduct nightly head count/inspection of personnel and facility

•On-site manager for installation after hours

•Patrol the facility to check the building access points

•Check welfare of students and employees

02/2007 – 03/2008 Vance Security

Port Facility Security Officer (60+ hrs/week) Dominion Energy LNG Facility

Cove Point MD

•Foot/Vehicle/bicycle patrols

•Gate Access points using CCTV

•Fire watch

•Security of offshore LNG platform to maintain a 500 foot maritime exclusion zone using VHF radios and CCTV

•General safety and security of the facility

•Interact with various governmental agencies (Fire, Sheriff, Coast Guard, ICE, FBI, etc.)

•Trained new security officers

02/2002 – 12/2006 Initial Security

Marion County Sheriff, Special Deputy Roche Diagnostics

Road Patrol Supervisor (60+ hrs/week) Indianapolis IN

•Security/Law Enforcement officer

•Vehicle/foot patrols

•Building security

•Personnel security of visitors/employees

•Fire watch

•Emergency/alarm response

•Evening/overnight shift supervisor

•Training of new security officers


•Traffic control/direction

•Building lock/unlocks


•Use of two-way radios

10/2001 Securitex Security

Marion County Sheriff, Special Deputy (60+ hrs/week) Food Stamp office

Indianapolis IN


•Personnel security of food stamp employees

•Monitor waiting area

•Patrol parking lot to prevent vandalism

•Document control and pickup/delivery to the food stamp office

08/1999 – 08/2001 Wishard Hospital

Marion County Sheriff, Special Deputy (60+ hrs/week) Indianapolis IN

•Security/Law Enforcement officer

•Foot/vehicle patrols of buildings and parking lots

•Security of Emergency Room & waiting areas

•Issue citations and make arrests as needed

•Emergency/alarm response for both the hospital & off site clinics

•Incident/Accident investigations

•Dispatch/CCTV/Two-way radio

•Building lock/unlocks

•Traffic control

•Trained new security personnel

01/1995 – 11/2000 Consolidated Security

Owner/Investigator (60+ hrs/week) Indianapolis IN

•Licensed Private Investigator (lapsed)


•Made schedules

•Issue Payroll

•Hire/Train new security personnel

•Supervise personnel

•Foot/vehicle patrol

•Traffic control

•Incident/Accident/ Surveillance investigation

•Two-way radio use

10/1992 – 04/1995 B&L Security

Captain (60+ hrs/week) Indianapolis IN

Road Patrol /Supervisor

•Interview perspective employees

•Trained new security personnel

•Onsite checks of other officers

•Vehicle and foot patrols

•Fire and security watch

•Facility Alarm response of various contract sites

•Incident/Accident/ Surveillance investigation

•Two-way radio use

01/1992 – 10/1992 Allied Security

Lieutenant (60+ hrs/week) Winona Hospital/Pan Am Plaza

Indianapolis IN

•Site supervisor

•Trained new security personnel

•Interacted with employees, visitors & maintenance personnel

•Write reports as needed

•Access Control

•Facility alarm/emergency response

•Foot patrols of building and parking garage

•Fire/security watch

•Two-way radio use

10/1991 – 12/1991 B&L Security

Lieutenant (60+ hrs/week) Indianapolis IN

Road Patrol /Supervisor

•Trained new security personnel

•Onsite checks of other officers

•Vehicle/foot patrols

•Fire/security watch

•Alarm response of contract sites

•Two-way radio use

10/1990 – 10/1991 Allied Security

Sergeant (40+ hrs/week) Simon & Schuster book distribution center

Indianapolis IN

•Trained new security personnel

•Interacted with employees, visitors, clients & alarm company

•Access control/front gate

•Foot patrol employee parking area & docks

•Fire/security patrol

•Clock rounds

•Write reports as necessary

10/1989 – 07/1990 Burns Security

Officer (40+ hrs/week) Butler University

Indianapolis IN

•Foot and vehicle patrols

•Control of campus vehicles and foot traffic

•Emergency Alarm response

•Supervised safety of students

•Issue parking citations as needed

•Two-way radio use

•Dispatch for campus security

•Clock rounds

•Write reports as necessary

Licenses and Permits

•Lifetime personal protection handgun permit (IN)

•Conceal carry permit (UT)

•FCC Ham Radio License (General), KB3YPY

•Marion County Special Deputy

•Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Private Investigator license

Continuing Education/Certifications

•Port Facility Security Officer Training – Seaport Security, Oct 2007

Community Activities

•Active in church as Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

•Master Mason, 3rd Degree

•Member of Eastern Star,,Past Patron of 2 chapters

•Member of Scottish Rite, 32nd Degree

•Member of York Rite, Knight Templar

•National Sojourners Inc, Past President

•Heroes of ’76, Past Camp Commander

•General Class ham radio operator

Professional References

•Larry Owens phone: 317-***-**** email:

•MaryAlice Anderson phone: 317-***-**** email:

•Judy Clifton phone: 585-***-**** email:

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