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Network Planning, Designa nd Optimization Engineering

Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
January 30, 2018

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Govind Kumar, RF Engineer Date : **-Jan-****

Contact Number : +91-958*******

Email :

Present Address : #7C, Kanchenjunga Apartment, Sector-53, Noida, UP, India -201307

Area of Expertise -

10 years (~6 Yrs. in LTE / ~2 Yrs. in WCDMA / 2+ Yrs. in GSM) of experience in E2E Network Design & Planning, Optimization and Performance Management, Testing, Service Delivery Management with Multi-Vendor Multi Technology Platform (Huawei, Ericsson & NSN).

Present Company – HUAWEI Telecommunications India Co. Private Limited, Gurgaon (India)

Technical Competencies/skills

RNP/O Tool

TEMS Discovery, ACTIX, Probe & Assistant R3V17, U2000, FMA & OMstar, ATOLL, iDart, Genex Cloud, Winsspace, U-NET, NetAct, PLANET, ASSET, Arieso/Capesso, MAP INFO, MCOM, RND 8.0, Smart RNO, Business Object, ENIQ, ITK, Moshell, Winfiol



RAN Equipment vendors

HUAWEI, Ericsson, NSN

Current Assignment


LTE FDD&TDD Vodafone, Delhi-NCR, India

Job role

RNP/O Lead – E2E responsible for LTE ( FDD, TDD, VoLTE)

Technical Skill set 1: LTE


LTE Planning and Optimization


5 Years & 8 Month



Network Planning and Optimization for TDD & FDD technologies.

4.5G – Massive MIMO – DL up to 16 layers & UL up to 8 layers, Horizontal and vertical scenarios, with 64QAM and 256 QAM supported Handset

TDD 2T2R, 4T4R, 8T8R, 8T8R soft split, beam forming, 256 QAM, MU-MIMO up to 2/4 Layers, UL CoMP

Small Cell, Easy Macro

Layer strategy, Idle and Dedicated Mode Mobility Management

Carrier Aggregation, CA, VoLTE, SRVCC

Analyze and troubleshoot of VOLTE KPIs like Accessibility, Retainabilty, Mobility and Integrity for QCI 1&QCI 5 to optimize these KPI to meet given threshold value

Optimizing VOLTE sites to reduce drops, improving the SRVCC Handover

Prepared the Region KPI dashboard for LTE & VOLTE site weekly customer meeting

Performed Cell trace & Ue Trace for VOLTE & LTE cells on OSS and decode message

VoLTE MOS testing, Handover related KPIs

LTE Performance Optimization - RRCSR, ERAB SR, ERAB DCR, Mobility, UL Interference Management, Throughput Improvement.

New feature trial & implementation

Spectrum refarming, Optimization after refarming, Spectrum cleaning

PCI, PRACH root sequence & initial neighbor planning, Script, Tracking area (TA) Planning, LAC-TAC (TAL) Mapping

Model Tuning based on CW/DT drive data, Link Budget

Monte-Carlo simulations analysis using real time traffic data & Prediction using planning tool

Small cell planning and optimization

Customer interaction, Signoff on agreed KPIs threshold.

PR-PO and resource handling

Implementing baseline parameter, Parameter /Configuration Audit, suggesting parameter changes to improve the KPIs & load balancing for multi band LTE N/W, KPI’s and counters

Daily worst offender analysis & improving KPIs i.e. Accessibility, Mobility & Retain ability

Handling issues like Access failure, handover issues, overshooting also uplink interference related issues

Design Optimization Process, to meet RSRP, Dominance, RSRQ and SINR KPI’s, and to maximize throughput and connectivity

Tuning by selection of best Antennas and adjust Azimuths, Mechanical and/or Electrical tilts and Radiation Center following pre-agreed constraints of the LTE RF Design Optimization Process to meet the Design KPI’s while doing the initial tuning for cluster/AT optimization.

Performing RCA for Call drop, poor HOSR or DL/UL throughput issues.

SSV (SCFT),Cluster optimization, Cluster AT and Network AT

CSFB MOC/MTC, Ping (Latency), FTP,HTTP, DL & UL thrpt, BLER, CQI, MCS, IRAT/Redirection, Cell Reselection, PRB-Network utilization, OSS Counters

S1 trace analysis, UDP Testing, Packet loss analysis

Layer 3 message analysis

Pre-Post antenna swap activity & Optimization

Identifying problem areas like poor coverage, high interference & providing adequate solutions.

Proposing new sites/solutions for coverage affected areas.

Companies worked for

HUAWEI Telecommunications India Co. Private Limited, Gurgaon

Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Noida

NSN Global, Chennai

End Customer

Vodafone ( Delhi), India

Bharti Airtel, (Delhi) India

Idea, (Punjab) India


Light Square, USA

Technical Skill set 2: WCDMA


WCDMA Planning and Optimization


1 Year & 9 Months



Nominal Planning, PSC Planning, LAC Planning, Neighbor Planning & Audit (Intra, Inter, IRAT), Infill/Capacity sites planning, Carrier addition

Link Budget & Model tuning based on CW drive/Morphology wise

Analysis of drive test logs to check RSCP, Pilot Pollution, CQI,RLC Throughput, Served Rate & Scheduled rate for HSDPA,Check IRAT & Plan Neighbor list and also check CSSR,HOSR,BLER,HSDPA & HSUPA status.

Performed detailed Layer3 Analysis for Call drops, Setup failure, IRAT Failures and actual call flow from the field measurement data

Performed in-depth analysis in how to detect and solve specific network problems such as pilot pollution, missing neighbors, overshooting cells, IRAT locations, etc.

Planning and reducing the most numbers of servers per area to reduce the overlapping zones

Optimization of physical parameters like antenna gain, Vertical and Horizontal Beam width, improving the coverage area percentage.

Drive route preparation

Parameter/Configuration Audit and changes parameter to improve network performance

Monte-Carlo simulations analysis using real time traffic data & Prediction using planning tool

Companies worked for

Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Noida, India

NSN Global, Chennai, India

HUAWEI Telecommunications India Co. Private Limited, Gurgaon, India

End Customer


SFR, France

Vodafone ( KTK & KER), India

Technical Skill set 3: GSM


GSM RF planning and Optimization


2 Year & 7 Months



Network Planning such as Nominal Planning, BSIC planning, LAC Planning, Frequency Planning, Neighbor Planning, Coverage/Capacity Planning

Model Tuning based on CW drive, Link Budget, Network Traffic Analysis, Network Expansion based on capacity.

New –MSC/BSC planning, sites Migration, BSC Re-Homing

Network Stats analysis and finding solution aiming to reach the network KPI like TCH and SDCCH drop, TCH and SDCCH Block, UL & DL Quality and HSR. Handover Performance reports analysis

Optimization of Co-Channel (C/I) and Adjacent-Channel (C/A) interference by BCCH, BSIC and TCH Planning


Analysis of call drops on day-to-day basis and resolving the problem of cells having high drops by changing frequencies & BSIC

Network Optimization for maintaining the QoS

Analysis of drive logs & OMC dumps for optimizing the network to achieve KPI’s

Responsible for physical optimization of the network depending on the drive test data collected by drive test engineers e.g. planning of antenna orientation, antenna height and tilts as per requirements

Selection of Antenna, Height of the tower and Antenna, Direction of antenna (azimuth) and Tilts etc.

Route planning - primary, secondary and tertiary routes and foot printing of sites to control the site overshoot, cell dragging and interference elimination taking terrain conditions into considerations.

EDGE/GPRS parameter tuning and implementation

Planning & implementation High Gain Antenna /Additional Antenna Line for Highway sites & New towns

Identification & implementation of New Features in the Network to improve the KPI’s

Preparing Network Quality Acceptance reports for all the new sites

Sign off planning documents and optimization reports to customer

Resolving customer complaints arising due to network problems

To perform Comparison between Pre swap drive and Post swap drive

EDGE and GPRS Drive

Hot spotting for Nominal Plan & OFC Route

RF & LOS Survey for Highway, City, Rural, Backbone

VSWR testing (Anritsu,Bird)

Companies worked for

AIRCOM International, Gurgaon

End Customer

Vodafone (J&K )

Tata DoCoMo (Orissa )

Awards & Achievement:

Awarded “Excellent Performer” in Vodafone LTE Delhi project by Huawei India

Awarded “ Certificate of Appreciation” by Vodafone India

Awarded “Best Performer” during year 2015-16 by Huawei India

LTE C&Q Level 3 certified by Huawei India

Awarded “Rock star Ace award” by Ericsson India

Education: Engineering Graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, India (Duration: 2003-2007)

Current & previous Companies details:

HUAWEI Telecommunications, Gurgaon (India) - December 2013 to till date

Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd., Noida (India) - August 2011 to November 2013

Nokia Siemens Networks, Chennai (India) - October 2010 to August 2011

AIRCOM International, Gurgaon (India) - February 2008 to September 2010

Personal Information:

Marital Status : Married

Date of Birth : 22-May-1984

Passport : Available

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