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Engineering Microsoft Office

Dearborn, Michigan, United States
January 30, 2018

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Snehit Gurram

Email: M: 703-***-**** Dearborn, MI – 48126


As an individual interested in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, I am seeking a competitive and challenging work environment where I can fulfill the organization goals and establish a career for myself.


Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Graduating in April 2018

University of Michigan, Dearborn (GPA: 3.6/4.0)

Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering. (Aerospace) (June 2011 – May 2015)

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

Osmania University, India (GPA: 3.7/4.0)


Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

Object Distance Tracking System

A device which can track the distance between the device itself and other object using ultrasonic sensors along with microcontrollers. This is a small size application of the devices used in vehicles, aircrafts and in Military purposes. This includes Microcontrollers, Ultrasonic sensors, LED indicators, PCB, PIC C compiler and MICROCHIP programmer with simulation compiling and dumping.

Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) (HYD, India)

Design methodology of turbine & Performance analysis of GE J85 single spool Turbojet engine

Detailed study of design methodology and performance analysis of small single-shaft turbojet engine called General Electric J85. Analyzing its Pressure, Temperature and Velocity Variations at different components of Turbojet engine and performing its parametric cycle analysis. Additionally, calculating specific fuel consumption, Thermal, Propulsive and overall efficiencies of Turbojet Engine.

Academic Projects:

Powertrains NVH:

Designed an Engine Oil Pan using Catia V5 and performed CAE analysis for stress and deflections using ANSYS.

Designed a vehicle wheel rim using CATIA V5 to perform CAE modal analysis to determine NVH parameters and other fatigue design parameters such as resonant frequencies, mode shapes, stress, strain and deflection.

Calculation of resonant nodes, mode shape pressure plots by performing ANSYS acoustic analysis on an enclosed cabin and compared the results with the analytical results.

Performed Dynamic Mode Analysis on steel frame using Ansys and compared it with experimental data from LMS test.Lab

Calculated Reverberation time for 2003 Hyundai Sonata in Anechoic Chamber and analyzed the sound decay curve.

Aircraft engineering drawing with CAD

Drawing of machine elements and showing their cross-sectional views like bolts, set screws, bolted joints. cottered joint, knuckle joint, riveted joints for plates, shaft couplings, socket pipe joint.

Aircraft assembly drawings like trusses used in wings, fuselage including ribs, different elements of fuselage structure like bulk head, long irons.

Drawings of landing fear basic elements, structural brackets, wheel with shock absorbers and hydraulic Cylinder. Additionally, connecting rod for aero piston engine.

Auto sensors and Actuators:

Project on Vehicle Stability Assistance for Effective Handling on Slippery Roads. Construction of VSA through ABS and TCS with sensor yaw rate and lateral accelerometer. Performance of a vehicle is determined with the help of test modes like excessive speed at corners, applying sudden brakes etc.

Technical paper on sensors for Vehicle speed control by caution lights. Includes the detailed theory of how to control the vehicle speed based on the conditions on the road using Radio Frequency Identification Sensors(RFID) and Differential Hall Effect Sensors.

Technical Paper on Actuators for Pop up Hood System. Includes detailed theory on how to reduce the head injuries by using the Pop-Up Hood System with the help of Pedestrian crash sensors and pyrotechnic actuators.

Sustainable Energy Systems

Projects main goal was to maximize the energy output while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Designed a PV system to be placed on the residential premise at Huron County.

Designed a Wind Turbine to harness the wind energy at the same location

Estimated the energy output of the three selected PV system and Wind Systems with their specifications and prices and evaluating and comparing their major economic measures like economic efficiency, pay-back period, net present value and levelized cost of electricity.

Vehicle Thermal Management:

Built an integrated model for Vehicle Cooling System using matlab for the cooling system operating temperature when the vehicle is driven under specific conditions to determine coolant flow rate, heat rejection from the engine and engine coolant temperature by running the simulation models.

Digital Manufacturing:

Designed and developed a Desk Bed combination using Catia V5 and a 3D printer respectively. Bending Moment and deflections are determined using Modal analysis with the help of Ansys when the weight is applied.

DFMEA for the Desk Bed model is analyzed using the design of the process.

Various factors like customer segments, Revenue Streams, Cost Structure are being determined using Lean Canvas.

Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Designed and calculated flow along a given body using Ansys-Fluent 18.2.

Illustrated temperature and velocity magnitudes in the vertical cross-section and equatorial horizontal cross-section.

Plotted three-dimensional velocity field making sure the individual vectors are visible.

Illustrated streamlines in the structure of the entire flow.


Aerodynamic characterization of NACA-0012 airfoil with fluid flow studies using blower and calibration of low speed wind tunnel

Pressure distribution of an airfoil at different angles of attack with flow visualization techniques.

Visualizing and Illustrating the flow over an airfoil and their streamlines using Ansys-Fluent.

Technical Skillset:

Computer Aided Designing : AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Catia V5

Engineering Simulation : Ansys, HyperMesh, MATLAB, ABAQUS, Ansys-Fluent

IT Skills : Tableau, Programming.js, Python, SQL, Win 2012 server R2,

Windows PowerShell, UNIX/Linux, Microsoft Office.

Other Skills : Minitab, Knowledge of DFMEA, Fracture mechanics, Fatigue analysis.

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