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Software Engineer

Fremont, California, United States
January 31, 2018

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Arjun S Rao

Fremont, USA 812-***-**** Data science graduate with 3+ industry experience in software engineering, strong working knowledge of Machine Learning and statistics.


Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Dec 2017

Masters in Data Science. GPA - 3.31

Courses: Machine Learning, Applied Machine Learning, Machine Learning for Signal Processing, Introduction to statistics, Data Semantics, HCI, Cloud-Computing, Social-media mining. Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, India May 2012 Bachelors in Engineering (Information science Engineering) TECHNICAL SKILLS

Machine Learning: Regression (Linear, logistic, Generalized Linear models), Classification (Naive Bayes, Decision trees, Support Vector Machines), Unsupervised methods (Singular value decomposition, Principal Component Analysis, K-Means), Neural Networks, Ensemble methods, Optimization methods Deep Learning: RNNs, LSTM

Programming: Python, Java, R, C#

Open Source packages: Numpy, sklearn, pandas, TensorFlow Database Systems: MS SQL Server

Other: tableau, SQL


Indiana University, Bloomington Jan 2016–Aug 2017

• Modeled Worker’s compensation problem using random forest, with dataset having over 3 million instances.

• Implemented a depression analyzer with Naïve Bayes algorithm using DAIC-WOZ data-set to analyze if the interviewee had depression based on answers to questions, using DAIC-WOZ as training data-set and data from reddit r/depression and r/sucidewatch as test dataset.

• Implemented Automatic Image Colorization by example, where a gray scale image is colored using a reference image.

• Implemented a Radial Basis function model with kernel representation for feature transformation. Trained models on UCI SUSY dataset and compared accuracies of the models.

• Implemented binary classifiers (Naïve Bayes, Decision trees, Random forest, KNN, SVM, Logistic Regression, Ada Boost) on UCI adult census data-set and Wisconsin breast-cancer dataset using scikit-learn compared the classifiers performance.


SOA IT SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. (SOAIS), Bangalore Oct 2012–Dec 2015 Software Engineer

• Wrote reporting tool from scratch in C#, WPF, and translated PeopleSoft SQL queries into MSSQL queries.

• Wrote queries to extract data from Oracle database and to an excel file

• Product unit testing

• Liaise with client to gather requirements and get feedback

• Fixed bugs reported by users and enhanced product.

• Manual and Regression Testing.

• Developed Automated Test Scripts and E2E Processes within the delivery period and ran the same for multiple iterations to check their correctness.

• Configured Lights Out Testing (batch execution) at customer’s site and helped them to run for monthly Compatibility Testing.

• Troubleshot and provided solutions to the scripts if there was any failure as a part of regular execution and fixed the issues through web conference.

• Validated business applications running on multiple browsers.

• Verified the development fixes and delivered the Certify patches to clientele

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