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Sr OIM Developer

Littleton, Colorado, United States
January 31, 2018

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Experienced in Oracle Identity Manager installation, setup, development and operations.

Excellent Oracle Database / Oracle Developer/UNIX /PLSQL experience.

Experienced in systems administration, database administration, and software development


Apr -17 – Jan -18 Gartner and DaVita (Consultant through TriCore)

Gartner - Oracle Identity Manager Developer for the project to upgrate from OIM 9i to OIM 11GR2 PS3. Upgraded custom code to use newer APIs in the PS3 environment.

DaVita – Operations support for OIM 11gR2 PS2. Resolved incidents, tuned servers and SQL, worked with DEV team and recommended code and architecture changes to improve system performance and reliability.

Nov-16 – Mar -17 Shoulder surgery and rehab.

May-16 – Sept-16 Pacific Gas & Electric (Consultant through Integral Partners LLC)

Oracle Identity Manager Developer. Created adapters, process tasks, scheduled tasks and documentation in support of the LAM project to automate provisioning to the Operational Data Network (ODN). Aided the operational team in troubleshooting production issues. Completed NERC CIP training to be granted access to the ODN. Development was done in an OIM environment.

Sept-11 – Apr -16 United Launch Alliance, Colorado Dept of Education, Douglas County School District, University of Colorado Denver, Clark County School District, LaClede Gas (all as a Consultant through Arisant LLC)

Oracle Identity Manager Developer. Installed and configured Oracle Weblogic and Oracle Identity Manager and then migrated processes, user data, event handlers, connectors, etc. to move the environments from OIM 9.1 to OIM Created/modified adapters, event handlers and scheduled tasks to perform trusted reconciliations against the customer’s trusted data. These sources included SAP, E-Business Suite and custom databases. Created/modified adapters and scheduled tasks to provision/deprovision accounts in Active Directory, Exchange, Unix, RACF and Infinite Campus. Installed and configured OVD and BI Publisher in a clustered environment.

Jul-09 – Aug-11 United Launch Alliance (Consultant through Arisant)

Oracle Identity Manager Developer. Installed and configured Oracle Weblogic 10.3 and Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) (then patched to in dev, test and prod environments. Installed and customized the database table connector for provisioning and reconciliation of database accounts. Created and configured a custom UNIX connector using Java and the OIM APIs to provision and reconcile UNIX accounts in the NIS domain Created database objects as necessary to support custom functionality within OIM. Participated in requirements definition and use case development. Performed rollout to production and provided ongoing daily administration, bug fixes and adapters for customized enhancements to the system. Applied patches as needed. Trained and mentored CSC personnel to take over daily administrative responsibilities.

Mar-08 – Jun-09 Comcast (Consultant through TSRI)

Oracle DBA. Production DBA for the Neptune billing system. Provided production support (including 24/7 on-call) for several multi-terabyte databases running on HP servers. Planned and tested and implemented an approach for migrating the main database from Oracle to and shrinking the Business Copy footprint from 18TB to 10TB to more effectively use storage on the SAN. Planned a Dataguard implementation to provide high availability for the main database. Researched using ASM for a high transaction, 15TB database. Planned and implemented adding flashback database to the main trouble ticketing system. This system was a 4 node rac cluster with another 4 node rac cluster as a dataguard standby. There were no test rac servers set up with dataguard so I had to set up a two node cluster and instantiate the dataguard standby for testing before flashback was rolled into production. Provided on-call support in rotation with the other DBAs. Planned and implemented database moves to the new datacenter.

Apr-07 – Mar-08 Dexmedia (Consultant through ProKarma)

Oracle DBA/Developer. Served as the Development DBA for the ProKarma software factory. Provided database guidance to developers and developed SQL and PL/SQL as needed to support application development and production data cleanup. Created and maintained ERD’s for new development and updated ERDs for existing systems. Setup and maintained database environments in support of development and internal QA. Worked very close with the ProKarma Data Architect and the Dexmedia Enterprise Architect to develop standards for database development. Participated in a data content analysis to identify and document database objects and the flow of data through Dexmedia systems to be included in an enterprise ontology.

Aug-06 – Apr-07 Travelport (Perm)

Oracle DBA/Developer. Installation, setup and configuration of 3 clusters of Oracle RAC 10GR2 on IBM servers running RedHat AS 4.4 using NetApp NAS storage. Migrated 6 DB2 database applications to Oracle and performed extensive destructive testing to validate expected performance of the RAC HA implementation. Mentored others on Oracle database development and administration as well as PL/SQL. Installation, setup and configuration of Oracle 10GR2 Grid Control used to monitor all of the Oracle databases as well as the NetApp filers. Setup Quest Spotlight on RAC/Oracle for additional monitoring/troubleshooting of the databases. Part of a team that performed a technical assessment of the aiRES product to identify performance bottlenecks. Lead DBA on the development team working on availability caching for airline reservations. Attended MySql for Database Administratrors training in support of the project.

Sep-05 – Jul-06 First Horizon Merchant Services (Consultant through Compri)

Oracle DBA./Developer. Provided 7x24 support for large production and reporting RAC databases (>1TB). Performed tuning/troubleshooting on the production and reporting databases to increase application throughput. Used RMAN and Veritas to backup the databases and to practice various restore scenarios. Developed Perl, shell and PL/SQL scripts to automate some of the DBA tasks including exports, data refreshes and database user activity. Installed and configured Oracle Clusterware/10G R2 RAC on HP-UX Integrity (RX4640). Gave Oracle/SQL instruction to users as needed.

Jun-05 – Sep-05 Breakthrough Management Group (Consultant through Connect)

Oracle DBA/Developer. Provided database administration for the production, QA, and test databases using Oracle 9i and 10G. Developed, tested and implemented PL/SQL and SQL scripts to resolve customer issues and application upgrade requirements as needed.

Nov-03 – Mar-05 Digiterra Broadband/GetConnected (Independent Contractor/Perm)

Oracle DBA/Developer/Data Architect. Installation, setup and configuration of Oracle 9.2 on RedHat AS 3.0 servers. Performed backup and disaster recovery as needed as well as 24/7 on-call production support. Also installed 10g on development servers in preparation for migrating the production databases to 10g. Designed, modeled and implemented new database structures, triggers and stored procedures in support of the company’s largest application release to date. This included creating the logical/physical ERDs and appropriate data mapping for the support of the new architecture and the migration of data from the old architecture. Installation, setup, configuration and test of an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) configuration with Data Guard. Successfully migrated all production databases to the RAC configuration. Performed tuning and troubleshooting on the production system as needed. Provided design support to the application development team for major and incremental code releases. Provided SQLPlus and general database instruction to the business team so they could navigate the application schemas and construct queries in support of their daily activities. Mentored and managed a junior Oracle DBA and provided instruction on setup, configuration and administration of the RAC system to the offsite team in India.

May-03 – Nov-03 Digital Thoughts (Independent Contractor)

Oracle DBA/Developer/Linux System Administrator. Installed RedHat 8.0 on Sun Lx50s. Installed Oracle 9.2 on Linux and Unix systems. Converted DDL (tables, triggers, and stored procedures) intended for Firebird RDBMS into an Oracle format. Created response files for silent install of the Oracle executables and database instances on the production Linux systems. Developed sqlloader control files for initial loading of the database. Created scripts for automating database/standby database creation and dataguard configurations for a physical standby. Provided Oracle support to the Java developers as needed. . Performed backup and disaster recovery as needed as well as 24/7 on-call production support

Feb-01 – Dec-02 AT&T Broadband (Consultant through Advecta)

Oracle DBA/Developer. Installed, configured and tested Quest I/Watch software on the 24x7 production servers as well as the test, training and development servers. Installed Oracle 9i on the development servers to facilitate the creation of a consolidated trouble ticket system. Installed/upgraded oracle to version on 13 servers. Performed tuning, troubleshooting, backup and recovery on production servers as needed as well as 24x7 on call service. Installed and configured Oracle Internet Directory to provide one central source for tnsname information. Developed functions, triggers and procedures necessary for release of new applications on production servers. Assisted Remedy developers as needed with SQL,PL/SQL, and database problems. Served as a development DBA on the design/deployment of the new Remedy based Trouble Ticketing System (TTS) implemented on Sun E15K’s using Oracle 9.2. This system will grow to 8000 concurrent Remedy users. Perfomed tuning/troubleshooting for the TTS application. Installed/configured Oracle 9.2 on the development, test, training and production servers in support of the new system. Set up a logical standby database of the production instance using Oracle Data Guard for use by Performance and Reporting

Nov-00 – Jan-01 (Consultant through Upstream Technologies)

Oracle DBA/Developer. Installed and configured Oracle RDBMS on NT and UNIX Platforms. Converted and tested stored procedures and triggers from Microsoft SQL Server 7 to Oracle in support of a product port to Oracle. Created new stored procedures in support of requirements changes. Debugged ASP code to provide connectivity to Oracle through the application. Debugged problems with Microsoft IIS and ODBC drivers for Oracle. Provided basic Oracle training to SQL Server DBAs, developers and the Configuration Manager. . Performed backup and disaster recovery as needed.

May-00 – Aug-00

Sr. Web Developer. Converted programs written in ProC to Perl using DBI to communicate with the databases. Modified and maintained Unix Perl scripts used in generating status reports and sending faxes and emails. Tuned SQL statements used in the application’s Cold Fusion pages and created new stored procedures when applicable. Generated reports for customer service using Crystal Reports. Provided Oracle/SQL/PLSQL knowledge to the Cold Fusion Programmers. Recommended tuning strategies to the DBAs for better response times.

Feb-00 – May-00 Jones Cyber Solutions (Consultant through SofTec Solutions, Inc)

Oracle Developer. Converted and tested stored procedures and triggers from Sybase to Oracle in support of a product port to Oracle. Supported testing of the converted code with Perl scripts.

Jan-96 – Feb- 00 EIS, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Staff Database Administrator/System Integrator. Designed, developed and implemented web based applications using Oracle databases, Netscape Enterprise and Oracle Web Servers, and various interface tools (PERL, Developer( 1.6.1,2.1 and 6), Discoverer, shell scripts, and PL/SQL). Completed Oracle 7 and 8 DBA classes. Successfully consolidated 7 distributed document management servers into 1 central server and migrated the entire system from Oracle 6 to Oracle 7 to allow for an upgrade in the COTS software. This effort required that the central server stay synched with the 7 production servers to facilitate a phased cut-over as the older servers were taken off-line. Wrote extensive PL/SQL code to make the synching timely and transparent to the end users. Installed and configured Netscape Enterprise Servers to web enable the document management system. Installed, configured and maintained the E-FORMS application for the Denver Data Center. This included installation and setup of Oracle 7 and Netscape Enterprise Server as well as some UNIX system administration (Setting up users, groups and directory structures). Installed, configured and customized JNET for use on the Space Based Laser Program (SBL). JNET consisted of Oracle 7, Netscape and Oracle Developer 1.6.1. Designed and developed various reports for NASA's Combined Systems Operations Center (CSOC) using Oracle 8.0.5, Oracle Developer 2000 as well as PERL, PL/SQL, javascript and HTML. In addition to developing for CSOC, also took on DBA duties for development and production environments until the program could hire a full time DBA. Started in the process of migrating the JNET application from Developer 1.6.1 to Developer 6.0/6I until we ran out of funding. Used Oracle 8.0.5 and Developer 6 to provide reports for General Motors on their SIP Incentive data. This data was extracted from their mainframe system and hosted in Oracle 8.0.5. PL/SQL and SQL were used to generate roll-up tables to speed up the reporting process.

Jan 94 – Jan 96 Distributed Operations & Technology, Martin Marietta (Lockheed Martin) Astronautics Group. . Performed day to day system administration and DBA duties for a distributed client/server document management system in use from coast to coast. Developed the first interface between the web and Oracle 6 in the company. Developed an Oracle 7 database application using Netscape as a front end, which allowed users to keep track of volunteer work that they had performed and in turn allowed the corporation to publish information about the volunteer spirit of their employees. Gained significant experience in UNIX, Solaris, C-shell, PERL, SQL and PL/SQL.

Oct 92 - Dec 93 Titan Enterprise Zone, Martin Marietta Astronautics Group (Space Launch Systems). Planned for and implemented MMAG Link for Titan IV in Denver, at the launch sites and in the Resident Team Offices. Trained 350 Denver and offsite users in the use of MMAG Link and gave numerous demonstrations of the system. Performed day to day system administration operations for the system. Received an employee commendation and spot award.

Jul 92 - Sep 92 MLV III Proposal, Martin Marietta Astronautics Group (Space Launch Systems). Prepared and presented the Information Systems Management Plan and Budget in support of the proposal.

Apr 90 - Jun 92 Information Systems, Engineering Resource Planning (ERP), Martin Marietta Astronautics Group (Space Launch Systems). Gathered requirements, generated System and Design specifications and supporting documentation for ERP system development. Conducted design and prototype reviews throughout the development cycle. Designed and implemented an electronic configuration management/change system for ERP implementation and future development. Prepared information system architecture for the Space Launch Systems Company. Received an employee commendation and spot award. Also received a team award at the Space Launch Systems awards night in 1991.

Jan 89 - Mar 90 Principal Investigator, Engineering Service Order, Martin Marietta Denver Astronautics (Space Launch Systems). Management of the Change System Computerization Service Order to facilitate development and implementation of a paperless change system for all programs within SLS.

Oct 88 - Jan 89 FTS program, Martin Marietta Denver Astronautics (NASA Space Systems). Prepared proposal text/graphics and reliability plans for the FTS phase C/D proposal.

Aug 88 - Oct 88 Developed a Product Integrity Engineer (PIE) database for Space Launch Systems, Martin Marietta Denver Astronautics. The database allowed easy identification and tracking of Titan PIEs.

Jun 88 - Aug 88 Staff Engineer, FTS program, Martin Marietta Denver Astronautics (NASA Space Systems). Designed and implemented a computerized Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) application using 4th Dimension DBMS software. Performed a FMEA for the DTF-1 FTS mission and the FTS system in support of the next phase of the contract.

Dec 87 - Jun 88 Titan IV Payload Integration. Managed the closure of action items for the integration manager. Worked MLVII, SSLV and ALS proposals preparing reliability/maintainability text and graphics.

Sep 87 - Nov 87 Reliability ESO, Martin Marietta Denver Astronautics (Space Launch Systems). Lead responsibility for design and implementation of a Computer Aided Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (CAFMEA) application using Advanced Revelation DBMS software. Task also included building a database of standard failure modes and generating the necessary user documentation for the system. Received a commendation and spot award for the effort.

Apr 86 - Sep 87 Computer Services, Shuttle Return To Flight Project, Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace. Lead responsible for all computer support for the project. Included management of 10 IBM PCs, 32 Apple Macintoshes, 8 laser printers, Local Area Network, and associated computer software. Data transfer from other contractors and NASA to the DBMS. FMS support for the FMEA/CIL task; DBMS design and implementation for the FMEA/CIL and OMRS/OMI tasks. Technical support for all hardware/software problems encountered by project personnel.

Mar 86 - Apr 86 Kinetic Energy Weapon (KEW) Program, Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace. Prepared a briefing book for SDI/KEW that was used internally and as a tool for Business Development and lobbyists.

Sep 85 - Mar 86 Weapon Control System Concept Design/Validation, Martin Marietta Information & Communications Systems - Denver. Performed reliability allocations for WCS concepts. Generated reliability block diagrams and other outputs in support of the supportability trade study and WCS program reviews.

Mar 84 - Sep 85 Peacekeeper Failure Mode Analysis (FMA) Integration, Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace. Converted, updated and analyzed FMA data received from 3 associate contractors. Delivered completed data packages in support of the Peacekeeper program. Interfaced with Martin Marietta Data Systems programmers on a daily basis to work out technical problems with the FMA database, software and associated computer hardware. Gained experience with IBM mainframe computer.

Apr 80 - Mar 84 Productivity, Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (PRAM) Program Office, Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. Managed small ($500K) PRAM projects which were projected to have a better than 5 to 1 payback on investment over a five year period. Gained experience in most system program office operations and with microcomputers, networks and databases.

Nov 78 - Apr 80 Student, USAF Pilot Training, Laughlin AFB, Texas.


1985 - 1987 University of Southern California, Denver offsite. MS in Systems Management. Certificate in Information Systems.

1974 - 1978 United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado. BS in General Engineering

Organizations – American Mensa.

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