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January 31, 2018

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Sanghpura Purani Tonk, Dist. Tonk, Rajasthan, India

É: +91-818*******, 915-***-****; Email:


Seeking a challenging assignment in the field of Remote Sensing/ Geographic Information Systems (RS/GIS) & Projects Management.


Dynamic & versatile individual with MSc (Geoinformatics) from Shridhar University, with a deep passion and high energy level to pursue a career successful in the Remote Sensing, Image Processing, GIS Application field by blending skills & knowledge using creative instincts to attain goals of the organization.

Ability in designing & implementing Digital Image Processing Algorithm, collecting & analyzing data from hard copy maps, aerial photographs & satellite images through Remote Sensing, studying the ground surveys & reports, planning the layout and content of maps.

In-depth understanding of Geo- referencing, Rectification, Supervised and Unsupervised Classification, Image Mosaic, Digital Image Processing and Visual and Digital Image Interpretation and various GIS Task.

Conversant with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) - computerized systems for the collection, storage, analysis, manipulation and presentation of complex geographical information, relevant to most sectors of government and commerce. Expertise in Data Conversion, Data Attribution, Finalization of Data, Quality Checking, Error Solving, Final Map Layout and Client Error Data Solve

Outstanding communication skills, verbal as well as written coupled with exceptional presentation skills with the ability to perform above expectations.


Nascent Info Technology, Bhavnagar (Project Coordinator) since August, 2017 to Present

Base Map Creation, Survey, Property Tagging, Supply & Implementation & Post Implementation support of GIS Solution for Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC).

oQuality Checking.

oTeam assistance.

oClient interaction.

oTechnical presentation.

oTeam Management.

oTechnical support.

Nascent Info Technology, Ahmedabad (Sr. GIS Analyst) since June, 2016 to August, 2017

Base Map Creation, Survey, Property Tagging, Supply & Implementation & Post Implementation support of GIS Solution for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) Under Jn NURM Project

Description: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is the largest and leading Urban Local Governance Body in Gujarat. AMC is looking up to the proposed integrated deployment of ICT as a way of governing that seeks to achieve the sustained and sustainable development of the local economy, society and corporate organizations by encouraging a balance between the Municipal Authority, civil society, the market and the business community. AMC also recognizes that more and more citizen want to interact with the public administration via electronic media and considers it as the responsibility of the administration to take e- Governance another step forward, encouraging a change of culture and management model for dealing with local citizens. As a part of some important initiatives under ICT, AMC intends to setup Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based decision support system for department working in planning, engineering, operations and other departments.

ADCC Infocad Ltd., Nagpur (GIS Engineer) since Mar2015 to May, 2016

Estimation Forest Biomass with Hybrid Technique of Remote Sensing & GIS

Field survey, Integration of features, Classify LULC, Classify the Forest density map Demarcation of Forest boundary.

Creation of Biomass Map, Analysis & Finalization Biomass Statistic & map.

Finalize data & submitted to client.

ADCC Infocad Ltd., Nagpur (GIS Engineer) since March, 2015 to May, 2016

National Land Record Modernization Programmed, Silvassa-DNH.

Modernization of Land Records including but not limited to Digitization of old Records, Setting up of Modern Record Rooms,Digitization of maps, Integration of Textual with spatial data, survey / resurvey and updating of Mamlatdar and Survey & Settlement Records, complete integrated software system, data digitization, validation, verification and implementation

GPS Survey


Base Map Creation

Land base survey

Data Migration on ARC GIS Platform

ADCC Infocad Ltd. Nagpur (MEXICO) (GIS Engineer) Since Oct, 2014 to March, 2015

A GIS Based Approach for Service Location and Site Evaluation for BANSEFI ATMs.

Consider a study area (e.g. city or rural area)

Identify the demand to be covered in the study area

Identify potential ATM sites in the study area

Identify potential sites. This is important for comparison purposes with potential partners. It is an ideal case because it considers every possible location in the study area.

Compare between the selected locations based on the coverage criterion (amount of customers covered by ATMs in each case), and recommend the best course of action

Creation of network analysis according to bank branches of Mexico for their beneficiaries (Customer).

Create the best route for their requirement with the use of network data set.

Set annotation & Finalize maps.


GIS was instrumental throughout this research. As was shown in this study, GIS was used for representing spatial data, processing spatial data (e.g. performing spatial queries and buffers to determine the demand), preparing the data for the spatial optimization model, validation (i.e. showing the solutions of the optimization model on the map to assure that the model is applied properly) and display purposes (i.e. mapping).

ADCC Info cad East Africa Ltd. (GIS Engineer) Since Aug, 2014 to Oct, 2014

1:1000000 Scale Wall map updation of NAMIBIA (Africa).

Set annotation & Finalize maps.

ADCC Infocad Ltd., Nagpur (GIS Engineer) since March, 2014 to Aug, 2014

Sikkim Land Records Modernization

Base Map Creation.

GIS integration on ARC Map, Cadastral mapping & map Geo-referencing.

Quality analysis. And submission according to client requirements.

ADCC Infocad Ltd., Nagpur (GIS Engineer) since June, 2013 to Feb. 2014

Land Use Land Cover Mapping of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya (North East Region) under the project of NESAC.

Data Pre-Processing Image interpretation and digitize the different classes of land use land cover.

Quality analysis.

Ground Truth by use of Geotag Camera or GPS of new built up or different classes.

Quality Check & Finalize Land Use Land Cover & submit the data to client.

ADCC Infocad Ltd., Nagpur (GIS Engineer) since January2013 to June, 2013

Land Use Land Cover Update State of Maharashtra in MRSAC.

Data Pre-Processing Image interpretation and update the different classes of land use land cover of 2005-06, from recently 2011-12 LISSIII Image.

Quality analysis of old to new update.

Ground Truth by use of Geotag Camera or GPS of new built up or different classes.

Quality Check & Finalize Land Use Land Cover Districts Maps.

Adura Tech Private Limited, Hyderabad (GIS Engineer) since Sep, 2012 to January, 2013

Optical Fibre Cable (Airtel).

Digitization of Land base of 50 meter buffer area of OFC route and also Digitization of ABD i.e. Complex route network of OFC.

Data conversion (GPS point to KML and SHP), Image Capturing from Google Earth for Digitization of Land base.

Finalize the map of NLD & ABD without error or all expects with all terms of requirements of client.

Software Skills:

Arc GIS 9.3, Google Earth, Global Mapper 11, Map Info 10.0

STATE REMOTE SENSING APPLICATION CENTRE, Jodhpur since January2012 to June 2012

(Project work)

Designation: Trainee

Working on Watershed Management Project & monitoring the quality of water.

Conducting research to look at the sustainability of Watershed Development programs in the state in terms of natural resource rejuvenation and subsequently livelihood enhancement.

Preparing base maps and map layouts of the research locations in ArcGIS

Involved in data Collection, data analysis and consolidation.

Integrating data with thematic layers.

Software Skills:

AutoCAD Map, Arc GIS 9.3 to 10.5, Erdas Imagine, Map-info, Google Earth, Ms Excel, Microsoft Visual Studio.


MSc Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing & GIS) § Shridhar University

BA (Geography) 2010 § MDS University

HSC 2006 § Rajasthan Board

SSC 2004 § Rajasthan Board

Technical Skills

Remote Sensing & GIS

AutoCAD Map, ArcGIS, Erdas Imagine, MapInfo Professional, Global Mapper, Arc info.

Programming Languages

C, C#, SQL, Dot Net (.Net)

Operating Systems

MS DOS, Windows XP

Extra Curricular Accolades: Addend a national Seminar on NRLMP, & Actively participated in Shridhar University Games 2011.

Date of Birth: 28th June, 1989

References: Available on Request

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