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Engineer Quality

Gurugram, Haryana, India
January 31, 2018

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Permanent & Correspondence Address


Village- Saraibharti (vrindawan), Post: - Saraibharti, Dist- Ballia (U.P) Pincode-221712

Contact No. 959-***-****, 798-***-****

Email id: -


To serve an esteemed organization with ample opportunity for growth and innovation and reach an echelon post as well as put mammoth efforts to help the organization to reach the corporate goal.


ROOTS MULTICLEAN LTD. Since May.2016 to till Now.

Incoming Quality Engineer.

WINDALS PRICISION PVT LTD. Since Feb.2016 to April 2016.

Incoming Quality Engineer.

MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA LTD. (Farm Equipment) Since Jan.2013 to Jan 2016.

Receiving Quality Assurance (RQA)



We are established as Manufacturer of Vibrosonic, Roots ... Roots Industries India Ltd., Horn Division is accredited with ISO 14001: 1996 ... Roots as a learning organization systematically trains its employees at all levels. Manufacturers and exporters of world class mechanized cleaning machines for all types of Industrial, Mechanical and Civil use.

(First cleaning equipment manufacturer to be certified with ISO 18001-2007 – OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety) Leading Exporter machine, Manufacturer & Supplier of Mechanized cleaning machines-- scrubber driers, wizard Mini Floor Scrubber, manual sweepers and road sweepers, carpet cleaner, vacuum cleaner, High jet pressure, ride on scrubber drier & sweeper machine rb100,rb800.rb950,rd160 small and big machine manufacture India.


Leading Manufacturers of Automobiles, Sheet Metal, Machining, Components in India.

Company Profile: - An TS 16949:2009 Certified Company leading Manufacturers of Automobiles, Sheet Metal, Machining, Components like Front Axle Assembly in India.

Major Suppliers of Front Axle Assembly to Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, John Deere Equipment (India) Private Limited, John Deere, Mexico, Eicher Tractor Ltd. Bhopal.

PREVIOUS COMPANY PROFILE:- Mahindra & Mahindra Farm Equipment sector is the one of the leading Tractor manufacturer in the world. Awarded with Japan Quality Medal, and Deming Prize, QS-9000, on ISO-9002, ISO and OHSAS 27000. For TPM.

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd FES is the India’s number one tractor manufacturing company having market share above 41%.

M&M FES in Nagpur plant is having production capacity of 270 tractor /day which contributes to awards 40% of its total volume. It is manufacturing 17 models in 140 variants on single assembly line.

M&M FES Leading tractor Mfg. Company in India with a wide range of products ranging from 15hp to 75hp catering Different needs of the customer.

Key Deliverables:-

a) Ensuring that processes required for the Quality Management System are established implemented and maintained as per Technical Specifications ISO/TS 16949.

b) Reporting to top management the performance of the quality management system and needs for improvement.

c) Ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization.

Preparation & Implementation all required QMS Documents (as Quality Manual, Quality system procedures and other related documents) for all functions

d) Responsible for Overall Quality systems implementation, Handling customer complaints, Customer Process Product Audit & PPAP Audit. Responsible for timely corrective action and non-conformance.

The new Operators for Process & to improve the skills of existing Operators.

Preparing & Conducting Management Review Meetings to monitor & improve the performance of QMS.

Conducting Internal Audits of various functions, Process, Product & other Audits of organization on planned schedule to review their performance.

Training to Employs regarding various Quality Tools & also to Associates regarding Process/Products & Defects Awareness.

Measuring & monitoring the process performance through SPC, MSA, FMEA & other studies.

Representing the Initiatives taken for Quality Improvement& its effectiveness to top management & also to Customer.

Preparing inspection standard, Work Standards, SOP’s, and Control Plan etc for receiving inspection, process inspection & final inspection as per customer input requirements.

Preparation of PPAP Documents for New Launched Products at various submission levels according to customer requirements.

Close Monitoring of Rejection PPM of Customer, Process & Receiving Stage.

Monitoring of Change Management related to 4M in Process.

Engine assemble and dissemble if Any quality issue in engine.


Joined Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd as DET (Diploma Engineer Trainee) & Designated as Quality Engineer in process.

§To check each process operation as per the process quality control plan of the product.

§Validating the process parameter sheet.

§Verifying and controlling the parameters of injection molded products.

§Responsible for preparing & maintaining required Standards/ Documents for Process Quality (line inspection)

§Preparation & implementation of Work Standards, SOP’s, Control Plan etc. For injection molding parts.

§Preparing inspection standard for inspection at various stages as online process inspection & final inspection, PDI Inspection as per customer approved Limit Samples.

§Daily work management and daily O-R-C meeting.

§Manpower handling for inspection purpose.

§Inspection and analysis of rejected parts. Field complain analysis.

§Conduct the fundamental inspection of casting, sheet metal, Forging,, rubber & plastic all commodity part who use in engine assemble.

§Knowledge about & using Trimos,Vernier Caliper, Snap Gauge, Air Gauge, Bore Gauge, Plug Gauge, Micrometer,Hardnes,Profile Projector, Bevel Protector,

§To monitor calibration status of all instruments and gauges,

§Drawing study for analysis, Attending & Analysis of Field / Warranty Complaints,

§Audit of 5s, dock & TPM,

§Increase individual’s awareness about quality of the product.

§Face to face interaction with the customers, understand their concerns/complaints and resolve them at the earliest.

§Delegation of work to team and reduce rejection through quality output.

§Handling all technical issues in-process &new component development.

§Maintain proper documentation of components, processes and their control plans.

§Implement and improve awareness of Kaizen and self-implement.


Joined Windals Precision Pvt Ltd as Designated as Quality Engineer in process & manufacturing/production/Fabrication.

§Responsible for overall quality systems implementation.

§Prepare & run Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

§Problem solving technique QC Tools, for Analysis of Problem & Improvement in Process & Production.

§Responsible for quality of incoming and outgoing material.

§Handling in Process Audit at Suppliers.

§Special Process Qualification of Mig Welding (GMAW), as per ASME. Setting of Weld Parameters. Priming, Induction Heating, Millipore as per Standards.

§System based product clearance system through the process first at the Pre-inspection stage & Final inspection.

§Maintaining Calibration record for Gauges, Instruments & process equipment.

§Procurement & Planning new gauges under development items.

§Rejection & Rework analysis, Root causes analysis, & corrective-preventive actions.

§Handling Customer complaints regarding the performance & Quality issues.

§Handle audit procedure& face the System audit for TS-16949. Spread and aware the team about the audit procedure for implementation.

§Train and mentor to new jonnies.

§Controls In-house Rejection for Front Axle Box, Steering Knuckle & Steering Knuckle Arm by using First Class Quality tools.

§In Hand to Successfully developed Axle Assembly for M & M - Yuvraj 215, 3 Piece Bow type, 3 Piece Arjun, M-Star, Eicher Front Axle, Eicher Front Axle Support.

§Successfully implemented Pokayoke for Bearing Missing of Hub assembly.

§Increase individual’s awareness about quality of the product.

§Face to face interaction with the customers, understand their concerns/complaints and resolve them at the earliest.

§Delegation of work to team and reduce rejection through quality output.

§Handling all technical issues in-process &new component development.

§Maintain proper documentation of components, processes and their control plans.

§Implement and improve awareness of Kaizen and self-implement.

§Handling & implementation of the TS 16949:2009 ISO14001 OHSAS 18001procedure.


Joined Roots Multiclean Ltd as Designated as Incoming Quality Engineer in manufacturing/production/Fabrication machinery Part

§Responsible for overall customer problem.

§Manpower handling for working and meet to customer for any issue.

§Daily work management and daily service issue meeting.

§Incoming machine or Machine spare part daily basis checking.


Diploma in Mech. Engg. Hewett Polytechnic Lucknow in 2012 With 69.04%.

B.Sc Industrial Science from Nasik in 2016 with 69.07%


S.S.C. From U.P. Board Allahabad in 2006 with 65%.

H.S.C. From U.P. Board Allahabad in 2008 with 60%.


I have completed my vocational training from C&W, Railway Workshop (type of pump used in WDM2) in Charbagh, Lucknow (U.P.) from 20th June 2011 to 19th July 2011.


a)MS Office (Microsoft Office)

b)SAP (Systems, Applications, Products)

c)Auto CAD (Computer Aided Design)

d)PDF (Portable Document Format)

e)CRM (customer relationship management),

f)Excel office.

g)CIT(Continues improvements team)


Interpersonal skills.

Positive attitude

Good communication skill


§7 Quality Control Tools.

§Statistical Process Control (SPC)

§Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

§KAIZEN, Poke Yoke.

§Process Failure Mode Effect Analysis (PFMEA)

§Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

§TPM,5S,CIT(Continues improvements team), PQCDSM

§Advance product Quality Planning (APQP).


Star of the Month (Streamline Monitoring & Updating of Rejection Activity & Keeping their records.

Leader of CIT team, Quality.

Developed new process & successfully implemented to improve work flow like kaizen on machine to avoid mix-up. It’s been appreciated by the management.

§Successfully developed new fixture for Circlip clamping & de-clamping process.

§Developed new process to avoid missing operation & to reduce inspection time.

§Got good recognition from customers & from management.

§Final Inspection modified manual through on line with help of computer & programming.

Salary Drawn:-

3.63 lack/annum as an engineer. (Approx.) Current CTC


Learning Communication skills, song singing and playing cricket.


Name : Manjeet Kumar Yadav

Father’s Name : Chandradeo Yadav

Mother’s Name : Mrs. Urmilla devi

Date of Birth : 7 luly 1990

Marital Status : Unmarried

Sex : Male

Languages Known : Hindi & English

Nationality : Indian

Contact No. : 959-***-****

Passport availability : Yes


I hereby declare that all information is mention in my CV is true & correct to the best of my knowledge.


Place: - Regards

(Manjeet Kumar Yadav)

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