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Java,Spring.Hibernate,REST developer

Fremont, California, United States
January 29, 2018

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Suprava Puhan

Mob: +1-510-***-****


An IT Engineering Graduate with 6 plus years of design, development and implementation experience in CoreJava, Spring,J2EE (Jsp, Servlet,JSTL), Web Service using Axis, Spring MVC design pattern, REST with Spring Hibernate, JPA,JDBC implementation, JDBC Template, Jboss, Apache Tomcat, RESTFul Webservice using JAX-RS, Swing, AWT.

Currently looking for a suitable opportunity in these technologies.

Technical Summary:

Operating System : Win Series, Windows10, MAC

Language : Core Java, J2EE, Swing, AWT

Server Side Skills : JDBC, Spring(Dependency Injection, Spring AOP, Annotation),

Web service and REST Technology with JAX-RS, REST in Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JPA, HATEOAS, JAXB, Jackson, XML Beans, JSP, Servlet, Axis2.1.5

Web Technologies : HTML,JSTL, DHTMLX, Macromedia Dream weaver MX

RDBMS : Oracle11G, MySQL, SQL Server

Web Server : Apache Tomcat 8.5.x.

Application server : Jboss4.2.3 GA,Pivotal Server

Software Tool : Eclipse IDE, Eclipse EE, SpringToolSuite(STS), NetBeans,

RAD6.0, TOAD, VMWare, MySQL Workbench. Android Studio.

Repository : Git Hub, CVS, SVN

Professional Summary:

Expertise of Six years of experience in Object Oriented programming, scripting, source coding,Testing and implementation using Enterprise level Distributed Object Oriented Application Design/Development on Java/J2EE, Webservice, axis, XML Beans technologies.

Complete life cycle development of PVS Total play CRM Postpaid Application using Java Technologies such as Core Java, JSP, DHTMLX, Struts, Spring, DWR(Direct Web Remoting)2.0.5, XMLBeans, Axis2.1.5, Webservice.

Complete life cycle development of product Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation portal using Java technologies such as Core Java,jsp,Spring,dojo1.3,java script, DWR(Direct Web Remoting )2.0.5, XMLBeans, AXIS2.1.5, Webservice.

Complete life cycle development of product SSLVPN (Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network) Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Java technologies such as Swing, Socket programming, Thread,and Core Java.

Complete life cycle development of N-tier distributed applications using J2EE architecture and Java technologies such as JDBC, JSP, Servlet, and Web Service.

Worked as a Sr. System Engineer at IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore,India

Worked as a Sr. Technical Associate at TechMahindra Ltd, Bangalore,India.

Worked as a System Engineer at Neoaccel India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai,India.

End-to-end Project execution from development through unit testing and implementation till post-implementation support, integrating quality standards.

Understanding client Requirements, conducting system analysis and developing application as per System requirement specification. Also involved in the unit testing of the end to end client server communication.

Prepared High Level Design and Low Level design of the product requirement.


North Western Polytechnic University, California

Major: Master of Science in Computer Science(MSCS)

Graduated in Fall 2017.

GPA: 4.0

Coursework: Java and Internet Applications, Advanced Internet Programming and Design, Web Services Techniques and REST Technologies, Big Data Processing - MapReduce Programming, Advanced Structured Programming and Algorithms, Data Modeling and Implementation Techniques, Web Front-end Programming for Mobile Devices, Advanced Database Design and Analysis, Mobile Computing for Android Mobile Devices, Software Project Management, Computer Science Capstone Course.

B.E (Information Technology) from Biju Patnaik University of Technology, India.

Project Associations

Project Associations – 1

Employer Name: IBM India Pvt. Ltd.

Project Name: PVS TotalPlay (CRM_POSTPAID)

Technologies Used:

DB – TOAD for Oracle 9.5, Oracle 9i

IBM Rational Software Development Platform (RAD) 6.0

UI – Core java, JSP, DHTMLX2.5,WAS 6.0

AJAX - DWR (Direct Web Remoting 2.0.5)

Web Service - Axis 2.1.5, EJB, XML, SOAP, XML Beans 2.2.0

Backend – Apache Struts 1.1,Spring framework 2.5.6,Ibatis

Apache Ant 1.7, JRE 1.5, Log4J 1.2.8

Designation: Senior System Engineer.

Duration: Sep 2011 – April 2012

Project Briefing:

PVS Total play application is intended to provide user with the reliable tool to have control on the sales, Activations, Warehouse, generation of consolidation of accounts and reports of prompts that form starts from tools that the company requires to offer a better service towards the clients. The basic services of Total play is

1. Telephonic service

2. Television Service

3. Internet service

It has different sub modules under which CRM_POSTPAID application is the one which provides additional internet and television services to the customer .

The CRM Postpaid application is a sub-module of the PVS application and it is designed for activation, cancellation, updating as well as consolidation of value added services with respect postpaid lines. In addition to these functionalities, CRM Postpaid also aids in consultation, activation and cancellation of promotions associated for postpaid subscribers. The technologies made use in the CRM Postpaid application module is Apache Struts1.1, Spring, Ibatis, Ajax.

The PVS module uses a role based authentication system based on entries which are provided in the PORTAL database. The PORTAL database will have the roles/profiles specified for each user-id and the functionality of the entire PVS module as well as its sub-modules like CRM Postpaid will depend/change according to this role or profile.


Designed GUI and development of CRM POSTPAID Application using core java, Struts, Spring, Ibatis, Web Service, JSP, DHTMLX, Java Script, DWR, Axis2.1.5 and MVC Design pattern.

Designed various features of CRM POSTPAID module add/remove additional services, the additional services of Line Services(not basic), which uses a workflow that is to difference the services of the family Iusacell.

Through this module, you can purchase additional services, and cancel in addition to the updating of the additional services, such as a family, Ubicacel and long distance.

Extended ability on coding for end to end client server communication using Core java, Struts, Spring, Ibatis JSP, JavaScript, DHTMLX, Web Service using axis 2.1.5,DWR, TOAD for Oracle .

Project Associations – 2

Employer Name: Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Client : Cisco Ltd.

Project Name: Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation

Technologies Used:

Portal - Liferay portal framework, Liferay SDK 5.2.2 Community Edition

DB - MySQL Server 5.1, My SQL Connector/J 5.1, SQL Yog

App Server - JBoss application server 4.2.3.GA

UI – Core java, JSP, Java Script, DOJO 1.3.1, XMP Web Application Platform (WAP)6.0

AJAX - DWR (Direct Web Remoting 2.0.5)

Web Service - Axis 2.1.5, EJB, XML, SOAP, REST API, XML beans 2.2.0

Scheduler - Quartz1.6.4

Backend - Spring framework 2.5.6

Package – Install Shield

Apache Ant 1.7, JRE 1.5, Log4J 1.2

Designation: Sr. Technical Associate

Duration: Mar 2009 – Sep 2011

Project Briefing:

The HCM is intended for use in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Network Operations Center (NOC), at both the regional and national level, for visualization of host Unified Communications business services. This portal is intended as a bridge between customer-specific implementations of Cisco Unified Communications Operations Manager (Operations Manager) and Cisco Unified Communications Provisioning Manager (Provisioning Manager) in a VMware environment. The purpose of the portal application is to aggregate data from multiple instances of Operations Manager and Provisioning Manager, so that an admin user logging into the portal can view aggregated customer data in a single window.

The portal server comprises a set of dashboard and launch-point portlets. The dashboard portlets are responsible for aggregating data from each virtualized instance of Operations Manager and Provisioning Manager. The launch-point portlets are responsible for cross-launching to the web pages of the individual instances of Operations Manager and Provisioning Manager for customer-centric views. The portlets leverage the existing Operations Manager and Provisioning Manager APIs and thus make API calls to retrieve information from Operations Manager and Provisioning Manager for display. The portal server supports a VMWare-based deployment so that it can be collocated with other portal servers or other applications.

The portal uses Liferay portal frame work for presenting the summaries and reports in individual portlets. The information is rendered using standard Java GUI Components within JSP/ Servlets on the Liferay portlets. All these GUI components will be replaced by XMP components. The dynamic information is fetched from the portal server using Direct Web Remoting technology, which provides a communication layer between the client-side javascripts and the server-side java beans. The server-side DWR layer uses Spring DAO for fetching relevant data from the database.

The server-side DWR layer converts the data in java beans into a string array and serializes to the client-side. The client-side java script then rebuilds the information from the string array and presents it using the GUI components.

ACS Cisco Secure Access Control Server. An access policy control platform that is used for authentication and access control.

Operations Manager Cisco Unified Operations Manager. A product from the Cisco Unified Communications Management Suite, it provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for network management and monitoring of Cisco Unified Communications deployments.

Provisioning Manager -Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager. A product from the Cisco Unified Communications Management Suite, it provides a secure, reliable, and scalable web-based solution to manage changes to a company’s critical next-generation communication services.


Designed GUI and development of Cisco Unified Portal using core java, Webservice, jsp, XMP6.0, dojo1.3.1,java script, DWR,Spring, Axis2.1.5 and MVC Design pattern.

Designed various features of Unified portal namely Customer Administration Launch Point Portlet,User Administration Launch Point Portlet,customer Cross Launch Portlet,Quick Launch Portlet,dashboard portlets (Alarm Summary Portlet, Order Summary Portlet, Phone Summary Portlet, Telepresence Summary Portlet ).

Extended ability on coding for end to end client server communication using Core java,jsp,Spring,javascript,XMP6.0,Webservice,DWR,MySQL Server .

Project Associations - 3

Employer Name: Tech Mahindra Ltd.

Client : : Cisco Ltd.


Technologies Used:

Invented on Win 2K using Core Java, JSP, Webservice, AXIS2.1.5,

JBOSS Application Server,

Cisco ANA Workflow editor,

Bean shell Script.

Designation: Sr. Technical Associate

Duration: Nov 2008 – Feb 2009

Project Briefing:

Carrier Ethernet Management System (CEMS) is a comprehensive network management system, which will manage the network and services a Service Provider offers on their Carrier Ethernet infrastructure .

CEMS will have a web-based user interface to carry out service activation functions. CEMS will integrate ISC, ANA and Vista Insight product from Info Vista.

CEMS will also provide a North Bound Interface so that Service Providers can integrate their OSS with CEMS.

ANA is used for Fault Management and Info Vista Insight is used for performance management.

The service activation for CEMS involves receiving service orders from the CEMS GUI and breaking down the service orders into workflows.

An Operation support system is used to manage Carrier Ethernet Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance requirements

Cisco ANA is a resource management platform that serves as an active mediation layer between the operation and network layers. It provides a set of easy-to-use applications and well-defined APIs for Operations Support Systems (OSS). Cisco ANA enables service providers to efficiently respond to the constant market demand for new, reliable, and more complex services, while hiding the complexity of large, multi-vendor, mixed technology networks.

Cisco ANA can manage diverse network environments. It offers an integrated process for network modeling, intelligent fault analysis, and a highly flexible network configuration and activation engine. This enables fully correlated management of global scale networks that need to support millions of subscribers and customers.


Have developed end to end client server communication using java client and webservice for activating the service in cisco devices using bean shell scripts and ANA workflows.

Have developed the activation bean shell scripts using core java for activating the services in cisco devices using ANA .

Project Associations - 4

Employer Name: NeoAccel India Pvt. Ltd.(Currently Merged to VMWare Inc.)

Project name : S S L V P N (Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network)

Technologies Used:

Invented on Win 2K using Swing, AWT, Thread, Core Java on Abyss server

Designation: System Engineer

Duration: July 2006 – Oct 2008

Project Briefing:

SSLVPN also known as SSL Virtual Private Networks, Secure Socket Layer VPN, Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Networks, Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Networks and SSL Remote Access. An SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network) is a form of VPN that can be used with a standard Web browser. In contrast to the traditional IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) VPN, an SSL VPN does not require the installation of specialized client software on end users' computers. This Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Virtual Private Network (VPNs) can provide secure and private communications for any types of traffic between the devices equipped with the same SSL technologies across a public network such as the Internet. A competing technology of the SSL VPN is the IPsec VPN. Actually, SSL is best used as the remote access and mobile access VPNs while IPsec is the best to create VPNs among fixed sites.

The SSL-VPN Series of remote access solutions are simple to deploy and manage and even easier to use. They provide organizations of all sizes with flexible, scalable remote access at a fraction of the total cost of most other SSL-VPN appliances. Unlike solutions that charges a per-tunnel licensing fee, these SSL-VPN solutions have no restrictions on the number of concurrent user tunnels, allowing you to scale your remote access connectivity as your organization grows. Fitting seamlessly behind almost any firewall, the SSL-VPN 200 makes remote access incredibly simple, powerful and secure. Administrators will find the SSL-VPN 200 very simple to deploy and manage. An intuitive graphical user interface guides the administrator quickly through the installation process while providing granular policy configuration controls for centralized, fine-grained management over individual user access to specific network resources. SSL VPN are the Future of Virtual Private Networks, The simplicity and portability of SSL VPN can lower the cost to implement remote-user VPN for corporate workstations, as well as access from non corporate systems such as PCs. Where traditional VPN are not required, expect immediate value from investments in SSL VPN in the form of easier deployment and support.

NeoAccel Inc., is a startup company having launched a product called SSL VPN-Plus in the field of Networking & Information Security. NeoAccel main target is to replace conventional IPSec VPNs with the patented ICAA technology's provided by its SSL VPN-Plus Product. VPN or Virtual Private Networks allows an end user to connect to another network over the internet and do the work as if his machine belongs to that network. SSL VPN just makes this thing more secure by providing the benefits of SSL layer. SSL VPN-Plus just makes this process much faster.


Designed GUI and development of NMC (Network Management Console) using core java, swing and MVC Design pattern.

Created a Management Console GUI in Java Swings to manage the whole software administrator talking to Linux shell.

Architected Java client using XML-RPC protocol sent over SSL for the backend server written in C

Implemented Management Console to manage the whole SSL VPN-Plus related configuration and appliance box

Designed various features of Management Console namely Groups, Users, Access Control Policies and Endpoint Security Zones, High Availability, SNMP, Log report, CRL(Certificate revocation list),QOS(Quality of service).

Extended ability on coding for Gateway Instances, monitoring client activities, Logs and Configuring Private Network, involved in Product validation and bug Fixing .

Appliance Management like reboot/shutdown appliance, Import/Export Settings, Upgrade the SSL VPN-Plus software.

Planned for providing High Availability support in Management Console.

Installed Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the C backend server to be written in Linux user space.

Created one Software (NMC Wizard) using Core java, Swing, AWT.

Project Associations During MS

University : North Western Polytechnic University, California

Capstone Project: Health Plan Enrollment System

Technologies Used:

Operating System: Windows 10

System Type : 64-bit

Language : Core Java, J2EE

Server Side Skills : JDBC, Spring,Restful Webservices with JAX-RS,Hibernate

Design Pattern : Spring MVC

Front End : JSP, Servlet, HTML


Web Server : Apache Tomcat 8.5.x,Pivotal server 3.2.2

Software Tool : SpringToolSuite(STS), MySQLWorkbench

Repository : GitHub

Project Briefing:

Health plan enrollment system designed to enroll a subscriber to a health plan. The subscriber is the person who will enroll himself and his family members to a health plan. The Subscriber is responsible to pay the premium for himself and the enrolled family members of his health plan. The subscriber can add and terminate members. There can be many health plans available in the market but subscriber will choose only one plan of each type (Medical, Dental and Vison) at a time. This system can hold all the details of Subscriber, member, Address, plan and premium rate information.

Roles: Project Developer

Project Implementation:

Implemented end to end communication for adding subscriber, his/her address details along with his/her family member details with their address updates.

Implemented form validation for all the forms subscriber, member and address page.

Implemented the plan page for enrolling into the plan as well as its plan premium rates based on number of dependents.

Implemented using all the above information, enroll a subscriber and its dependents into the health plan enrollment systems.

Implemented the Enrollment success page which shows the subscriber enrollment details so that he can use these details to see his plan information in future.

Personal Details

Work permit status: H4 EAD

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