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C Nd

San Diego, California, United States
January 29, 2018

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S an D iego, C A 6-19-306-**** c m h ttps:// Summary

Master’s i n C omputer S cience w ith e xperience i n m obile a pplication a nd e mbedded s ystem. A n innovative t hinker, i nitiative t aker p erson w ith h and o n e xperience i n p rogramming a nd t esting over 2 y ears, w ho i s a lso c ommitted t o s elf-education t o s tay c urrent w ith c hanging t echnologies. Enthusiastic a nd s upportive t eam p layer, w ho b elieves i n q uality a nd e fficient w ork. Skills

Programming L anguages: C, C J ava, S wift, O bjective C, P erl, P HP, P ython, M ySQL, JavaScript, H TML5, C SS, J SON, S wift

Tools: A ndroid S tudio, E clipse, M ySQL W orkbench, X code, O rcad, K eil, G ithub, J enkins, HADOOP(MapReduce), e sri B itbucket, J ira, S ourceTree.

OS: I OS, A ndroid, W indows 7,8,10, L inux(basic)

Certification: W eb a nd M obile A pplication C ourse, E mbedded S ystem Experience


Treeline I nteractive, S an D iego, USA M ay-2016-Current

Designed a nd b uilt a pplications f or A ndroid a nd i OS p latform.

Created a pplications l ike, F indMyTestPhone, F AQ, I nstaller

Used different Api calls for Facebook, twitter, and google maps in android and ios apps, and Added f eature f or b ug t rack u sing C rashlytics, f abrics u nder p roduction s tage.

Maintained l ong a nd s hort-range d eliverables w ith p roduct m anagement t eam a ccording t o product r oadmaps, a lso m aintain c ode q uality a cross d ifferent e nvironment.

Added t est c ases f or d ifferent a pps t o c heck f or r obustness, e xecuted e dge c ase, u sability, and g eneral r eliability a nalysis, u sing f rameworks l ike s elenium, m ocha, e spresso, J Unit.

Fixed b ugs a nd i mproved a pplication p erformance f or v arious a pp.

Familiar w ith X ML, J SON a nd R EST-based A PIs

Managed a nd c leared s print t asks w ithin A gile f ramework, a nd c ontrolled J IRA w orkflows. EMBEDDED S OFTWARE E NGINEER O ct 2 012–Dec2013 National E lectrical a nd E lectronics C orporation, I NDIA

Programmed o n M icro-controller l ike A RM7 o n K eil E mbedded t ool.

Created L ibrary o f s hapes a nd l ines f or G LCD(graphical L CD) b y u sing A RM7 c ontroller. DEGREE L ECTURER A ug 2 011–March 2 012 SIT, I NDIA


MASTERS I N C OMPUTER S CIENCE G PA: 3 .50 A pril 2 017 San D iego S tate U niversity, U SA

Relevant c ourses : D atabase M anagement, A lgorithm a nd D ata S tructure, A dvanced L anguages Thesis: H adoop A nalysis F or C rime D ata i n S an D iego C ity Projects: H ome R emedies a pp, O nline r egistration f orm, E -commerce w ebsite BACHELOR O F E NGINEERING ( E. C ) G PA: 7 .92/10 J une 2 011 South G ujarat U niversity, I NDIA

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