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Manager Microsoft Office

Rochester, Minnesota, United States
January 29, 2018

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Murtadha Saadi Abdulrazzaq

**** **** **

Rochester, MN 55901



Thank you,, professional life was full of successes and achievements, I would choose the most Important of which she had worked in Iraq and the United States where I live now

I am bilingual (Arabic) this will certainly be helpful in my work, and I have first-hand experience in the Kurdish and Turkmen language

All my work I was very successful in helping others and providing aid and counseling to them and I have a high potential in understanding and dealing with all kinds of people

I'm ready to work at any time and flexibility is very high, I love this work because I worked for a very long period of work in a very similar service people and meet their needs directly, and this makes me feel proud

I am Regional Representative in Iraq, the Arab Open University of North America, for more than two years

I supervised the repair of the largest pumping stations in Iraq on behalf of ( USAID ) and consists of 32 large stations

Representative of (For U) Educational Organization in America

I holds a certificate from the University of Kaplan in the field of insurance

I now start studying international diplomacy

I have a good experience in the field of computer and all office equipment (such as printer and scanner, etc.), and I participated in a computer learning center course in Hawthorne in printing and computer software

I am ready to move to the workplace immediately

The most important work that worked :

Site Manager-- Company: ZOZIK; Kirkuk, Erbil, Iraq 2007 - 2012

Worked on behalf of the reconstruction in Iraq ( USAID ) and ( DAI ) – the organization for Direct Aid To Iraq

Community work to help and serve all the people of all sects and religions, races, and meet their needs for a better life for them

Supervised and implemented more than 90 successful projects in all areas of Iraqi life: education, health, agriculture, and industry, and managing subcontractors and coordinating with local and international implementing contractors

I supervised the repair of the largest pumping stations in Iraq on behalf of and consists of 32 large stations

Supervised all of the details of the projects and developed operational, financial, and administrative reports during these years I am Director location of each implemented by Zozik company which is working on behalf of the (USAID') in Kirkuk, in Iraq, throughout the period from 2008 up to 2012, and I was the supervisor and all the financial details, administrative, and is responsible for raising the written and illustrated reports every detail

Current Eployment: Supervisor Paraprofessional : John Marshall High School, Rochester Public School : Supervision and follow-up and guidance for students, as well as translation of new students and follow-up behavior of students, and coordination with the General Administration of the school to promote and access to the best ways to deal with students

Volunteer Catholic Charities; Rochester, MN 55902

Translator: Hawthorne Adult Learning Center; Rochester, MN 55904

Bilingual in English and Arabic

Reading, Writing, and Conversational Translation in both languages

Computer Literate on intranet, e-mail, and basic Microsoft Office •, I have participated in the sessions in Hawthorne Education Center, and I have a certificate

I have excellent experience in dealing directly with the people, and to work in the civil service, through my work with civil society organizations, and in several areas, the youth sector, education, education, the civil service

Professional These next statements and examples highlight the scope of my

Experience: professional experience


School: Institute of Technology; Bagdad, Iraq 1988 – 1995

Taught material engineering and mechanical drawing

Director -- Private School: Baba Karkar Institute; Kirkuk, Iraq 2008 – 2013

Supervised every detail of the teaching, administration and financial health of the private school for kindergarten, elementary, and high school students

Directed the methodology, special instruction, and advanced lessons with input from families to make the Baba Karkar Institute successful


Worker-- Self – Employed;, Iraq 1995 – 2006

Worked in the trades of plastics, upholstery, and furniture as part of my own business

Educational attainment :

Graduate: Associate Degree 2 Year Program in Cars Engineering and Machinery

Achievement: Technical Institute; Babil, Iraq 1983 – 1986

Academic High School

Graduate: Scientific emphasis

High School in the city of Baquba, Iraq 1982 -1983 Study completed Bachelor in Business in the Arab Open University of North America in the academic year 2008 -2009 ((Online, Arab language))

Completed a Masters in Business in the Arab Open University of North America in the 2009-2010 school year ((Online, Arab language))

Completed a PhD in business administration at the Arab Open University of North America for the academic year 2012-2013 ((Online, Arab language))


Warya Darbandy - Los Angeles, USA - 619-***-**** - Manager-supervisor –

Mr. Timothy Limberg - Rochester MN USA - 507-***-**** - Principal-supervisor -

BRYON BOTHUN - Rochester MN USA - 507-***-**** - Manager-supervisor

Paul Eidenschink - Mayo clinic - 507-***-**** - manager and friend

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