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Project Manager Customer Service

Fort Myers, Florida, United States
January 28, 2018

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Fort Myers, Florida 33901



HSE / Asset Management / Corporate Training & Development / OSHA-Hazmat Compliance / Inventory & Distribution / Logistics / Supply Chain / Systems Analysis / SOPs / Process Improvement / Construction Estimating / Project Management /Conflict Management/ Company specific JSA / DOT / Cost Control / Warehousing / Best Practices / Audits

A leader in providing safety and operational performance coaching/consulting services in the upstream and oil/gas industry, I possess a record of success motivating teams to assure safety and operational efficiency within a variety of operator and drilling contractor organizations. In addition to stellar project management/hazard resolution skills, my strengths include:

Developing comprehensive standard and high-risk operating procedures (SOPs)

Tracking differing components to identify operational gaps and lost time

Streamlining procedures to lower costs and assure client satisfaction

Assisting 3rd parties in fortifying their Safety Management Systems

I am known as a change agent who helps clients identify and mitigate hazards, improve pre-tour meetings, and achieve high levels of rig move efficiency, cutting the number of move days and often saving tens of thousands of dollars. Self-driven with a tremendous passion and infectious enthusiasm for HSE, I generate trust and fierce loyalty at all organizational levels.

Selected Achievements

Enabled faster/more efficient move of oil rig, saving. Oil rig needed to be moved for every hole. The three players in the process, well owner, drilling company, and rig moving company were blaming one other for hold-ups. Set up pre-move meetings, outlining specific responsibilities. Inspected all equipment brought on location and developed an emergency response plan/SOPs for all 80+ loads. Cut rig move time by 1.75 days.

Salvaged contract for 3rd party company. Red Mesa, Engage Management client, had issues with its safety management system and was about to lose its Master Service Agreement. Assessed hiring process, finding several gaps/discrepancies. Developed new hire sheet, with training matrix and detailed list of job requirements. Worked with management to develop Job Safety Analysis program/SOPs for all operations. Took client out of “penalty box,” preserving its critical UT market share.

Assisted in Upgraded methods of communication, assuring rig workers and engineers “spoke the same language.” Communication from rig personnel to engineers was poor. Assisted in conference call meeting times. Assisted in developing contingency plan for well-drill breakdowns. Attended and Scheduled field visits for engineers and monthly meetings to review operational/safety issues, and re-wrote operational SOPs, solving critical communication issues on rigs.

Overhauled operations, cutting costs 2% and boosting profits 1.7%. Ryan’s Cash & Carry’s daily operating costs were too high, causing profitability to stagnate. Developed better flow plan, maximizing square footage of sales floor, freezer and deli space. Brought in vendors eager to help lower costs. Moved P&L in right direction, with vendors as partners vs. adversaries.

Career Overview

HSE Field Representative/ Trainer, Safety leadership Coach and OSHA Compliance, Orion Drilling Corpus Christi TX

Conducted rig inspections and maintained records for fleet of 4 drilling rigs.

Rig move safety and communication.

Oversaw 85 Rig personnel.

Facilitate HSE meetings.

Facilitate Pre-tour safety meetings.

Maintained MSDS books, Safety records for all rig personel and all relevant safety documents.

Trained employees in fall protection, forklift, manlift, rigging PTW Confiened spaceIron roughneck and auto Cat.

Participated in writing Rig-specific JSA’s and SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) for all rigs/equipment on locations.

Facilitate new hire orientation

Renovations Project Manager/drywall and prep High end condominiums, Modern Building concepts Fort Myers FL.

Manage 10 to 18 employees and sub-contractors

Renovations of High end 62 or older condominiums

Meet with Superintendents on new cabinets, fixtures, paint and flooring

Order products schedule deliveries

Schedule man power for demolition and installation

Meet with clients for satisfactory final inspection and sign off

Bill for all work and extras, follow thru till payment is received

Asphalt- Concrete Estimator /Project Manager, All paving and Sealcoating, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Estimate projects for

Company, follow thru as Project Manager

Meet with prospective clients, draw up proposal, schedule, order equipment and product, Manage project, Bill and

Collect from client

Assured DOT as well as OSHA regulatory compliance.

Pipeline and Hydro Dig Operational Safety Supervisor, Mid-America/Red Mesa, Greeley, CO, 2015. Managed 45 welders, helpers and hydro dig hands for small oil and gas pipe line company

Conducted safety meetings and coached inspectors in communicating safety hazards in their designated areas.

Maintained JSA program for Hydro dig, welders, cementers, electricians and roustabouts.

Developed and reviewed SOPs and equipment inspection sheets.

Assured DOT as well as OSHA regulatory compliance.

Coached others in the proper use of PPE and what was needed for each job or task.

Safety Leadership/Performance/Communications Coach, Engage Management/Angelina Group, Houston, TX, 2011-2015.

Worked with Company men, rig team and rig movers to optimize the rig move process, efficiency and safety

Coached engineers, company personnel, tool-pushers and drillers on how to create a positive safety culture.

Identified and communicated safety hazards.

Developed, assessed and reviewed SOPs and inspection sheets.

Wrote/conducted 3rd party new-hire orientations.

Served as a Safety Leadership Coach in a Drilling, Completions and production environment.

Assured OSHA regulatory compliance.

Provided coaching on communication techniques and on the importance of good reporting.

Wrote rig equipment maintenance and inspection schedule chart.

HSE Supervisor/Motor Man, Pioneer Drilling, Williston, ND, 2009-2011.

Conducted rig inspections and maintained records for fleet of 9 drilling rigs.

Oversaw 250 personnel, resolving conflicts between Pioneer Drilling and oil companies.

Facilitated HSE meetings.

Maintained MSDS books, OSHA 300 Log and all relevant safety documents.

Trained employees in fall protection, forklift, manlift and rigging.

Wrote Rig-specific JSA’s and SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) for all rigs/equipment on locations.

Derrick Man/AD on Drilling Rig, Nabors Drilling, Williston, ND, 2006-2009. Rose through the drilling ranks to position of Assistant Driller, with responsibility for mentoring 5 crew members regarding responsibilities and maintenance of the rig.

Maintained chemical make-up of drilling fluids.

Tracked and conducted all aspects of derrick, pumps and motors maintenance.

Worked boards while tripping pipe.

Performed safety captain updates and maintained MSD books.

Wrote rig-specific JSAs and SOPs.

Conducted new-hire orientations.

Journeyman Plasterer, Fontecilla Custom Interiors, Bigfork, MT, 2001-2006.

Set-up job including scaffolding.

Maintained inventory and warehouse.

Plastered, taped and textured drywall.

Maintained MSDS book.

Developed company’s safety procedures.

General Manager, Ryan’s Cash & Carry, Billings, MT, 2001. Held full P&L responsibility for $5M retail operation including staffing, budgeting, ordering, purchasing and contract bids.

Coached small stores in ways to maximize profit.

Maintained store for health and safety inspections as well as OSHA compliance.

Assured highest level of customer service/satisfaction.

Wrote/placed weekly ads, and handled accounting, expense/inventory control and accounts receivable.

Keep current with new laws and codes from city, state and federal agencies.

Performed Regional HR responsibilities.

Oriented and followed-through with all new hires and re-hires.

Education / Trainings / Certifications

A.A. Antelope Valley Jr. College

Certified Respiratory Therapist, San Fernando Medical Training Institute

(The combinations of the two degrees are equal to a B.S)

Well Control Certificate, Forklift Trainer, Man lift Trainer,

Certified Fall Protection Competent Person, Trainer and Inspector

Land Base Rigging, Rigging Trainer, OSHA 10 and OSHA 30

Forklift Trainer (North Dakota Safety Council Course), Land Based Rigging Trainer Development Course, WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) (Canada), Petroleum Training (Canada), Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level (Red Cross), H2S Alive, Safe Land (Energy Training Council), IADC Rig Pass instructor/Trainer, Nabors Drilling Rocky Mountain Division (84 Hour new hire Training Course) and IADC Well Control Surface Stack.

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