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Technical Writer Support

Fort Myers, Florida, 33919, United States
January 28, 2018

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Resumé: Andrew Marcum


SW Florida Technical Documentation and Writing Format Agnostic Adaptable to Technological Paradigms Technology is my passion. I have a knack for learning quickly and a natural curiosity for technology. Starting with making a name for myself in technical support for being the go-to guy for references, procedures, and solution plus infrastructure guides. I have focused my skills on being adaptable to working with SME’s (subject matter experts) and stakeholders to design, streamline, proof-read, and ensure the material is covered in a logical fashion. Most recently I’ve been employed as a Senior technical writer in the cloud-computing finance industry, and as the only technical writer at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

• Technical writing and training manuals / videos - An articulate communicator, recognized for calmly working through issues with customers who know little about computers and techies who appreciate clear succinct answers.

• A+ Certified July 2015

• Portfolio Link

• Extensive international travel supporting customers. Basic Spanish language

• Proficient in a vast array of software, hardware, concepts, and technologies, including: Software Platforms Hardware Platforms Technical Writing IT / Support SQL (T-SQL including queries

written for Reports)

Software Testing

Quality Assurance

Focus on Human/Computer

Interaction (HCI) + UX Design


Linux including GUI & CLI

(Distro Agnostic).

Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft

Office Suite (Pivot Tables)

Log, process, problem analysis

(optimal resolution / mitigation)

Photoshop and Graphic Design

(able to manipulate and

combine images to tell stories)

Data Disaster Recovery (Easus)

Cloud & Local Backup(SAN/NAS)

PC/Server Hardware Repair &


(PCI-E cards, GPU’s, CPU’s, RAM,


PC Anything, TDM/SIP Phone

Systems, Teleprompters &

Newsroom Systems

OS VM Installation/maintenance

Android (ADB, etc.)


Reference Guides

Standard Operating


Reference Guides,

and other Manuals

(e.g. Use Case



Content Knowledge

Management (e.g.


Technical writing for

documentation &


Sharepoint 2010/2013

Help Desk System (Ticket

creation, closure, updates)

Networking Configuration of

LAN & WAN with NAS

(Apache, LDAP, white-listing,

black-listing IPs, resolving IP

addresses to domains

through DNS)

Technical Support: email,

phone, IM, social media

Customer Training (in-person

& remote on-screen)

Professional Experience

Relocated to Florida and Dec. job offer that was delayed and then cancelled (no fault) in Jan. 2018 City of Charlotte @ Charlotte Douglas Airport April 11, 2016 – July, 2017 (1.25 years) Contracted through INT Technologies to the City of Charlotte Senior Technical Writer

• SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

• Reference (Product/Project References)

• KM (Knowledge Management in taking document types above and entering them into a searchable Content Manager with version control)

• Propose & maintain doc. standards so that, as the information changes, the format won’t.

• Turning knowledge into wisdom: Today I am writing the documents for SolarWinds, SSRS reports

(which I initially configured), CityWorks Work Orders (i.e. Help Desk ticketing system), Design & Maintain Team SharePoint Site, & anything in-between.

• Making Room for Changes: wrote ITIL change documentation for network updates site-wide. Capgemini August 17, 2015 - February 29, 2016 (7 months) Financial Services Outsourcing Company Specializing in the IT Financial Industry Technical Writer/Communicator

I am a technical writer/communicator for Fiserv being outsourced by Capgemini. My duties involve:

• SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)

• Reference (Product/Project References)

• KM (Knowledge Management web uploads, specifically in HTML to Remedy)

• Infrastructure Reference Guides (IRG’s): extensive documents describing new product infrastructure and solutions.

• Attending and working with the team online with WebEx meetings

• Documentation Standards: bring documents in-line with Fiserv’s expected format and content. Assigned to seven projects to attend meetings and document a comprehensive IRG for each. This is then converted into HTML and uploaded to Fiserv’s web KM solution, Remedy. Project topics are mainly based on network or software solutions to help Fiserv provide the solutions its financial sector clients require to do business. Some examples are DMVPN software solutions bringing various banks to Fiserv’s network for their business processing (e.g. loans), Updating Datacenter Network Connections with 3G/4G wireless connections (for redundancy), a new BA (business analytics) reporting software solution similar to SSRS but with a proprietary front-end using Oracle 12C, and staged decommissioning of Virtual Machines.

T-METRICS October 2013 – February 2015 (1.5 years) Proprietary software developer for USAF and hospitals nationwide Technical Analyst

Supported software applications & phone systems running on top of existing technologies like SQL & Microsoft Server through email, phone, instant message and social media. Supported SQL Reporting Services and ASP based reports, oversaw server updates, phone tree menu programming, and ODBC link troubleshooting for flat-file (.MBD) to SQL Server updates (HL7 interface). Led peers in helpdesk creations. Worked with team to report & verify bugs using the Bugzilla platform.

• Documenting New Solutions: Tested multiple CRM platforms, engaged with stakeholders to determine requirements, and ended up doing the entire documentation for Microsoft Dynamics (here), which is now used by the sales team to manage customer relations and marketing campaigns.

• I Can Wiki That: Created Evernote notebooks to document this proprietary software including the main client & server-side components. Used Evernote’s tagging capabilities to find answers to rare problems quickly while on the phone. Quickly became a go-to person for notes & troubleshooting examples.

• New & improved solutions: Enabled on-site technicians to run offline server updates for DoD servers without access to the public Internet and without removing the servers from the site to comply with security & logistics hurdles, Created a virtual machine at no cost to the company (VM using a Server 2008 Server trial) using the freeware WSUS offline update tool to create an update disk.

• Going the extra mile: Supported the Misawa AFB in Japan by working after hours to debug software updates and offer pre-assembled training PDF’s. Troubleshooted an issue with a server that had been offline for over three years and discovered a line problem which triggered the COMM squadron identify & repair, enabling the hospital to handle twice as many calls at once.

• Evaluated CRM options on the market: Found, installed and configured an alternative OpenERP to compare to the current favorite Dynamics. Configured Linux VM server to test run it on the network. Installed & configured Dynamics. Developed a presentation & made a set of guides for the sales team. AUTOCUE July 2011- October 2013 (2.3 years)

Broadcast company specializing in teleprompters, newsroom systems/database systems, video servers Software Support Engineer

Provided technical support on an international engineering team serving key customers including the BBC, MSNBC, CBC, NBC, and Rogers. Worked backstage at events to ensure networked scripting and editing was operational. On call after-hours. Traveled to customer sites in India, Montreal, Ottawa, St. John’s, Newfoundland and London, to install and train software too complex to do over the phone.

• Writing Technical Documents to Scale Better: Wrote quick answer guides which were posted on the company’s support website for new users to get started. Ensure when common questions came up, I had a readily available PDF for software and hardware manuals, networked broadcasting devices, and Linux video servers. Video tutorials can be seen here (I’ve since been using Camtasia for much higher production values). Written examples include here and here. The result of finding this niche was, as answers were prepared ahead of time, less time was wasted rewriting the same material. To say it another way, achieving echelon form in a matrix.

• Cut VOIP phone system installation costs: When the company unified the New York and Charlotte phone systems, enabled a discount by learning the system and serving as the go-to person for the installation, configuration and administration. Set up IVR’s, FOP, a mix of queues for groups, and recordings. Managed user extensions; set up SIP clients (Zoiper) remotely. Created quick-start guides for common administration tasks.

• Conducted software tests: Worked with the developers to correct bugs prompting, newsroom, and video server software and help get out new versions to fulfill orders. Example of work here.

• Integrated vendor products: As the sole Autocue representative responsible for getting India’s first Hindi news channel off the ground, trained the staff to go live in a couple weeks- while integrating their Indian CG with a British-developed newsroom system being programmed remotely by a developer in New Zealand. Developed a training document.

• Dig Deeper: Worked with developers to test the latest version of server software to ensure HW/SW compatibility. When consumers reported non-working new controllers, noted that these controllers had a different circuit-board color. Prompted developers to update the firmware to recognize the new device, saving a potential failed product and avoiding product replacements.

• Crossing Barriers: Coached vendors to rebuild server hardware RAID’s, recorded video tutorials here. Used SnagIt make the best looking visuals in the shortest amount of time. Manuals here. CAROLINA FIBERGLASS POOLS AND CAROLINA CONCRETE 2008-2012 Construction company specializing in private pools and concrete IT Consultant – while attending school

• Attended CAD program conference: Showcased company designs via this software to sell new clients during the mortgage crisis. Later, used Microsoft Publisher to create electronic and print advertisements with digital photography to avoid the $10,000 yearly subscription cost. Education

Bachelors in Software and Information Systems - 2010 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at Charlotte - College of Computing and Informatics. GPA of 3.4 References (recommendations available on LinkedIn next page, more available upon request)

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