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SAP HANA/BW/BI Senior Engineer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560066, India
January 30, 2018

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Amrutha Value AparmentJ-008,

Nalluruhalli junction.




Ph no:+918050069088


HANA/BI Senior Engineer with 7+ years of Experience in developing and demonstrating the SAP HANA and SAP BI solutions to customers and internal stakeholders. Having good technical knowledge on SAP Products like HANA, Data Warehouse solutions and Business Intelligent products. Very good Hands on Experience on HANA and SQL Scripting. Gave good number of technical presentations on SAP products in Techno events(TechEd). Conducted technical presentations/trainings to customers. Ready to take- up new tasks/Challenges.


SAP HANA Platform

SAP Business Objects(BO/BI tools)

SAP HANA Native Data Warehouse

Big Data Hub


SAP Business Warehouse(BW)

Data Provisioning

Customer Sessions


Title: HANA/BW/BO Senior Engineer Experience: 7+ Years

Very Good Hands on Knowledge on Following HANA topics:(HANA 1.0 and HANA 2.0 SP2)

HANA DataBase Architecture concepts.

Multi Container Concepts.

HANA Database concepts like Column Tables, Row Tables, Virtual Tables,Extended Tables and Table Partition Techniques.

Creation of HANA views(Attribute,Analytical and Calculation views)

Creation of HANA SQL Script Procedures and Functions.

Creation of Analytical Privillages,users,Roles.

HANA Hierarchies.

Smart Data Access(SDA),Smart Data Integration(SDI).

HANA FlowGraphs

HANA Live and Creation of CDS objects

Dynamic Tiering.

Very Good Hands on Knowledge on Following Native Data Warehouse concepts:

Handling of Delta concepts on HANA tables using CDS

Handling of Data Management using Dynamic Tiering,Sybase IQ and Hadoop.

Very Good Working Knowledge on Data Warehouse Foundation Concepts:

Data Distribution Optimizer:

Data LifeCylce Manager.

Very Good Working Knowledge on Following BW and BW on HANA Topics:

Source Systems, BW Extractors and Info Packages.

Creation of BW Persistence providers like: Info objects, Info Cubes, DSOs and Composite Providers etc.

Creation of BW Transient Providers like: Multiproviders, Virtual Providers etc..

Creation of Hierarchies.

Creation of Planning Objects: Aggregation levels, Planning functions, FOX script.

Creation of Bex Queries: Filters, Variables.

Creation of Advanced DSO,HANA composite Providers and Open ODS views.

Good Working Knowledge on Following BO/BI Reporting Tools:

Information Designer Tool.

Analysis Office for Excel.

Explorer, Webi, Dashboard Designer tool.

SAP Lumira and Design Studio.

Good Understanding of following HANA Technical Concepts:

Data Base Installation & Updates,

Backup and Recovery Concepts.

Data Base user and Role creation

HANA Database Trouble shooting

High Availability concepts.

Understanding of following Concepts:

Big Data Hub

Predictive Analytics

Hadoop and SAP VORA


Delivered Session on BW in TechED 2011.

Delivered Session on HANA Operations in TechED 2012.

Delivered Session on HANA Modelling in TechED 2013.

Delivered HANA Road Map Sessions to Many Customers

Delivered Good number of BW/BW on HANA/HANA customer sessions in APJ region.

STAR Trainer in 2014


HANA/BW/BO Senior Engineer Duration: Jan2015 to till today

Project 7: BW4HANA :( 6 months only)

BW4HANA is the next gen Data warehousing solution using ABAP stack with underline database as HANA.

Responsibilities are:

Eclipsed based ADSO, ODS view and composite provider modelling.

Project 6: HANA Native/Modern Data Warehouse:

We have Native Date warehouse solution based on HANA CDS,Using this we can handle Deltas in HANA natively without BW.We have a central persistence object called Native Data Store Object(NDSO) based on HANA CDS.

Technologies are : HANA2.0, XSA and DWF2.0

Responsibilities are:

Creation of NDSO objects.

Load the data from CSV or tables to NDSO via HANA Flow graphs.

Creation of Task Chains to Automate the processes like Loading the data to NDSO,Activate the Load request.

Schedule the Task chains.

Project 5: Data Warehouse Foundation:

We have HANA Native tool called Data Lifecycle Manager, which is developed using XS Engine. Based on Rule we can off load the cold/warm data from HANA databased to Hadoop, Sybase IQ or Dynamic Tiering node and vice versa.

Technologies are: HANA, XSC and DWF 1.0 and 2.0

Responsibilities are:

Installing HANA Databased and create remote sources for IQ and Hadoop

Importing DWF DU on to the system.

Create Tables and Table groups using Application and define the rule based on SQL.

Trigger procedure to move data from HANA to cold storage and vice versa.

Project 4: Building BWonHANA objects:

Building HANA optimized Info Provider,Generate HANA Views based on BW providers and Hybrid Modelling using BW and HANA Native objects.

Technologies are : BWonHANA, 7.4 and 7.5, BWMT 1.15+

Responsibilities are :

Building Eclipsed based BW on HANA Objects like IMO Info Cubes, DataStore Objects, Advanced DataStore Objects, Open ODS view, Composite Providers etc

Eclipsed based BW Queries.

Generation of HANA Views via importing BW Info providers using HANA Studio.

Generate Native HANA views while creation of BWonHANA objects artifacts.

Functional Document creation.

HANA/BW Engineer: Duration:Jan2012 to Dec2014

Project3: Building HANA E2E Analytical Reports:

Building Analytical reports using BOBJ reporting tools with underline data base as HANA. Where we tried to consume HANA Information views and universes (built on top of HANA tables) via ODBC and OLAP connections

Technologies Are: HANA SP9+, BOBJ 4.1

Responsibilities are:

Getting the data from different sources to HANA databased using SLT,Data Services,SDA

Building HANA Information views on top of Column/Virtual tables using HANA features mentioned in the JIRA.

Building Calculated columns to perform Currency conversion.

For dynamic reporting building Varaibles, Input Parameters, Hierarchies.

Consume these views in BOBJ reporting tools like Explorer,WebI,Analysis Office,Lumira,DashBoard Designer.

Checking the functional correctness

Functional Document creation.

Project2: BW and BOBJ Integration:

As per this project, we tried to consume BW Queries/Info Providers in WebI, DataBoard Designer and Explorer.

Technologies are: BWonHANA 7.30,7.40, BOBJ 4.0/4.1

Based on the requirement transform the data from PSA table to Info Cubes, Real Time Infocubes, Direct Update DSO

Build Multi Providers, Composite Provider etc

Creation of BEX Queries with filters,Variables and Hierarcheis.

Consume Above providers/Queries in BOBJ tools.

Functional Document creation.

Project1: Building BW-IP Applications: Duration: July2010 to Dec2011

Building Integrated Planning based BEX workbooks to forecast and write the plan data back to OLAP system(BW) regarding Actual data from OLTP system(ERP).

Application version: SAP BW 7.10,7.20 and 7.30

Responsibilities are:

Transform the data from PSA table to Real Time Infocubes, Direct Update DSO.

Build Multi Provider on top of Planning Info providers

Creation of Planning objects like Aggregation level, Filter,Variables,Planning Functions etc..

FOX coding.

Creation of Input Enabled BEX Queries.

Building Planning Enabled Reports using Analysis Office,Bex Analyser.

Functional Document creation.


Master’s Degree:

National Institute of Technology(Karnataka)

Post Graduate in Computers

Master of Computer Applications(MCA)

CGPA: 8.0

UnderGraduate Degree:

Aditya Degree Collage (Andhra University affiliated)

Graduation on Mathematics

MPC- 81%


Proficient in Microsoft Office (Powerpoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access)

Fluent in English.

Best Peer award in 2011,2013


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