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Engineer Design

Gap, Pennsylvania, United States
January 29, 2018

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Matthew Lynn Evinger USAF Veteran

** ***** *** ******, ******, PA 18013 (610) ***-****


Seeking a challenging position with responsibility and visibility in which I may use my skills and experience to make a difference.

Employment History:

August 2016 to June 2017 Electrical Engineer/Mechanical Designer

Laminar Flow Inc., Richard Rd, Ivyland, Pa. 215-***-**** (Supervisor: Paul Martins)

Mechanical & Electrical Design and documentation of air filtration and circulation equipment and controls, using Keycreator.

Mar 2001 to July 2016 Design Engineer/Programmer

Skee-Ball, Inc., 121 Liberty Lane, Chalfont, PA 18914 215/***-**** (Supervisor: Jeff Hudson)

Mechanical & Electrical Design and documentation of redemption, midway and arcade products, using AutoCAD and AlphaCAM. Including all component and assembly drawings, Cable & wiring drawings, installation, operation and maintenance manuals, and Bills of Material. C & Assembly language programming of all current and legacy CPUs, including 68HC11, 8085, 6809, 6800, 8051, 8031, and 80231. NC programming, trouble shooting and operator training for Anderson Exxact Plus. On-site installation and upgrade of large-scale units. Assisting customer service and manufacturing in daily operations. Administration, Maintenance and operation of the company Windows/Novell network and the 22 Windows 98se & XP PCs. Managing release and modification of all Manuals, Software, Sound and Engineering Drawings.

April 1996 to Oct 2000 Design Engineer/CAD System Administrator

Dorr-Oliver Inc., 101 Carleton Ave., Hazleton, PA 18201 570/***-**** (Supervisor: Dave Eddington)

Mechanical & Electrical Design in support of high-speed centrifuge & decanter products of Dorr-Oliver, using EDS Unigraphics, AutoCAD and Visio cad software. Including all Allen-Bradley controls, support tools, components and assemblies. In addition, responsible for all computer equipment and software in Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, 20 NT4.0 PCs, 5 Windows 95 PCs, 2 HP 9000-735 Unix servers and all peripheral equipment. Using a combined NT & NFS network. Responsible for maintenance and support of the Grecco network in manufacturing. Handle all operator problems, and reports to vendor tech support when required. Responsible for processing all Engineering Changes & Releases and maintaining microfilmed documentation. Responsible for setting all CAD standards and for maintaining all standards released by FC&P Engineering. Responsible for project to bring all equipment manuals into Word and create CDROM versions to be distributed to current and perspective customers.

November 1993 to April 1996: Drafting Manager/CAD System Administrator

Patterson-Kelly, 100 Burson Ave., East Stroudsburg, PA 717/***-**** (Supervisor: Dave Eddington)

Managed drafting department of 12 drafters and 2 data entry personnel. Design of bulk processing & lab blenders and boiler & heater exchanger equipment, using VisionAEL, AutoCAD, SmartCam, Cadkey and Genericad CAD software. Responsible for all computer equipment and software in Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, 25 Windows 3.12 PCs, 3 HP Unix workstations and all peripheral equipment. Also all data entry to Symix MRP system. Develop standards for all drafting operations and for MRP system. Major roll in developing method to front-end load existing data into newly implemented Symix system. Converted all existing VisionAEL drawings to AutoCAD, via translation routine I developed. Implemented Grecco HDNC network between Engineering network and NC machinery in manufacturing. Trained all engineers, designers & drafters in AutoCAD, Word Perfect and Novell. Programmed the NC drilling, milling and plasma cutting machinery.

April 1993 to November 1993: Contract Designer/Engineering Information, Standards & Art Department

AT&T, Middletown, NJ 201-***-**** (Supervisor: Jim Gober)

Printed circuit board design and documentation for telephone and television equipment. Using Cadnetix, Gerber and internally developed tools on Sun workstations over NFS network. Improved some existing tools as well as developing new translators to and from the ATT standard data format.

March 1990 to December 1992: Designer/Network Manager

Serono-Baker Diagnostics, 100 Cascade Dr., Allentown, PA 215/***-**** (Supervisor: Jim Fritz)

Mechanical & electrical design for laboratory medical test equipment. Implemented and maintained AutoCAD/PADS/Novell network of 12 Windows 3.11 PCs with SNA connections to IBM mainframe. Prepared detail assembly, test and operation manuals using Word Perfect. Trained all designers & drafters in AutoCAD, Word Perfect and Novell. Developed improved AutoCAD / PADS interface and created an AutoCAD / Word Perfect bi-directional translator, for improved documentation.

November 1987 to December 1989: Director of Manufacturing/Engineering Services Manager

Imnet Corp., 34 Maple Ave., Pine Brook, NJ 07058 201/***-**** (Supervisor: Bob Gardner) (defunct)

Responsible for manufacturing, shipping/receiving, stockroom, engineering services, MRP system, all computer equipment in Hardware Engineering and Manufacturing. Design using AutoCAD, Orcad and Cadnetix on 8 DOS PCs on a Novell Network and time leased on Sun Unix equipment. Developed and implemented MRP system.

July 1985 to November 1987: Senior CAE Engineer/CAD System Administrator

Timeplex Inc., 530 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 201/***-****

Mechanical & electrical design of high-speed communication equipment. Selected & implemented new Cadnetix CAD/CAE software on NFS/Unix equipment. Developed conversion routines for existing libraries from Scicards and EDMS CAD software running on Prime 750s under Primos. Created standards & procedures, trained operators, enhanced system with C programs tailored to Timeplex’s needs. Developed automated program generator for NC assembly & test equipment in manufacturing. Developed bi-directional interface to MRP system. Developed bi-directional interface between Cadnetix and Xilinx programmable gate array tools allowing design and simulation within standard design tools. Developed an MTTR & MTBF estimate & evaluation tool to help engineers increase system reliability.

April 1982 to July 1985: Engineering Services Manager

Auragen System Corp., Fairlawn, NJ (Supervisor: Bob Gardner) - Defunct

Mechanical & electrical design of fault tolerant Unix computer system. Implemented EDMS / Scicards CAD system running on Prime 750 under Primos. Responsible for design documentation of all mechanical & electronic components and assemblies, and transfer to manufacturing & test. Implemented three Gate-Array designs using remote terminal and Motorola design tools. Created and maintained 3000+ component library, designed over 60 high-density multi-layer printed circuit boards. Developed bi-directional interface to Factron in-circuit test system, to automate fixture & program creation.

December 1980 to April 1982: Engineering Technician

Exxon Office Systems, Xonex Division, Princeton, NJ - Defunct

Design and implementation of Ring Network Communication for ‘Executive Workstation’ project. Created & maintained mechanical & electrical drawings, parts lists, assembly & operation instructions. Built and test prototypes, developed drivers and test software. Maintained all computer & test equipment used by RNC group. Computers ran CPM and Exxon proprietary software and were tied to VAX VMS mainframe.

February 1975 to February 1981: Active Duty US Air Force

2045 Communications Group, Andrews AFB, MD- Telephone Switching Systems Technician (36271)

552 AWACS, CRS, Tinker AFB, OK- Computer Systems Technician (30571)

December 1980 to Present Consulting work

I have done market research, mechanical, electrical & architectural design, hardware & software evaluation, programming, assembly, hardware & software installation, training and system upgrades for various companies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as an individual or as a representative of my employer. Clients have included Endurance Auto, Integrated Facilities, Rizzetto Construction, Timeplex, Fifth Generation Computers, Audio Visual Labs, TeleLighting Research, Compuscan, Imnet, Buhl, and others, including many private individuals. I have experience with a large variety of CAD/CAE/CAM software in large and small companies and many different design and documentation practices.

Education and Training:

Exxact Plus Operators Training Anderson, Charlotte, NC

AlphaCAM operators Training Anderson, Charlotte, NC

Symix Operators Training Symix, at Patterson-Kelly, East Stroudsburg, PA

Symix Programmers Training Symix, at Patterson-Kelly, East Stroudsburg, PA

EDS Unigraphics Assemblies EDS, Boston, MA

EDS Unigraphics Drafting EDS, at Dorr-Oliver, Hazleton, PA

EDS Unigraphics 3D Modeling EDS, at Dorr-Oliver, Hazleton, PA

VisionAEL 3D Modeling VisionAEL, Tulsa, OK

VisionAEL Parametric Design VisionAEL, Tulsa, OK

Cadnetix System Admin. Training Cadnetix, Boulder, CO

Cadnetix CAD Operators Training Cadnetix, Boulder, CO

Cadnetix CAE Operators Training Cadnetix, Boulder, CO

Tboards CAD Operators Training GE, Calma, San Jose, CA

Scicards PC Designers Training Scientific Calculations, Rochester, NY

Tegas Simulator Training Control Data Corp., Boston, MA

Motorola Gate Array Design Motorola, at Auragen Systems Corp, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

EDMS CAD Operators Training Prime Computers, Mountainside, NJ

Hazletine Display Systems Training USAF, Tinker AFB, OK

IBM 4 Pi Computer Systems Training USAF, Tinker AFB, OK

Boeing Interface Systems Training USAF, Tinker AFB, OK

Computer Systems Repair Training USAF, Keesler AFB, MS

Telephone Switch Systems Training USAF, Sheppard AFB, TX

Graduated High School Cedar Cliff HS, Camp Hill, PA

I have had programming, operation, design and maintenance experience on a wide variety with software and hardware. I have written software in Assembly language, Basic, C, Fortran and Lisp along with batch and script programs in CPM, DOS, Primos, VMS, Windows and Unix environments, over NFS, Novell, Primenet, Decnet, SNA and proprietary networks. I have hands on experience with AutoCAD, KeyCreator, AlphaCAM, Pads-PCB, Orcad, Cadence, Cadnetix, Scicards, PCB123, Eagle PCB, PrimeAids, PCAD, Futurenet, Daisy Logician, Calma Tboards, AutoSketch, Xilinx, Tegas, Themis, Cadat, VisionAEL, EDS Unigraphics, Visio, SmartCAM, Gerberx, Cadkey and Genericad for mechanical and electrical design and simulation. I consider myself an achiever, and expert at developing tools and procedures to get any job done quickly and accurately.

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