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Project Manager Electrical Engineer

San Diego, California, United States
January 29, 2018

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**** **** ***, **** ***, La Jolla, CA. 92037 Tel: 858-***-**** Email: PROGRAM / PROJECT MANAGER (Hands-on)

Hands-on Project/Program Manager, with PhD in engineering/physics, 16 years of management experience and 17 years engineering R&D experience (5 years specifically in defense). Possess a wide theoretical and hands-on background in low and high frequency electronics (analog and digital), mechanics, optics, sensors, analog and digital signal processing, computers and general physics (electromagnetic fields, nuclear, gravitation, relativity). Have extensive experience in managing Projects, labs and engineering departments. Have excellent communication skills and ability to speak in many languages: Spanish, German, Swedish, and Norwegian. Background and strengths include:

Project/Department Management Internal Operations

Research and Development (R&D) Vendor Management

Financial Management Technical Management

Contract Negotiation Client Management

PhD in Engineering/Physics Communication and Multi-Cultural Rapport EDUCATION

PhD – Natural Science (Physics/Electronics/Mechanics) Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland (1997) MS – Physics/Electronics, San Jose State University, CA (1989) BS – Physics/Elecronics, San Jose State University, CA (1982) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


Walker Futuristic Industries, San Diego, CA 2015 - 2017 Currently starting a company to develop and produce a flying car. Goal of design is to develop a vehicle that looks and drives like a car using its body as a wing. The vehicle will be the size of a car and could be used to land and takeoff on streets and freeways. It will fly both like an airplane and helicopter. Developed theoretical physics model of vehicle and verified using small scale RC model. Currently developing flight simulator model and CAD drawings of full scale vehicle to be built. Actively involved in fund raising, and managing a team of business development and vehicle development personnel.


Micropelt GmbH, Germany

Managed team of engineers to develop thermal powered heater controllers, a cell phone control App for unit, and tablet controlled home automation system for unit. Developed and tracked schedules for projects, developed tasks for engineers and tracked development, held meetings for projects, made project specifications, developed new ideas for projects, developed new product features, organized funding for projects, organized new partners and developed partnership, documented projects, and made patent proposals. PROJECT MANAGEMENT 2012 - 2014

Fluke Germany, Glottertal, Germany

Managed international team (India, China, USA, Germany) to develop a new electronic multifunction test measurement product (MFT), which began mass production Oct 2013. Also, managed testing of entire Fluke and Amprobe electronic instrument product line to conform to new electronic regulations, coming into effect Oct 2013. Both projects completed on schedule and on budget. PHYSICS RESEARCHER

Freiburg University, Germany 2010 - 2012

Researched nearfield electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Also researched Relativistic nearfield-effects of these fields.


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PROGRAM MANAGER / RESEARCH SUPERVISOR / ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 2007 - 2010 Electrical Engineering, IMTEK, Freiburg University, Germany Supervised the research projects of over 20 PhD students, and also supervised the technical personnel. All research projects were contracts with industrial German companies such as: Siemens, Bosh, and Sick. Type of projects included: energy harvesting (solar, RF, thermal), wireless sensor node systems, micro acoustic (BAW, SAW) sensors

(gyro, acceleration, flow), RFID, Bio Radar. This position involved client management, contract negotiation, budget management, vendor management, technical management and product specification for client companies. Conducted theoretical and experimental research in near-field electromagnetic fields. Assisted in managing the Electrical Engineering Department. Taught and developed advanced graduate courses in analog and digital signal processing, and RF high frequency design.


Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, NTNU University, Norway Developed and managed an accelerator mass spectrometer system for performing carbon 14 dating. Position involved onsite client visits, developing new product specifications and modifications as needed. Developed and tested a new sample chemical preparation system.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MASTERS DEGREE MANAGER / ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 2002-2006 Electrical Engineering Department, Örebro University, Sweden Managed electrical engineering master’s degree program. Developed and tested a real-time PC based distance education system. Assisted in developing a robotics distance education course. Conducted theoretical and experimental research in near-field electromagnetic fields. Taught signal theory and signal processing courses. PROJECT MANAGER / ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 1998-2002

Electrical Engineering, KTH, Visby, Sweden

Developed real-time distance education system. Supervised student projects in the following areas: satellite tracking system design, logic analyzer design, logic circuit tester design, sensor design, measurement of electric field phase and group speed. Developed student laboratories for high frequency equipment: network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope. Organized engineering competitions: candle machine and beer machine. Conducting theoretical and experimental research on electric dipole near-field electromagnetic fields. Taught courses (3rd year) in low and high frequency electrical measurement technique, digital electronics, and electromagnetic compatibility. LABORATORY MANAGER 1990 - 1998

Institute of Mechanics, Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland Managed operation of the wave mechanics research laboratory. Developed wave propagation experiments for Ph.D. students and researchers. Developed hardware and software signal processing equipment for the laboratory. Designed, tested, and constructed a gravitationally interacting laboratory system which generates and detects gravitationally induced vibrations 4 orders of magnitude larger than previous systems. Developed and tested a new type of lock-in amplifier which has 4 orders of magnitude more sensitivity in differential phase and differential amplitude measurement. Taught courses in mechanics to electrical engineers. PHYSICIST / ELECTRICAL ENGINEER 1986-1990

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), San Diego, CA Designed and constructed sensor systems. Designed, constructed, and tested a 100 MHz fiber optic transmitter and receiver for 50 km repeater, analog signal processor for fiber optic gyro, automated fluid level and flow sensor testing system, and fiber optic interferometric sensors. Interfaced and programmed PC computers for data acquisition, analysis, and display. Mastered analog electronic simulation software, mechanical simulation software, CAD software, numerical analysis software, data acquisition and analysis software. PHYSICIST / ELECTRICAL ENGINEER 1984-1986

Tetra Tech Inc. (subsidiary of Honneywell), San Diego, CA Designed, constructed and tested fiber optic communication and sensor systems. Designed, constructed, and tested a 50 km fiber optic repeater/sensor system, and interferometric fluid level sensing system. Designed, built, and tested analog and digital electronic circuits, and LSI logic arrays. Wrote and debugged FORTRAN and BASIC computer programs. Mastered MENTOR analog and digital simulation software. WILLIAM D. WALKER, Ph.D.

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Manager / Electrical Engineer, Real SA, Guatemala City, Guatemala. Researched equipment and technical aspects of installing a low power TV receiving and distribution station in Guatemala.

Engineering Associate, Hydro Research Science, Santa Clara, CA Repaired electromechanical devices, including a computer valve system. Designed and set up test equipment. Designed and tested fluid system models.

Engineering Associate, Ames Research Center (NASA), Moffet Field, CA Researched, designed, and developed an invention (a short take-off and landing airplane using Magnus effect.) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Software Experience

MS Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCad, Mentor Graphics, PSpice, Orcad, Matlab, Simulink, Asyst, Asystant, LabView, Mathematica, Maple

Programming Experience

Basic, Fortran, C, Asyst, Asystant, Labview, Matlab Books written

Digital Signal Processing and Applications, 2004, ISBN: 008******* Personal

Hobbies include: RC modelling, Guitar, Piano, Painting, Sports cars, Sailing, Surfing, Skiing, and Tennis

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