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AWS CWI QC1 API Inspector

Billings, Montana, United States
January 27, 2018

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Thomas Cannon


Contact: 561-***-****


AWS CWI QC1 #14031091 EXP: 03/01/2020

API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector #75063 EXP: 8/31/2020

API 570 Piping Inspector #67942 EXP: 11/30/2019

ACCP VT Level II #236916 EXP: 03/2020

United States Navy Veteran (Honorable Discharge)


My name is Thomas Cannon and I have been employed in the industrial construction, marine construction, and offshore oilfield industry for over 25 years. Along with my CWI and API certifications I also have training to ASNT SNT-TC-1A Level ll MT (Magnetic Particle), Level ll PT (Dye Penetrant), Level II RFI (Radiographic Film Interpretation).

Until recently my employment was with many varied companies as a QC Field Inspector of pressure pipe welds, pressure vessels, tank farms and structural welds at various power plants and refineries across the U.S using B31.3, B31.1 and D1.1 codes. My duties include ensuring weld map continuity, enforcing code requirement during the fit-up and welding process. Documentation of NCR and follow-up compliance to standards. Ensuring the proper specified type of structural supports were installed and in the required location, mechanical walk-down of systems to ensure system integrity prior to hydro testing of completed systems. Hydro testing of high/low pressure piping circuits/systems.

In the past I worked as a combo-pipe welder and with 20 years of experience at various projects including oil/gas pipelines new and in-service, offshore oil/gas exploration/production, power plants (gas/oil and bio-mass). New construction of ethanol and bio-diesel facilities, and desalination plants on overseas projects.

During the 1990’s I worked several years as a boiler pressure vessel welder and have held pipe welding certification in 6G and 6G Restricted with the USCG, ABS, ASME, and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. I have been an inspector of both land-based and maritime boiler systems within the continental North America, South/Central America, Europe and Asia.

With the experience and knowledge of the construction industry that I have gained I will be an asset to your inspection and construction organization. I am ready and willing to travel wherever and whenever your organization requires.

Haskell Corporation

1001 Meador Ave, Bellingham, WA 98229

Phone: 360-***-****

Responsibilities. (QC Field Inspector) 10/13/2017- 11/12/2017

The Client brought me in to finish the final stages of the Shell PSR 2017 T/A. This included the finale package 9cr weld inspection and NDE scheduling of Pre-heat, RT, PWHT, PWHT RT, BNT PMI completion. This also included all of the mechanical walk-downs and inspection sign-offs, Hydro-Pressure Equipment Inspection sign-off of the CRU 2 unit, the DCU 1 and 2 unit and the HTU1 and 2 unit to the Shell Representative and hand-off to operations for start-up.


7401 Yukon Dr, Bismarck, ND 58503

Phone: 701-***-****

Responsibilities. (QC Field Inspector) 11/07/16 to 3/31/2017

Recently attending the final construction phase and hydro-testing of piping circuits/systems at the Phillips 66 refinery in Billings, MT. At this refinery safety is of utmost importance, therefore, safety assessments of work areas are address before any activity is initiated. The ability to work safely at great heights in all types adverse weather conditions, heat/severe cold, was necessary to complete my duties consisting of inspection of weldments to piping circuits to B31.3, B31.1 standards and structural welds of pipe supports to D 1.1 standards. Welder certification continuity, ensuring weld mapping continuity, and NDE continuity, reporting/documentation of any NCR’s with follow-up to ensure compliance to standards. Inspection/audit of weld materials/supplies storage area to ensure that it was properly separated, heated and labeled. Assigned mechanical walk downs, hydro testing of systems. Reported directly to QC Manager.

Performance Contracting Inc.,

PO Box 83630

Pecue 9901 Lane

Baton Rouge, LA 70884-3630 225-***-****

Responsibilities. (QC Coordinator) 03/7/16 to (ROF) 8/29/16

The ability to work safely for extended periods in adverse weather condition of heat and severe cold was a necessity working at this project. Attending the final construction stage of a CF Industries Ammonia/Urea Fertilizer Plant in Port Neal, IA. My responsibility included ensuring that safety concerns were addressed before any work proceeded. Field inspection of pipe weldments and structural equipment weldments to ASME B31.3 and AWS D1.1 code requirements, as well as, the client contractual requirements. Insuring continuity in weld mapping, insuring PQR and welders WPQ’s matched the materials for the rod requisitions and welds to be made. Other responsibilities included proper flagging and tracking of NDE and PWHT of the pipe circuits. Ensure hold points for branch connection fit-ups and clean environments were maintained to specifications before final closure and QC signoff. Witness bolt-up and torqueing of piping circuits with QC signoff. Witness and signoff of temperature and pressures during hydro testing. Mechanical walk-downs with follow-up NCR compliance. Report directly to the Quality Control manager of any discrepancies or issues of non-compliance.

Entegee Engineering and Technical Group

101 W 2nd Street, Suite 202

Davenport, IA 52801


Responsibilities (QC Coordinator) 10/12/15 to 1/14/16

Hired as QC Coordinator field inspector for the addition of a NaSH product (food grade fertilizer). All aspects of safe CWI inspect was performed, above ground storage tank inspection, weldment inspection, weld mapping and document control using XCEL and MS Office, welder qualification testing, RT interpretation and RT record keeping, NCR compliance reporting, PT inspections, PI&D mechanical system walk downs, hydro testing and other duties as required.

Turner Industries Inc.,

PO Box 2750

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821


Responsibilities. (QC Coordinator) 01/15/2015 to (ROF) 10/02/2015

The ability to work safely at heights in adverse weather conditions was necessary for this project. Turner brought me into the NCRA Refinery (Now CHS) for the Delayed Coker Addition Project to assist with pipe weld inspection and structural weld inspections. The project used ASME B31.3 code for process systems, and AWS D1.1 structural specifications. My duties were to maintain a safe working environment while maintaining daily weld inspection reports, submit NCR’s, assure that the requisite weld specification were adhered to and to maintain WPQ integrity. I was also assigned mechanical system inspection walk downs, documenting NCR’s with follow-up NCR compliance, weld mapping and NDE reporting. As the project neared completion hydro testing duties were also included in my daily rounds. Occasionally, I was assigned to duties of testing and qualifying welders.

Titan Construction and Leasing Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 1905

Owensboro, Kentucky 42302 270-***-****

Responsibilities. (QC Coordinator) 03/17/2014 to (ROF) 07/10/2014

I was hired by the Titan QC/QA department as an AWS CWI and assigned as the night shift CWI during construction of an ACC cooling system at the Yellowstone Electric Light Power Company (YELP). As required by client specification all welds, steam and condensate piping on this project was 100% VT/PT inspected to insure that the welds met client specifications and ASME B31.3 code. The structural was 100% VT to D1.1 standards. I was given certified training by a Level lll in PT testing methods and did do much of the PT on site. My duties included the documentation of weld mapping and record keeping and I assisted in putting together the Titan turnover package. Another duty as QC/QA included testing of welder candidates and upgrade testing of welders to ASME Sec lX and D1.1.


Real Educational Services AWS CWI QC1

MSTS API 570 Process Piping Inspector

VTS API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector

Broward Community College, COCONUT CREEK, FL



NCCER Industrial Pipefitter


Dewey Hampton SCWI QC/QA Manager at Turner Industries,


Tom Johnson, SCWI Level lll QC/QA Manager,

Ph. 270-***-****

Keith Wilson, CWI, API 570, API 510, API 653, Ph. 620-***-****

Kenny Watkins, Various companies, Precision Millwright, Ph. 406-***-****

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