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Sales Customer Service

Durham, North Carolina, United States
January 27, 2018

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Brian Azar

Founder and CEO of The Sales Catalyst and Coaching Catalyst Inc.



The Sales and Coaching Catalyst

Personal/Professional growth and interpersonal skills

People often forget the obvious: business involves human interaction. It is crucial to recognize and respond to a client’s, colleagues, or employees preferred method of communication. However, many people sometimes lose confidence in their own instincts and their understanding of good relationship.

Recognizing this need, Brian Azar founded The Sales and Coaching Catalyst more than 35 years ago. Brian adapted a unique approach from several disciplines in order to assist people and organizations in improving their communication skills. Utilizing key concepts from the science of neuro-linguistic programming, Brian created programs that focus on identifying the most common styles of communication. Participants and clients learn how to utilize and improve those styles in order to establish superior rapport and reach their goals.

After being a top sales person, sales manager, and trainer, Brian Azar left Xerox in 1980 to form The Sales and Coaching Catalyst Inc. Brian’s companies offer training sessions, workshops, programs, key note speakers, and personal and executive coaching for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. In addition to communication skills, Brian offers training, coaching and public speaking,on peak performance, team building, communication mastery skills, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, using a blend of music, props, and interactive exercises.

2018 Speaking Hot Topics

1- Motivational Doors to Success…and the Keys to Open Them

2- Using Rapport and NLP to Resolve Conflict and Confusion

3- Management Without Tears…Leadership Without Fear

4- Customer Service is Dead…Client-Serving is Alive!

5- Time Management..Doing More in Less Time

6- Empowering Your People to Excelling in the Workplace

7- I'm Okay…You're Not Okay…The Challenges of Healthy Relationships

7a- How to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Bullying

8- Re-engineering Your Life (and Brain) For Success

9- The Top Ten Mistakes Real Estate Agents and Managers Make

10- Coaching Versus Managing...A BIG Difference!

11- What's Your Passion, Purpose and Plan? Without Them You Will Fail!

12- Being Your Authentic Self In The Workplace

13- 2018 QuickStart Plan and Review...The Good, Bad, Ugly and Fixing it.

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