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Engineer Service

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
January 27, 2018

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Name: Sayed Abubakr Al-Aidarous Al Hashmi

Date of birth:27 MAY 1974

Nationality: UAE

Family book: Yes


Status: Married

Military Service: Exempted

Email: Abubakr1974@



School: Dar Al Maarif English School

Level:12 standard

Syllabus: O LEVEL-British


Airport Operations Diploma.

By Airport Council International

Certificates in:

Terminal and landside operations.

Airport business operations.

Airside operations.

Runway Safety Management.

Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning.

Apron Safety Management


Institute: Aviation Australia-Brisbane

Level: Diploma

Field: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Duration:2 years

Institute: ADNOC Technical Institute

level: higher diploma

Field: instrumentation and electronics

Duration: 3 years 1990-1993


Etihad Airways

Emiratization Programme - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering-EASA

UAE-GCAA- Licensed Aircraft Engineer B1 cat.

Airbus A320/A330 Type rated level 3

General familiarization Level 2 on Airbus A340 and Boeing 777 on hand experience.


On A320/A330/A340/B777- A checks and C checks in hangar for a short period as instructed but not always assigned in hangar.

Scope of work

Removal and Installation of aircraft engines, Flap track fairings, Rudder trim actuator, Landing gear assembly, Under wing access panels, ACM servicing, Brake unit assembly, Engine component servicing.


Adhering to airlines rules and regulations.

Luggage handling and passenger boarding procedures.

Aircraft receiving and departing procedures.

Carrying out transit, daily and weekly routines on the a/c.

Removal and replacement of components if required.

Engine run after component change.

Towing a/c from bay to bay.

Troubleshooting with avionics engineer(B2).

Carrying out hangar duties on a/c if required.

Maintaining the aircraft’s condition for release to flight.

Briefing the status of the aircraft to the flight crew.

Reporting any abnormal scenario to the line manager.

Following the safety procedures on the a/c during fueling.

Formal Training:

Ramp safety

Ramp and Apron familiarization

Aircraft and passenger’s safety.

Aircraft fueling Procedures.

Airbridge operation procedures

Ground service equipment

Ground safety equipment

Fuel tank safety

Human factors



Studied in aviation Australia-Brisbane 2 years Programme sponsored by Etihad airways.

Diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering-B1 category ( EASA level).


On job training at ABUDHABI airport and ADAT hangar.

Attended various courses related to aircraft and airlines policies, rules and regulations.


Attachment to Etihad outstations as part of training Programme.

London Heathrow - 1 month

Sydney- 1 month

Dublin- 1 month

2012: level 3 course for airbus A320 –SR technics

2013: level 3 differential course A320 to A330-sr technics


Etihad excellence award 2008 as the best Emirati technical engineer student.

Certificate of accomplishment.


Working on shift pattern

Mainly working on A320 and A330 airbus aircrafts

Routines such as daily, weekly, trouble shooting and if required component change.

Receiving and departing Aircrafts on time.

Attending meetings

Working in line maintenance and if required in hangar.

Service with Etihad airways 8 years and 3 months

Company: ADMA OPCO -ADNOC group of companies

Position: senior instrument specialist

Field: offshore-ZAKUM west

Service:15 years

1994: Joined as junior instrument technician for 2 years


Familiarization of ZAKUM west and ZAKUM central controls and process.

Attended safety and technical trainings in Das island and in ABUDHABI.

1996: Promoted as instrument technician


Carry out maintenance and routines of all instruments in the plant and well heads involved in major overhauls of power barge generations- (John Brown ) and its control system (Woodward)

Modifications of water injection modules and control system (DCS)

Modification of collector seperator instruments Modification of well heads instruments ( Baker hydraulics) well heads instrument routines on Autocon, Brisco, Otis, Baker gas and hydraulics systems.

1999: promoted as well head instrument foreman


Planning daily wellhead activities

Monitoring well head instrument servicing in the workshop

Well head function checks from the control room to the tower.

Commissioning of gas injection Well heads

Reporting to the head of the department.

Planning for next day duties

Ordering spares

2001-2007: transferred to oil and gas as senior instrument specialist


Carrying out all maintenance. and routines of all instruments in riser, separator, new riser,gg11 platforms involved in seperator and booster pumps

Upgradation propane compressors instrument and control system

Upgradation (ABB system) involved in troubleshooting of all plants and machinery trips or failures.

Keeping records of all spares.

Guiding UAE trainees,

Attending meetings and safety briefings.

Involved in various projects


CDC graduate personal skills Programme (24/9/95-03/10/95)

INFI 90 foundation

Basic instrumentation

Woodward governor turbine controls system (9/3/97-13/3/97)

IM 1 and IM 2 DCS bailey courses (21/9/96-26/9/96)

Technical report writing (6/6/2000-7/6/2000)

Supervisory management ( Leadership ) (m2),(decision making and

Problem solving) (m3) (comm. and interpersonal skills )(m4).

Control valve technical .and maintenance. (3/5/03-6/5/03)

Control and operation of industrial gas turbine (18/8/03-20/8/03)

Programmable logic controllers (18/10/03-21/10/03)

Instrumentation and process controls (3/7/04-5/7/04)

Life boat Coxwains (24/9/05-25/9/05)

Offshore survival (3/7/01-4/7/01)

First aid (21/2/05-23/2/05)


Spot recognition award during GG 11 upgradation.

Competency assurance award.




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