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Benson, North Carolina, 27504, United States
January 27, 2018

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Detailed-focused, highly ethical accounting professional with a MBA-BBA in Accounting demonstrating consistent achievement of organizational and fiscal objectives and goals. Proven ability to develop and integrate processes and procedures in alignment with GAAP and US GAAP that impact efficiency and positively affect bottom-line productivity. Experienced in complying with HUD rules and regulations on a daily basis and in conducting criminal and other background checks as needed. Comfortable with posting to multiple general ledgers and producing consolidated financial statements. Ability to recognize revenue using different methods (full and modified accrual, cash).

Analytical and accomplished professional well versed in all areas of the accounting function, with intense focus in auditing and taxation (tax compliance). Able to pinpoint discrepancies and errors to prevent continuing and potentially unnecessary cost expenditures. Excellent at engaging in continuous professional development to remain current of changing regulations and industry standards, in any setting. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team in an effective manner requiring minimal supervision. Able to understand and properly apply complex requirements, regulations, and concepts well enough to explain to others. Strong combination of software knowledge with proven leadership and interpersonal skills. Exemplary verbal and written communicator who demonstrates professionalism and strengthens the company image. Willing to accept responsibilities beyond job duties and take on special projects at management request. Proficient in Excel, Access, other Ms Programs, Oracle, and proprietary software. Knowledge and skill areas:

●Audits & Financial Statements

●Preparation of consolidated financial statements (Statement of Financial Activities, etc.)

●Preparation and examination of a variety of financial reports (status and cost-sharing, etc.)

●Execution of invoices

●Accounts Receivable/Payable-A/R follow up (US and International)

●Collection of cash/funding and outstanding receivables balances

●Review and oversight of financial transactions

●Compliance of Rules and Regulations (HUD, IRS, NCDOR)

●Financial Reconciliations

●Fixed Asset Management

●General Ledger Accounting (using chart of accounts)

●Fund Accounting (Non for profit- government)

●Revenue Recognition- Full and Modified Accrual and Cash Basis

●Posting to multiple general ledgers

●Fiscal year end reporting

●Quarterly and Monthly Projections/Budgets

●Record/Systems Automation

●Financial and Reimbursement Issues

●Financial Research Projects

●Strategic & Financial Analysis

●Generating Monthly P&L

●State and Payroll Taxes

●Other Direct Cost Components for Domestic and US

●Audit Review Procedures

●Tax Compliance and US GAAP

●Complete all Relevant MIS for Leadership

●Teamwork & Communication

●Design of training manuals for co-workers and other staff

●Interact with clients and other co-workers to ensure responsiveness and business partnering


●Pivot Tables

●V – Lookups


●File Vision


●IBIS (Integrated Budget Information System)

●NCAS (North Carolina Accounting System)

●Oracle Software

●A/R Software- Net Suite, Invoice-To-Pay, etc.

●Fixed Asset Management Software- Sage, Max Panda, BNA Fixed Asset, etc...



Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting, 2003

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting, 2003

Accounting G.P.A: 3.9

Recipient of Hunter and Mabel Endowed Scholarship 1998-2003

Chosen as Top Female Student in Lundy-Fetterman School of Business 2003

Included among the Dean’s List

Included among the President’s List

Graduated Summa Cum Laude

CONTINUING EDUCATION, CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY: Have continuously met with professors to discuss ever changing business and accounting laws from 2003 to present

(Sharp focus on tax rules and regulations, especially tax compliance and US based GAAP).

Relevant Experience


●Part of a three-person team that is responsible for the processing of all tenant annual recertification’s- over 6000 each year (This involves an audit of all the tenant's financial information within compliance of RHA’S and HUD’S rules and regulations).

●Working in a very past paced environment, under extreme pressure of deadlines and regulatory requirements.

●Process - income discrepancy review of tenant files- (In-depth analysis of tenant financial information to see if any income sources have not been reported in a timely manner or at all).

●Periodically have to clear a backlog of annual recertification’s and bring the files into compliance (processing within the month of renewal) while continuing to keep my accuracy score high.

●Process daily Change of Status requests from tenants- average over 500 per month- from anything that will affect their income via rent (employment, adding/removing household members, award letters, allowance changes, etc.).

●Make sure that all figures balance correctly with total tenant payment (income statement) after the change of status is imputed. Correct any variations that are found.

●Enter department payouts into payment log for processing.

●Periodically have to clear out backlogs of Change of Status’s that have not been processed-work overtime and on weekends to bring these backlogs up to date.

●Audit co-workers and supervisors work to make sure all calculations are correct and all rules and guidelines are followed- compliance with all HUD and RHA rules and regulations.

●Audit files to make sure that all financial information is correct and all appropriate papers have been signed and filed correctly- compliance with all HUD and RHA rules and regulations.

●Work with landlords and property managers to ensure that tenants are able to be housed in a timely manner.

●Process tenant's request to move - Make sure they can afford the new unit and make all the financial adjustments that are needed to facilitate these adjustments in the system. Send internal documents to co-workers to make this process move as fast as possible for our patrons.

●Put new units into the inspection process, making sure all pertinent individuals are sent the appropriate correspondences- there are more moves than recertification’s processed in a year- over 6000.

●Send out correspondences to tenants: requesting additional information or informing them that a change to their file has occurred.


●Help clients to manage an operational relationship with their bankers/service providers and with the filing to comply with Federal/State Taxes, bankers and other statutory requirements as may be applicable.

●Help clients to produce financial statements.

●Help non-for profit clients, post journal entries to their multiple general ledgers and produce consolidated financial statements.

●Help explain complex requirements, regulations, and concepts to individuals that are not in the financial field.

●Interact with CPA/Independent Auditors to organize timely reviewed financial statements and filing of tax returns.

●Help clients process their revenue recognition- small clients use cash basis larger firms use accrual basis.

●Lead clients’ employees for smooth and effective working of all processes related to Finance and Accounts. Most critical of these processes are Invoicing, Payroll, Employee Reimbursements, and Vendor Payments.

●Prepare individual income tax returns for members of my community.

●Give advice to people on new state and federal tax codes and help them to get the maximum benefit for their filings.

●Help people figure out the best way to manage their assets for investment purposes and for the best outcome of their taxes in the next calendar year.

●Help S-Corp's and other corporations with the filing of their taxes and making sure they are in compliance with all state and federal rules and regulations.


(Temporary Assignment)

●Recruited to help straighten out the financial aspects of newly acquired subsidiary companies - had to research all transactions and bring all accounts back into good standing.

●Prepared financial reports that were missing or had been prepared incorrectly- prepared risk assessment other detailed reports- for management and board members.

●Managed the Record to Report cycle (Period Closing and Reporting) end to end for company and its subsidiaries.

●Overall supervision of company subsidiaries accounts (Invoicing, AR/AP; Successful running of all processes like Billing, Payroll, AR, AP, Reconciliation and Financial processes domestically and internationally.

●Managed the accounts receivable for subsidiary companies that had clients spread all over the US for collection of dues (AR follow-up).

●Posted journal entries to general ledger and got all financial information ready for fiscal year end.

●Responsible for generating monthly P&L and developing monthly and quarterly projections and budgets.

●Challenged to process transactions that had previously taken place, and to develop procedures to record current activity.

●Brought month-end closing accounting activities to current status and reconciled sister company vendor accounts.

● Troubleshot and problem solved with non-accounting people and managed the team for a smooth functioning of processes. Utilized software programs that included QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Oracle and other packages.


Volunteer Tax Preparer, Through Lundy-Fetterman School of Business Jan. 2000- Present

●Provided individualized tax preparation assistance/advice to low-income families in the Dunn-Lillington area, as part of essential and recognized VITA community service team.

●Recommended tax solutions for families that were consistent with state and federal tax codes and GAAP principles- compliance of all federal and state rules and regulations.

●Reviewed detailed financial statements, receipts, and other relevant documents with the utmost care to ensure the accuracy and integrity of return filings.

MANAGER/ACCOUNTANT, Bass Country Store August 1998-August 2003

●Implemented a new accounting system to more effectively keep track of all financial reporting used cash basis of revenue recognition.

●Managed all aspects of accounts payable and accounts receivable.

●Reduced overdue accounts, by contacting customers to collect overdue debts and offering repayment options- reduced overdue accounts by over 40%.

●Accelerated and improved accounts receivable status by assisting owner and expediting invoice mailing process for better cash flow.

●Handled the accounting for all payroll activities and employee scheduling.

●Extended thoughtful service to customers to build goodwill, enhance satisfaction and reinforce Bass’s positive brand identity (Bass Country Store was a successful business for over 40 years).

●Targeted a younger market segment thereby increasing clientele and the revenue stream.

●Got the staff involved in a community cleanup effort, which boosted community morale and cemented the business’ good image.

●Teamed with other staff in collaborative manner to efficiently complete important maintenance and cleaning tasks ensuring a neat and clean store for patrons.

●Displayed dedication and work ethic by offering to work extra shifts during busy periods and completed shifts when employees were unable to work.

●Supported co-workers in any way necessary to maintain swift and outstanding customer service.

●When owners decided to close business, made the transition as effortless for them as possible. Closed out all business and accounting issues.


I am well experienced in all areas of accounting and finance. My strong educational background and experience dealing with clients of all types, makes me a great asset to any company. I am willing to negotiate all terms of employment.

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