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Medical Practitioner

United Arab Emirates
January 27, 2018

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Name: Amal Salih Omer Salih

Nationality: Sudanese

Date of birth: 25 Dec. 1978

Religion: Muslim

Sex: Female

Marital status: Married

Resident in UAE

passport No: P02004321

Address: U.A.E, Al-Ain city, Asharij.

Mob. +971*********, 009***********


Job Title: General Practitioner

Supervisor on medical & paramedical services in ACCR

HAAD license And Experience in UAE

Education and Training:

*MBBS Medicine and Surgery (Grade-Excellent, 3.7/4) June 2006 from National Ribat University, Khartoum, Sudan.

House officer Internship period (4.2007-10.2008)

*Medicine from 10.4.2007 to 10.7.2007 in Ibrahim Malik Teaching Hospital.

*pediatrics from 15.7.2007 to 15.10.2007 in

Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital.

*E.N.T from 27.10.2007 to 27.12.2007 in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital.

*Obst & Gynae from 13.1.2008 to 14.4.2008 in Alamal National Hospital.

*General Surgery from 20.4.2008 to 20.7.2008 in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital.

*Orthopedics from 4.8.2008 to 5.10.2008 in Khartoum North Teaching Hospital.

Work Experiences ( total years experience 7 years and 3 months tell Sept.2016) :

1*General practitioner/ head of the medical services department in Al-ain center for Care and Rehabilitation Disabled ACCR in UAE since March. 2016 tell date.

2 * General practitioner (25.6.2010 to5.11.2015),Common casualty and ER doctor in:

-Al-Dmazen Government Hospital, Sudan from 2.9.2014 to 5.11.2015

-Amri Hospital, Sudan from 25.6.2010 to 1.8.2014

-covering the ER

- Follow up of in-patients

- Follow up of out- patients in referral clinic.

-Performing some minor, major surgery and obstetrical procedures

3* General practitioner, ENT Department in

- Khartoum Bahri Teaching Hospital, Sudan from 10.4.2009 to 8.6.2010


*Haad license No: GD19236 (Transfer) from health authority Abu-Dhabi- UAE. Jan.2015.

*Full Registration No: 24276 from Sudan Medical Council 23.2.2009

*Certificate of experience from Ministry of electricity and dames of Sudan. Amri Hospital (6.2010-11. 2015)

*Certificate of experience from Bahri Hospital, Ministry of health of Sudan (4.2009-6.2010)

*Certificate of experience from AlDamazin hospital, Sudan (2.9.2014 – 5.11.2015)

*Certificates of good standing 29\10\2014

*Ccertificate of MBBS degree and Transcript Certificate from The National Ribat University- Faculty of Medicine (2006)

Seminars, Workshops Attended & courses :

-General assembly of the medical student international network – Sudan IFMSA (2006).

-Sexually transmitted diseases training and awareness workshop (2005).

-SNO’s program for enhancing education development (2003).

-BLS…..Dec. 2016

-ACLS…… Jan. 2017

-Infection Control ……. Nov. 2017

Languages known:

*Arabic: Read, Write, and Speak (mother tongue)

*English: Read, Write, and Speak (fluent)

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