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Plant Manager

Temple, Georgia, 30179, United States
January 26, 2018

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Temple, G a. 3 0179


OBJECTIVE: T o o btain a r esponsible a nd c hallenging p osition w ith a p rogressive company w here m y w ork e xperience w ill h ave v aluable a pplication a nd u tilization and o pportunity f or a dvancement.


● Managed P lant p roduction a ctivities t o i mprove e fficiency, p roduction, quality, s afety a nd c ontinuous i mprovement

● Solid e xperience i n p lant m anagement, s upervised 7 5 p lus p roduction workers i n 3 d ivisions. M anaged 4 D epartment M anagers.

● Received n umerous l etters o f r ecommendation a nd a ppreciation f rom customers a nd m anagement

● Excellent i nterpersonal s kills, p roficient i n w elding s kills, a bility t o assertively d elegate i nstructions t o t he s taff i n a p rofessional m anner a nd conduct t eam m eetings d aily

● Extensive k nowledge i n M anufacturing, F abrication, W elding a nd Assembly

● Knowledge a nd t raining w ith I SO-9001- 9 002, 5 S, C ontinuous improvement, Q uality, W orkplace S afety, T ier1 & 2 s tandards a nd Maintenance

● Extensive k nowledge o f P roduction W elding J igs, F abrication e quipment, Lathes, P unch p resses, L arge/Small p resses, P lasma a nd C utting t orches, MIG a nd A RC w elding, C NC e quipment, H and a nd P ower t ools, Forklifts, H eavy e quipment a nd M achinery


NapGladu M arietta, G a. F eb. 2 016-Present Service C enter M anager

● Supervise 1 2 s killed e mployees w / P roduction T eam l ead

(Manual a nd C NC G rinders, B razer/Welder, Q uality a nd Shipping/UPS p ersonnel)

● Direct r eport R egional M anager

● Control c osts, I nventory, P roduction, O rganization, Ordering, T raining a nd S cheduling

● Rebuilding T eam m oral

● Supervise a ll w ork f low f rom b eginning t o e nd ( quality, procedures, s afety a nd o n t ime d eliveries t o m eet I SO qualifications

● Reorganize d epartments t o i mprove o n p roduction f low a nd efficiencies

● P&L, B udget a nd I nventory c ontrol

● Weekly m eetings t o d iscuss S afety, Q uality a nd Improvements

● Coordinate d eliveries w ith S ales t eam a nd c ourier s ervice

A dvance D rum S ervice I nc. M ableton, G a. N ov. 2 012-Jan. 2 016

P lant M anager

● Supervision of 45 production plant employees plus 4 Department L eads

● Direct r eport C EO-Owner

● Oversee all day to day Plant Operations/Functions at two separate l ocations

● Providing safety under OSHA, DOT and Wastewater

treatment o perations

● Budgeting, Inventory, Recycling, and Purchasing of all equipment a nd p roducts

● Increasing p roductivity a nd q uality w ith c ost e ffectiveness

● Implementing safety procedures, company policies and higher work e xpectations

● Building spreadsheets to help track productivity in all Departments

● Coordinating with Maintenance to immediately correct any unsafe w ork c ondition(s) o r a rea(s)

● Hiring, c ounseling, t erminating a nd t raining A LL p ersonnel Franklin A luminum/JAC P roducts F ranklin, G A N ov. 2 010-Oct. 2 012 Fabrication/Extrusion S upervisor

● Managed a ll p roduction a nd q uality o f f abricated p roducts, i e. luggage r acks a nd s tep r ails f or t he a utomotive i ndustry.

● Direct r eport F abrication/Extrusion M anager

● Conducted d aily c ommunication w ith 1 s t a nd 2 ND s hift s upervisors, quality e ngineers, m aintenance d epartment a nd t ooling d epartment.

● Conducted d aily m eetings w ith e mployees c oncerning q uality i ssues, production r equirements a nd i mprovements m ade b y s elf, a nd fabrication m anager.

● Attended u pper m anagement m eetings t o d iscuss a ll a spects o f P lant production/quality f rom e ngineering t o f abrication, i mprovements, constant c hanges m ade b y c ustomers ( Mercedes, H yundai, K IA, Lexus, T oyota, E tc.)

● Supervised a d iverse g roup o f 4 0-45 e mployees i n f abrication a nd extrusion d epartment.

● Major t eam p layer i n i mprovements, t aking m y s uggestions a nd implemented t hem.

N orth A merican C ontainer C orporation, N ewnan, G A.Jan. 2 006-Sept.2010

P lant M anager

● Oversee d ay t o d ay P lant p roduction a nd o perations

● Direct r eport C EO-Owner

● Attended d aily P lant M anagement m eetings t o d iscuss i mprovements

● Set u p P roduction p lanner/schedule d aily.

● Conducted d aily m eetings w ith e mployees t o d iscuss d aily p roduction requirements.

● Supervised a d iverse g roup o f 5 0-60 e mployees i n t he w elding, q uality control, s aw a nd s hipping d epartments p lus s ub-assembly o perations a s well a s i nterpretation o f w ritten i nstructions i n d iagram, s pecification o r schedule f orm.

● Participated i n t he h iring p rocess: i nterviewing, w eld t esting a nd a bility t o fill n ecessary p ositions f or t he p roduction t eam i n o rder t o m eet/increase daily p roductivity.

● Increased p roductivity w hile i mproving m orale a nd s afety i n t he departments.

● Implement c hanges a nd P M’s t o i mprove s tartup t imes a nd m aintain appropriate s taffing l evels t o e nsure a dequate p roductivity l evels.

● Implemented s crap p rogram f or t he e ntire d epartment t o r educe s crap a nd ensure q uality c ontrol.

● Collaborate w ith m aintenance d epartment t o i mprove e quipment r epair reaction t ime a nd e nsure w orkplace i s m aintained i n a s afe c ondition t o eliminate a ccidents.

● Implement n ew h ousekeeping a nd c ontamination p rogram f or t wo s hifts.

● Ability t o s olve p ractical p roblems a nd d eal w ith a v ariety o f c oncrete variables i n s ituations w here o nly l imited s tandardizations e xist. International U nion o f E levator C onstructors A tlanta, G A. J an.1997-Nov.2005

E levator M echanic

● A ssembly a nd i nstallation o f e lectric a nd h ydraulic f reight a nd p assenger elevators, e scalators a nd d umbwaiters d etermining l ayout a nd e lectrical connections f rom b lueprints

● Knowledge o f b lueprints a nd l ayouts t o c omplete i nstallation e x: counterbalance r ails, h ydraulics a nd p lunger f oundations.

● C ut p refabricated s ections o f f ramework, r ails a nd o ther e levator components t o s pecified d imensions, u sing a cetylene t orch, p ower s aw o r disk g rinder. I nstall c ables, c ounterweights, p umps, m otor f oundations, escalator d rives, g uide r ails, e levator c ars, a nd c ontrol p anels, u sing h and tools. C onnect e lectrical w iring t o c ontrol p anels. EDUCATION

Gordon C ollege, B arnesville, G a.Aug. 2 005- J ul. 2 007 Business M anagement

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