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Assistant Medical

Dayton, Ohio, United States
January 26, 2018

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E. Altynova – Page *


**** ************ ****. *** **** • Philadelphia, PA 19131 • 937-***-**** • EDUCATION


• Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program, systems based learning of the 8/13 – 12/17 human body and medicine, practice in osteopathic manipulative medicine, clinical care skills DREXEL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Philadelphia, PA

• Course work in medical biochemistry, histology, physiology, nutrition, 8/10 – 5/12 immunology, neuroscience and medical ethics

SWARTHMORE COLLEGE, Bachelor of Arts, Course Major Biology, Course Minor Spanish Swarthmore, PA

• Cumulative GPA 3.3/4.0; Natural Science GPA 3.4/4.0 8/04 – 6/08

• Coursework in cellular, molecular, environmental and developmental biology, human genetics, physiology, evolution, biochemistry, organic chemistry and statistics OVERSEAS STUDIES PROGRAMS


• Study abroad and coursework in Spanish literature, language and culture 6/07 – 8/07 UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON Hawaiian Islands

• Summer marine biology research in Hawaii -The Big Island, Oahu, Maui 6/06 – 7/06 RESEARCH & TEACHING EXPERIENCE

Tutor, VARSITY TUTORS Philadelphia, PA

• Test Prep: MCAT, ACT Science, SAT II Science/Math, SSAT 5/13-Current

• Additional Tutoring: College/High School Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Statistics Laboratory Assistant, PHILADELPHIA COL OF OSTEO MED – Dept of Anatomy Philadelphia, PA

• Executing and analyzing laboratory experiments researching osteomyelitis and 6/14 –9/14 joint replacement infections

• Technical – Scanning electron microscope

Research Specialist & Laboratory Manager, PERELMAN SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Philadelphia, PA AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA - Department of Genetics 5/08 – 08/10

• Executing and analyzing tests in areas including chemistry, hematology, serology, histology and bacteriology to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating Hemophilia A using gene therapy; maintaining mouse strain colonies, breeding, shipping, obtaining samples from mice

• Manager duties – Ordering, monitoring radiation use/safety, equipment maintenance Organic Chemistry Teaching Assistant, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Swarthmore, PA

• Tutoring, grading laboratory notebooks/homework 1/08 – 6/08

• Assisting in laboratory procedures/experiments, using instrumental machinery, setting up equipment

Genetics Teaching Assistant, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Swarthmore, PA

• Tutoring, Hosting review sessions, grading homework, course counseling 8/07 – 6/08 Fitness Trainer, PREMIER LADIES FITNESS Dayton, OH

• Personal fitness trainer, sales, nutritional counseling 6/06 – 1/08 Statistics Tutor, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Swarthmore, PA

• Explaining lecture/text material, Assisting with homework and test preparation 8/06 – 6/07

• Aiding in use of statistical analysis software - Microsoft Excel and JMP E. Altynova – Page 2



• Shadowed Dr. Kathryn Balazs, DO, Dermatologist - private practice 2/14, 12/10 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE



• Shadowed Dr. Jonathon Leiser, MD, Emergency Medicine – Emergency Department 4/11

• Many patients from inner city underprivileged communities ELIZABETH HEART HOSPITAL Dayton, OH

• Shadowed Dr. Lawrence Goldstick, MD, Neurologist - private practice 3/11-4/11

• Patient visits, clinical trial observations


• Shadowed Dr. Jonathan Gavrin, MD, Director of Anesthesiology & Critical Care 1/11-4/11

• Post-op & pre-op patient visits, surgeries, medical ethics meetings SUMMIT MEDICAL GROUP; DEPARTMENT OF ENDOCRINOLOGY Summit, NJ

• Shadowed Dr. Jeffrey Bauman, MD, Endocrinologist, private practice 8/07 DREXEL HILL PEDIATRICS Drexel Hill, PA

• Shadowed Dr. Kevin Browngoehl, MD, Pediatrician, private practice 8/07 MIAMI VALLEY INTERPRETERS Dayton, OH

• English-Russian Interpreter working in hospitals/ health clinics/ private practices 6/05 – 8/05 LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNITY SERVICE


• Anesthesiology Club (Secretary), American Medical Association, 08/13 – 08/15 Student Osteopathic Medical Association, American Osteopathic Association, Wisely Surgical Association

Summer Camp Counselor, BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB OF PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia, PA

• Planning and organizing educational activities for Philadelphia inner city youth 5/13-8/13

• Age group - 15 to 20 middle school girls ages 10-13

• Organized educational activities including book clubs, resume building, creative writing in journals, sexual health safety and education, promoting health and nutrition, crime and drug prevention and education

• Organized a Science Day with activities/games including using microscopes, building cell models, chemistry experiments, looking at plastinated cadaver specimens and plastic organ models (Portfolio available)

Volunteer/Advocate, ACTION AIDS Philadelphia, PA

• “Buddy” for person living or affected by HIV/AIDS (provide emotional support) 01/11-05/12

• Dining Out For Life Ambassador, HIV/AIDS Educator, Special events planner, Clerical and Office worker

Lead Coordinator and Facilitator of SIBShop, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Swarthmore, PA

• Conceptualized/founded program providing opportunities for siblings of children 01/07-05/08 with special health/developmental needs to obtain peer support and education within a recreational context

Red Cross Blood Drive Committee Planning Member, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Swarthmore, PA

• Publicized and organized bi-annual blood drive on campus 08/06 – 05/08

• Collected signatures and organized students willing to participate in blood drive Leader of Expanding Your Horizons, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Swarthmore, PA

• Organized activities in science for young women in middle school 08/06 – 05/08 E. Altynova – Page 3



• PCOM Alumni Merit Scholarship (4/14 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine)

• PCOM Board of Trustees Merit Scholarship (4/13, 4/14 Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine)

• Swarthmore Foundation Grant for SIBShop (8/07, Swarthmore College)

• Swarthmore Barr Scholar (5/08, Swarthmore College)

• Most Valuable Player (4/01, 4/02, 4/03 Carroll High School) TEST SCORES

• MCAT – 31R

May 2010

Physical Sciences: 9 Biological Sciences: 12

Verbal Reasoning: 10 Writing Sample: R


June 2016


Laboratory Techniques & Skills

• Molecular Biology: gene and recombinant DNA cloning, genomic PCR, RT-PCR, cloning full length genes by PCR, sub cloning to expression AAV vectors, DNA sequencing analysis, southern blot, DNA/RNA isolation from bacteria, HeLa cells and mouse and dog plasma samples.

• Biochemistry: recombinant protein expression and purification, separation of proteins by FPLC, immunodetection and western blot analysis, Antibody and Antigen ELISA, COATEST and Bethesda assays to determine concentration of functional factor VIII and inhibitors, in vitro labeling of proteins with radioactive isotopes and measuring protein concentration.

• Cell Biology: primary cell culture, DNA and RNA transfection, flow cytometry, cell lysis techniques, immunofluorescence, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell isolation

• Instrumentation: UV-visible absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy. Animal Work

• Tissue harvest and preservation from murine and canine models. Retro-orbital and tail bleeding, tail-vein and hydrodynamic injections in mouse model. Maintaining, breeding mouse strain colonies

• Organizing animal shipments

Computer & Data Analysis Skills

• Windows, Mac OS, Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint

• Statistical Analysis, C Programming, JMP


• Native – English, Russian

• Fluent – Spanish, French


• Varsity Swim Team, SWARTHMORE COLLEGE (08/04 – 10/05)

• Varsity Swim Team, 3 time MVP award, CARROLL HIGH SCHOOL (08/00 – 06/04)

• Club Swimmer, DAYTON RAIDERS SWIM TEAM (08/98-08/04) E. Altynova – Page 4


Amy M. Lange, Ekaterina S. Altynova, Giang Nguyen and Denise Sabatino. Overexpression of factor VIII after AAV delivery is transiently associated with cellular stress in hemophilia A mice. J of American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy, Sep 2016; 3:16064.

Wenjing Cao, Denise E. Sabatino, Ekaterina Altynova, Amy M. Lange, Veronica C. Casina, Rodney M. Camire, and X. Long Zheng. Light Chain of Factor VIII Is Sufficient for Accelerating Cleavage of von Willebrand Factor by ADAMTS13 Metalloprotease. J. Biol. Chem, Aug 2012; 287: 324**-*****. Amy M. Lange, Ekaterina S. Altynova, Jesse E. Chen, Denise E. Sabatino. (May 2012). Immune Responses to Factor VIII Following Overexpression by Liver-Directed AAV Gene Therapy Do Not Correlate with Hepatic Cellular Stress Markers. Molecular Therapy (ASGT Annual Abstracts) 2012 20: Abstract 68. Amy M. Lange, Ekaterina S. Altynova, Elizabeth P. Merricks, Robin Raymer, Natalie deFriess, Valder R. Arruda, Timothy C. Nichols, Denise E. Sabatino. (May 2012). Long-Term Follow-Up of Hemophilia A Dogs for 2-7 Years Demonstrates Sustained Factor VIII Expression after AAV-Mediated Delivery. Molecular Therapy (ASGT Annual Abstracts) 2012 20: Abstract 652. Amy M. Lange, Ekaterina Altynova and Denise E. Sabatino. Overexpression of Factor VIII Is Associated with Immune Responses to Factor VIII and Cellular Stress in Hemophilia A Mice. Blood (ASH Annual Abstracts) Nov 2011: 118: Abstract 22.

Denise E. Sabatino, Amy M. Lange, Ekaterina S. Altynova, Rita Sarkar, Shangzhen Zhou, Elizabeth P. Merricks, Helen G. Franck, Timothy C. Nichols, Valder R. Arruda, and Haig H. Kazazian, Jr. Efficacy and safety of long-term prophylaxis in severe hemophilia A dogs following liver gene therapy using AAV vectors. Molecular Therapy, March 2011; 19(3): 442. Cao, Wenjing, Sabatino, Denise E, Altynova, Ekaterina, Zheng, X. Long. Reconstitution of Recombinant Factor VIII In fVIII-/- mice Restores Von Willebrand Factor Homeostasis. Blood (ASH Annual Abstracts) Nov 2010: 116 (21): Abstract 911. Sabatino, Denise E., Altynova, Ekaterina, Lange, Amy M., Zhou, Shangzhen, Merricks, Elizabeth P., Dillow, Aaron M., Nichols, Timothy C., Arruda, Valder R., Kazazian, Haig H., Jr. Successful Long Term Therapeutic Expression of Factor VIII in Hemophilia A Dogs After Administration of AAV-cFVIII Using a Two-Chain or Single Chain Delivery Approach. Blood (ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts) 2009 114: Abstract 546.

Cao, Wenjing, Sabatino, Denise E, Altynova, Ekaterina, Camire, Rodney M., Zheng, X. Long. Structural Elements of FVIII Required for Accelerating Proteolytic Cleavage of Von Willebrand Factor by ADAMTS13. Blood (ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts) 2009 114: Abstract 849.

Denise E. Sabatino, Ekaterina Altynova, Amy M. Lange, Shangzhen Zhou, Aaron Dillow, Timothy C. Nichols, Valder R. Arruda, Haig H. Kazazian, Jr. (May, 2009). Therapeutic Levels of FVIII Are Achieved with Both a Two- Chain and a Single Chain AAV- Mediated Delivery Approach but Reveal Differences in Immune Response to FVIII in Hemophilia A Dogs. Poster session presented at the American Society of Gene Therapy Meeting, San Diego, CA. E. Altynova – Page 5


Dr. Michael McGuiness, PhD

Title: Department Chair, Professor of Anatomy at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Relationship: Professor, Mentor/Advisor

Contact: Office Phone: 215-***-**** Dr. Christopher Adams, PhD

Title: Professor of Anatomy at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Relationship: Professor, Principal Investigator

Contact: Mobile Phone: 610-***-**** Kiana Edwards

Title: Director of Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia - Fairmount Relationship: Supervisor

Contact: Office Phone: 215-***-**** Dr. Denise Sabatino, PhD

Title: Research Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia Relationship: Supervisor at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine Email: Office Phone: 267-***-**** Dr. John B. Jenkins, PhD

Title: Professor of Genetics at Swarthmore College Relationship: Supervisor, Professor

Email: Office Phone: (610) 328 – 8052 Dr. Paul Rablen, PhD

Title: Professor of Organic Chemistry at Swarthmore College Relationship: Supervisor, Professor

Email: Office Phone: (610) 328 – 8341 Dr. Maria Newport, PhD

Title: Professor of Organic Chemistry/General Chemistry at Swarthmore College Relationship: Supervisor, Professor

Email: Office Phone: 610-***-****

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