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Computer Science

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
January 26, 2018

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Dear HR Manager:

My name is Hitesh Khanna, I am a graduate student with a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Wayne State University. I am writing a letter to express my interest in the position that I am applying to which is the Web Application Developer position.

Since the moment I took the elective “Intro to web technology", I was very fascinated and intrigued by the work and coding that was given and done compared to my other programming classes that dealt with C++ and C. Since then I have been interested in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With the experience I had from that class, I got the opportunity to work on a group project for my senior project class that dealt with creating a front-end website for OPT students (optional practical training) and a back-end website and database to store the information. Working on this project, I got to learn more about HTML5, CCS3, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, JQuery, AJAX and XML. I got the opportunity to learn how to intermediately code and implement using those languages and frameworks independently. However, I am very versatile and if given opportunity that requires me to work with any language or any field that I am not familiar with, I will be determined to self teach and get to the position where I can easily grasp the concept and use that in the work field.

Also I have attached my resume in the resume section that will show you the relevant work classes I have taken, my skills, and some of my important works throughout the school years.

If you believe I am a suitable applicant for this position, I can be reached through my cell phone number and my email. My cell phone number is 810-***-****, and my email is Thank you for taking the time to read this and consideration. I look forward in being in touch with you and your company.

Best Regards,

Hitesh Khanna

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