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Senior QA Automation Engineer

West Windsor Township, New Jersey, United States
January 25, 2018

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Kuladeep Veluru

Senior QA Engineer

Phone: 443-***-****

Senior QA Engineer with around 9 years of experience in all phases of Software Test Life Cycle (STLC). Proficient in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile/Scrum. Developed Test Cases, Test Plan and Automation Test scripts using Java and Selenium. Experienced in performing Manual Testing, Automation Testing in various domains like Health Care, Retail, Banking, Insurance.


Expertise in different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) including Agile Methodology/SCRUM and Waterfall methodologies.

Experienced in unit testing, functional testing,integration testing, system testing, performancetesting, sanitytesting, compatibility testing&securitytesting of client/server and web-based applications.

Worked extensively on Agile Projects and participated scrum meetings such as Sprint Planning, Scrums, and Sprint Review meetings.

Proficient in working knowledge ofJava and Object Oriented Concepts.

Proficiency in using Java as client library for Selenium WebDriver to design and developed Automation Test Framework using Junit and TestNG.

Excellent knowledge and experienced in working with open source tools such as Selenium Web Driver, SoapUI, Cucumber, Junitand TestNG.

Automated regression test cases using TestNG, Selenium WebDriver.

Used testing frameworks like TestNG and created tests using different annotations like Before Suite, Before Class, etc.

Experienced in using Accessing Forms, Tables, Link, Keyboard Mouse Events, and Uploading File using Selenium WebDriver.

Expertisein Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional testing.

Experienced in handling Alerts in Selenium WebDriver.

Expertise in using different Web-Debugging tools like Firebug and Fire Path for finding elements.

Used AutoIt and RobotClass to handle Windows pop-ups.

Expert in finding elements usingXpath starts-with, text and contains attributes and using locators like ID, Name, Link Text, Partial Link text, Xpath, CSSselector.

Knowledge in handling parallel Cross Browser Testing using Hub and Nodes for testing web applications in different browsers and different platforms using Selenium Grid.

Developed scripts to handle multiple windows and navigate to various frames and performed operations on the web elements.

Capable of using Implicit and Explicit waits for handling synchronization in Selenium.

Implemented different automation frameworks like Data-Driven Framework, Keyword-Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Framework,TDD (Test Driven Development)and Page Object Model design pattern.

Performed Continuous Integration (CI) using Jenkins for scheduling the jobs using Jenkins, GIT, TestNG and Maven.

Experience in Database Testing using SQL Queries with multiple DatabasesLikeSQL Server, and MySQL.

Responsible for performing Cross browser compatibility testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers.

Proficient in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy and informativerecreation steps using HP ALM/Quality Center, JIRA, Rally and Bugzilla.

Good working experience on SOAP UI Pro(Ready API)for testing and validating SOAP and REST services. Experience on testingweb services with POSTMAN tool.

Knowledge of performance analysis using JMeter.

Hands on experience in using build management tools such as Maven, Ant and using source code management tools like GIT, SVN etc.,

Generated test logs using Log4j for various log levels.

Experience in Mobile Automation (Android & IOS) using Appium (Selenium), Perfecto and SauceLabs

Dynamic team player with an inclination towards growth and improvement of the project and its implementation.

Experience in Coordinating with Project Managers, Business Analysts and System Analysts to set up the pre-validation and validation environment to execute the scripts.

Excellent analytical and good communication skills with the ability to work independently under minimal supervision and also a committed team player.


Automation testing

Manual testing

Integration testing

System testing

Smoke testing

Regression testing

Functional testing

Web / UI testing

Cross Browser



Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Behavioral Driven Development


Selenium IDE/RC/WebDriver/Grid

Frameworks-Hybrid, Data Driven, Keyword, Page Object Model.







Web Services



Development Methodologies

Waterfall, Agile/Scrum.

Test Frameworks

JUnit, TestNG

Version Control


MS Office Tools

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access, Microsoft Project, MS Visio


FireBug, FirePath.


Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model Framework,.

Testing Tools

Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid,AutoIt, Robot API, Cucumber, SoapUI, JMeter, POSTMAN.

Build & Integration Tools

Maven, Jenkins

Web Services


Project Management

JIRA,, Rally, Quality Center, Bugzilla.


MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Operating Systems

Windows XP/7/2008/10, Mac OS, Linux, Unix.

Programming tools/Languages



Project 1


Red Brick Health


Sr QA Automation Engineer


Minnesota, MN


April 2017 – Till date


ReadBrickHealth is a health technology and services company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Platform admin support is a Web-based GUI application where the Admin of a particular Organisation can access the health information of its employees.Employees of organisation take the health survey in RedBrickhealth portal.Based on the inputs given by employees some health activities will be recommended to the employees and their participation in the activities will be traced and based on the performance on those activities rewards would be given to the associates.Each organisation believes health improvement can lead to behaviour change and behaviour change can yield good results for organisation.


Worked in Agile/Scrum methodology performed agile testing to check the entire functionality of the application.

Participated in Planning and daily standup meetings as part of the agile team, attended grooming sessions

and Retrospectives.

Analyzed system requirement and business requirement documents and Developed Test Cases, and Test Scenarios, Test scripts.

Performed Functional, Integration, regression testing and involved in developing the automation framework.

Preparation of test cases for Automation testing.

Executed test cases for new requirements added to the product backlog.

Implemented waits to overcome the issue of Synchronization using implicit wait and explicit wait.

Involved in the grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites using TestNG annotations.

Worked with developers to Create and update the defects, resolve and track their status using JIRA.

Used Mavenas a build management tool and performed continuous integration of code and scripts using Jenkins. Configured and launched builds using Jenkins jobs and analyzed the Test Results from Jenkins UI.

Worked on SQL commands to validate the database and test its integration with the front end.

Used JDBC for Database Testing with Selenium WebDriver to execute SQL statements.

Worked with open source tool Selenium Grid for cross browser and cross platform the web testing.

Used Log4J for log management.

Interacted with developers, users and various members of the team to discuss issues, resolve defects and set priorities.

Tested Web-Service using SOAP UIfor testing and validating SOAP and REST services with different assertions like HTTP assertion, security assertion, XPATH assertions.

Configured the Test Cases to receive input test data Sets for the corresponding test cases using TestNG Data Provider Annotation.

Used Hybrid/Data Driven Framework and extracted the data from external Excel files.


Selenium Web Driver, JIRA, Jenkins, Maven, GIT, SQL, Apache-POI, Oracle, Eclipse, Firebug, Firepath, SOAPUI, CSS, Log4J

Project 2


Total Health Care


Senior QA Analyst


Detroit, MI


May 2016 – March 2017


Total Health Care is one of the leading Insurance providersbased in Detroit. The project’s focus was to develop and implement an Insurance Enrollment, Claims web-based application, which provides online information regarding premiums, claims and other benefits of insurance policies to the customers. Users can shop plans and purchase different Health plans based on the requirement of individual or a family. The application UI offers and compares different plans available and generates quotes.


Involved in preparing test cases using Selenium with Java to validate all UI components.

Understood the business requirements to develop test cases and test scenarios to test the complete functionality of the application.

Developed Test scenarios, Test cases, Test Scripts andRequirement Traceability Matrix and traced them back to requirements.

Involved in priotizing comprehensive Automation Test Scripts based on Test Plans and Test Cases for Smoke and Regression suits.

Developed test plans by understanding the Business logic and User Requirements for Manual and Automation Testing.

Collaborated with management to review, develop and implement new workflows.

Provided testing for native software on a variety of mobile devices to ensure compatibility of the devices.

Performed System, Integration, Regression, Smoke, Sanity, Functional, End to End, Positive and Negative and monitored the behavior of the applications during different phases of testing using testing methodologies.

Used Firebug/Fire Pathadd-on tools to constructed locators using ID, Name, CSS and X-Path.

Involved in developing Data driven framework using Selenium with Java.

Responsible for updating existing Test Cases against the change of requirements.

Responsible for Backend testing and executing SQL queries.

Used Maven for Build Management and Jenkins for continuous Integration.

Cross-Browser and Compatibility Testing to test web applications, working as desired in different browsers and environments. Good at multi-tasking & working well under tight deadlines with high efficiency.

Developed test scripts using Groovy Script for data driven testing of SOAP and REST Web service using SOAP UI.

Developed Test Cases using WSDL, Schema files which defines Web Service Request, Response, methods /operations, End Point of web service to be tested.

Environment: Agile, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, MySQL, Selenium IDE, Jenkins, Soap UI, Java, CSS, XML, JIRA, Microsoft Office, Eclipse, GIT, Maven.

Project 3


J.P. Morgan Chase Bank


Sr QA Test Engineer


Wilmington, DE


Feb 2014to April 2015

Project Description:

J.P. Morgan’s a global leader in financial services, offering solutions to the world's most important corporations, governments and institutions in more than 100 countries. This project facilitates internet banking for the people to make all their financial transactions. I worked on testing the web pages regarding the enrollments for opening a new account and e-services for online money transactions pages where money is deposited, withdrawn and the remaining balance is shown on the transactions web page.


Analyzed system requirements specifications, developed Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Data for testing the Functionality, GUI, Usability, User Acceptance Criteria with both Positive and Negative scenarios. Focused on logical scenarios of the application.

Executed Test Cases and compared the actual/expected values. Generated pass/fail reports and updated using Quality Center.

Involved in User Acceptance Testing and responsible to report Bugs and Defects.

Prioritized Defects and monitored Bug fixing status. Retested Defects in the beginning of every sprint and reopened any Bug that is not fixed.

Performed Parallel and Cross Browser testing on different browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox where multiple tests were run at the same time.

Participated in Diffect Triagewith developers to validate the severity of the bugs and was responsible for tracking of the testing life cycle based on the testing results.

Reviewed and analyzed the Business-requirement documents and user specifications.

Used JIRAto report and track the defects, and communicated issues with the developers for a better solution.

Maintained strong working relationship with teammates. Worked closely with the Developers.

Communicated with Project Managers, QA Leads on a daily basis for improved testing efforts and sent Status Reports to the QA Director when needed.

Performed Data driven testing using Selenium WebDriver and JDBC Connections which reads data from scripts using property and XML files.

Involved in Web services testing using SOAPUI Tool. Validated request and response XML. Added assertions to validate the XML in Web services SOAP and RESTFUL service.

Used Maven Performed continuous integration of code and scripts using Jenkins. Configured and launched builds using Jenkins jobs and analyzed the Test Results from Jenkins UI.

Wrote SQL queries against Oracle Database, analyzed and compared the result as well as the discrepancies.

Prepared the data to cover various scenarios and wrote SQL scripts to verify the database updates, inserts and deletion of the records.

Performed Database Testing by passing SQL queries and also analyzed the Regression Test results before handing over to UAT.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, JIRA, Config.xml, Maven, Firebug, FirePath, XML, XPATH, JIRA, SQL, Windows, Git, SOAP UI.

Project 4


Life Insurance Corporation


QA Analyst


Bangalore, India


Apr 2012 to January 2014

Project Description:

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) is a major firm in India which deals with the insurance. Insurance Management System is one of its major tools and it was developed basically to provide the data about claims, renewal, issuance and cancellation of health insurance policies. IMS can generate reports depending on various criteria.


Participated in all phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).Involved in the design and development of test plan from business and Functional requirements which includes test objectives, test strategies, test environments etc.

Performed System, Integration, Smoke, Sanity, Functional, End to End and monitored the behavior of the applications during different phases of testing using testing methodologies.

Involved in peer review with team to review test cases/test scripts.

Coordinated the testing effort towards End-to- End testing to verify the proper functioning

Provided test summary documentation and analyzed test results, identifying trends and/or root causes of problems.

Participated in defect triage meetings to resolve the defects.

Used Hybrid Framework of Selenium to get data from Excel using Apache POI.

Regression testing was performed after each build release of the application and updated the Scripts by executing the Regression suites built using Selenium.

Created Selenium Test Scripts for automation using Selenium Web Driver and Java.

Worked on Selenium Grid for automation script in Java for cross platform testing.

Performed back end testing by writing and executing SQL queries to validate that data is being populated in appropriate tables and manually verify the correctness of the data with front-end values.

Interacted with users by conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure that the total functionality of the application was met by complying with all the business requirements.


Java, Selenium IDE/Web Driver/GRID, TEST NG, HTML, Java Script, Agile Methodology, Quality Center, SQL, Oracle.

Project 5




QA Analyst


Bangalore, INDIA


June 2009 to March 2012

Project Description:

This web based application has been developed on its ability to meet and anticipate external customer needs. Which allow users to sign up for online services, find and purchase products available within product catalogue, browse through different product category items, complete check out process and produces order number for tracking purposes.


Analyze and developedrequirements, Test Cases and Test Scripts based on Business Requirements.

Worked under waterfall methodology.

Documented Test Scenarios (positive and negative) and Test Cases based on the functional specifications.

Prepared Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to trace test cases to functional requirements. Involved in developing the tractability matrix in Excel sheet

Performed quality assurance reviews on all Software Development Life Cycle phases.

Performed Integration testing to check the flow of the application.

Developed and maintained Manual test scripts through HP Quality Center.

Maintained Traceability Matrix to track the requirements to the test cases to ensure complete test coverage in the Quality Center

Interacted closely with developers regarding defects, participated in tracking, reviewing and analyzing bugs.

Involved in back end testing by writing SQL queries.

Generated Weekly Reports, Defect Reports and Customized Summary Reports.

Defect tracking using Bugzilla.

Prepared Defect reports, weekly status reports, and bug tracking.

Environment:Waterfall, Quality Center, Bugzilla, and SQL, Manual Testing.

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