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Senior Consultant

Plano, Texas, United States
January 25, 2018

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More than eight years of experience in Information Technology encompassing software systems design, development, Project Management and computer operations. While working with various customer, Ashish developed a consulting repertoire ranging from full-scale implementation to post-production support and integration. His involvement with the Oracle technology stack has left him well versed with Oracle development tools. In addition, his diversified assignments have given him a deep understanding of various business processes.

Total IT experience


Oracle Cloud Data Management

EPM Integrator


Oracle Data Integrator




VB Scripting

Oracle RDBMS

Oracle Inventory

Oracle Order Management

Oracle Receivables

Oracle Purchasing

Oracle Payables

Oracle GL

Oracle Discoverer

Oracle Forms /Reports







Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, XML Publisher, XML, VB Scripting, Jython

Development Tools: Sql Server, Oracle Forms, Reports, Discoverer, BI Publisher, Putty, FileZilla, SVN, Tortoise PL/SQL Developer, Toad, SQL *Loader, Oracle Data Integrator

RDBMS: Oracle (6.0, 7.x, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g), MS Access

Operating Systems: LINUX/UNIX/Windows 2000/2003/2008/2010/Win 7/Vista/XP/2012 R2

Methodologies: SDLC (Iterative and waterfall), Agile (Scrum), AIM

Configuration Management : Tortoise CVS, SVN


Data Integration Architect- Western Union Oct 2017 – Current

Company: The Hackett Group

Working with Western Union as a Data integration manager and was responsible for designing future Data Management platform for the Customer. This platform will be one stop solution for all financial data and will be responsible for providing Data and report to the Downstream systems. This platform will be update daily by ODI jobs and will store data from various systems like AS400, EBS/Noetix, Workday, IQN.


Developed information strategy and vision for aligning corporate business strategy for global enterprise with strategic and line-of-business applications, master data management (MDM), data integration, data virtualization, metadata management, data quality and profiling, data modeling and data governance

Interviewed users and developers and gather requirements and write specifications

Provided strategic technology planning and acceptance within business and Information Technology to support business

Monitored and tuned complex SQL queries and stored procedures

Published subject area models, logical and physical, as artifacts for developers

Created and maintained database definition language (DDL) in PL/SQL for implementing and schema migration using Model Driven Development (MDD)

Assessed data migration project for company’s largest IT initiative

Data migration platform architecture

Data integrity assurance plan

Data movement approach

Data quality and cleansing approach

Verification and validation

Developed continuous migration plan that significantly reduces risk and assures timely, accurate conversion

Senior Manager– Archer Daniels Midland Jul 2017 – Oct2017

Company: The Hackett Group

Client - Archer Daniels Midland

Working with ADM as a Senior Manager for designing solution for completely automating ARM custom data load from JDE using SQL/FDMEE and Jython scripting. ADM need to pull in Ledger and subledger data from various modules in JDE into ARM and complete automate the kick out process in ARM.


Develop custom views in JDE database to pull in the General Ledger and Sub Ledger like AP, AR and FA data.

Build custom Jython script in ARM to trigger data load and send notification in case of success/Failure and trigger Kick out process

Pulling the FX rates from HFM database to be used for converting the amount into reporting currencies.

Convert the Non-reporting currencies to reporting currencies before loading data to target ARM app

Create the Kick out file based on the last data load and send to the user group by attaching attributes information which can directly be loaded into ARM period thus avoiding manual steps of profile creation

Developed Location/Import format/ Data load rule in FDMEE/ARM for loading data into target app

Created Design/Admin document

Provided a Knowledge sharing session with Technical and Functional Team

Senior Consultant – Motorola Apr 2017 – Jul 2017

Employer: The Hackett Group

Working with Motorola as a Senior Consultant for integrating PBCS with Datamart/FDW and multiple Non-ERP system using ODI. I was responsible for designing the ODI job to pull up data from source tables/views into a flat file and upload it on the AWS server and trigger EPM automate that will upload the file on cloud server and trigger the PBCS jobs to load files into target Planning/Essbase cloud application.


Analyzing the existing integration to merger 14 application into 4 target PBCS app.

Analyzing existing Maxl script and rule files to get the SQL which can be used from ODI

Building new integration in ODI to generate flat files for loading into cloud application

Develop batch job which can call EPM automate script to Login, Delete, Upload, Trigger Data load rule and logout from PBCS jobs.

Developed Location/Import format/ and Data load rule for loading file into target app

Created Design/Admin document

Provided a Knowledge sharing session with Technical and Functional Team

Senior Consultant – Nisource Dec 2016 – Mar-2017

Employer: The Hackett Group

Working with Nisoure as a Senior Consultant for building new integration for Peoplesoft/FDW with Oracle Planning/Essbase. I was responsible for Analyzing, Design generic layout that can be used for future integration and building custom script. I have built custom views that acted as a source data for Universal data adapter in FDMEE and written Jython code from providing source to target mapping file which were used by Congo’s for Drill thru.


Analyzing the FDW/Peoplesoft can the Reporting tool for requirement and to customized the solution

Developing new SQL views to extract source data from Peoplesoft/FDW

Developing Jython script for creating drill files, monitoring events and providing notification

Designed custom Drill thru for Congo’s reporting.

Developed batch script that can be used for automating the Jobs from Third party scheduler like Tivoli etc.

Created Design/Admin document

Provided a Knowledge sharing session with Technical and Functional Team

Senior Consultant – Google Sep 2016 – Dec-2016

Employer: The Hackett Group

Working with Google as a Developer for EPM Upgrade. I was responsible for Analyzing, Design and retrofitting of the current ODI codes. As a part of project google was upgrading from Oracle Hyperion to and moving from windows environment to Linux. I was working on redesign of ODI code to be flexible with both Windows and Linux environment and integrating with Essbase and Planning


Developing new ODI codes for converting the current python script

Validating and recreating all ODI packages to retrofit the code for working with Linux environment

Recreate Load plans to work with ODI environment

Creating technical design document for the new scripts

Worked with infrastructure team to get the resources ready like Agent/Master/Work repository for development

Developed SQL queries for getting ODI object list and steps involved in ODI packages and Load plans

Senior Consultant – CH2M Jul 2016 – Sep 2016

Employer: The Hackett Group

Working with CH2M as Senior Consultant for Data Integration. I was responsible for integrating Oracle EBS with ARM application for loading data for oracle modules like General Ledger, Account Payable, Account receivable, Fixed Asset and General ledger revaluation. We have built up new component in ODI that pulls data from Oracle table into FDMEE interface table and triggers the ARM job to load data. This are completely automated process where data load is schedule to run based of specific dates of the months as well as an on-demand process is provided to customer. We have also build ODI jobs which will pull Flat file rom source system into FDMEE and load it into ARM application. User will be notified with email in case of success or any errors.


Developed ODI component for extraction of data from EBS and loading it into ARM application

Created ODI code which will trigger the batch script in FDMEE to check for file from source server and move the file into FDMEE inbox folders for processing.

Query performance tuning by getting the cost, applying index and applying condition on the index columns like group by / order by distinct column

Configuring ODI to increase fetch size from the source system to commit data in batch of 100 to 1000

Configuring ODI to triggered FDMEE batch and ARM data load.

Setting up Drill back from ARM application to Oracle EBS for general ledger for OIA

Notification to user in case of success/failure or missing files etc.

Setting up FDMEE for ARM application like registering Target applications, Source adapter, Source system, Category, multiple Location, Import Format, Data load Rules, Data load mapping etc.

Creation of Design Document, Admin Guide and SIT document

Migration and training support staff on FDMEE and ODI build component

Senior Consultant –Laureate Education Feb 2016 – Jul 2016

Employer: The Hackett Group

Working with Laureate as Senior Consultant for Data Integration in multiple phase. First Phase was implementation of ARM component where we used the standard FDMEE adapter to pull in data from PeopleSoft 9.0 and 9.1. Second phase was implementation for Planning and Essbase where we have built up custom component to load Metadata and Data into multiple planning application and refreshing Essbase database. We have given mechanism to user for and On-demand run using Jython Script which was created as a part of implementation from FDMEE and batch Job which will can be scheduled to trigger ODI jobs


Installed and Configured of ODI standalone agent on Dev and Test servers

Helped customer in setting up new work repository for ODI to separate out custom component from FDMEE work repository and provide a smooth migration part for all the custom build component.

Helped customer understand the future uses of new work repository and how it can be used for any development

Analysis on PeopleSoft data/database object to provide solution for loading FX rates and Data.

Developed ODI component for loading Metadata into multiple Planning and Essbase application

Developed ODI packages for loading data into Target application

Setting up FDMEE for ARM/Planning/Essbase application like registering Target applications, Source adapter, Source system, Category, multiple Location, Import Format, Data load Rules, Data load mapping etc.

Developed Jython script which allowed and On-Demand process and triggering ODI jobs from FDMEE for always getting the latest data from PeopleSoft to be in sync.

Created multiple windows batch script which can be called form FDMEE and Complete automation of the process for loading Metadata and Data.

Provided mechanism for loading FX rates from PeopleSoft into planning application.

Defined the process which user can use for loading multi period data into Planning application

Created Design Document, Admin Guide and SIT document

Provided presentation and took a session with User, Developer and support staff to explain the flow and process providing and in-depth knowledge of the ODI and FDMEE build

Senior Consultant – Smucker’ s Nov 2015 – Feb 2016

Employer: The Hackett Group

Working with Smucker’s as Data Integration lead for implementing EBS integration for General Ledger, Sub ledger, HFM and Flat file integration. Since we didn’t have any automation tool that can be used for implementation we developed few PLSQL code to pull data out from EBS system into FDMEE interface table and created Jython script which were schedule to load data into ARM application according to a required format. We also implemented a generic code which can be used for any file load if the name is defined in a specific format.


Designed and implemented the complete automation process from EBS to ARM

Developed of EBS PL/SQL code for pulling Ledger and Sub Ledger data

Developed of Jython script to pull data into ARM application

Setting up FDMEE for ARM application like registering Target application, Source adapter, Source system, Category, multiple Location, Import Format, Data load Rules, Data load mapping

Automated EBS/HFM and Flat File load in FDMEE using batches/ Scripts and to send notification etc. This process now can be used for any Flat file integration

Created a Design Document, Admin Guide and SIT document

Migration of component and training support staff on migration of FDMEE and ODI component

Working with oracle support on providing evidence for the SR and resolving open issues

Consultant - GE Corporate Oct 2013 – Nov-2015

Employer: IGATE Americas Inc.

Working as a Lead developer and onsite coordinator as a part of Data integration, I have come across challenges of integrating various systems and within GE Corporate and with other GE business as a part of team I have worked on tool likes FDM, FDMEE, ODI, PLSQL etc. We have built various integration and automation process for data load to HFM and ARM, Meta Data integration between DRM and Various EBS systems. I have expertise tools like ODI for integrating with different technologies. Starting with the FDM in this team I was the technical lead for coordinating with various business teams from countries like Russia, South Africa, India, Pakistan and US to understand the logic and writing down scripts and setting up in FDM process.


Infrastructure management for Up gradation of FDM from to classic version

Moving all the application to cloud server and merger of different FDM application used in GE corporate

Automation of Hyperion and ARM data load for ERP businesses for reporting to HFM and ARM using ODI.

Setting up of FDMEE Source adapter, target adapter, Location, Import format, scripts and data load rules.

Out of box integration between ERPs and Hyperion to improve performance

Metadata sync between DRM and Oracle/SAP ERP’s using ODI

Shared service management and LDAP configuration for user maintenance

Installation of ODI and OPMN configuration for agents on Dev/Stage/Prod server

Windows script/Cron jobs for automating ODI jobs based on trigger files

Generic solution in ODI that can be replicated across various business

DBC file approach solution for standardizing the process for metadata load in ERP

Bug fix, patch management and issue resolution with Oracle Support

Provide support to business in processing their quarterly and monthly cycles

PL/SQL Packages/Procedure/Function to schedule concurrent programs in ERP

Consultant – GE Corporate Apr 2013 – Oct 2013

Employer: IGATE Americas Inc.

This Oracle MARS GL is an Implementation and maintenance project executed for GE corporate. This project involves consolidation of ledger across all GE businesses which happen during the month and quarter ends. Business submit the balances files using a data exchange layer to MARS GL UNIX server where we have a scheduler job that validates the files for all business rules and sends reports accordingly. During month end and quarter close after the consolidation we uploads the report on Libraries for business to view. This report can be also being generated using Discoverer and modified by user based on the custom requirements.


Automation of the process for business to submit the balances file and generate the report with all the errors or edit pass information

Ticketing system support to coordinate with business users for getting the requirement, coordinating with offshore team to explain the requirement and timely delivery of the changes or new build with migration to prod

Testing with business holders, and getting sign off for production migration

Prepare test cases document to user for receiving signoff on tickets

Connect with Automation of process for creating CMAs with Oracle workflow based on hierarchy defined

Co-ordination with DBA’s for outage, releases, Upgrades and provides support during the outages.

PL/SQL procedures, Oracle Reports, Oracle forms, Discoverer reports and Unix scripting

Coordinate and conduct Weekly status meetings with customer and application demo from offshore with onsite coordinator.

Senior Software Engineer - GE Energy Jun 2012 – Oct 2013

Employer: IGATE Corporation

Foxtrot-AMPS Integration project was implemented for GE Energy Aero business. ISSES (MAIN FRAME System) interacts with Foxtrot (Oracle ERP System). Foxtrot is an Energy system and is one of the core integrations for Aero. Consequently, interfaces need to be built between AMPS and Foxtrot to support business of Aero. The challenges were to design new interface at foxtrot to send and receive Master and Transactional data from AMPS. I owned the Responsibility of Functional requirement gathering, creating functional and technical document, technical design on approach, new codes and script creation, testing with functional user and Cutover planning. The modules involved were PO, OM, INV and ASCP


Understand the requirements from business users, discuss multiple approaches with the Customer, and prepare POC, present to business users.

Estimate efforts required for design, development of product.

Incorporate Agile practices including pair programming, continuous integration and gathered requirements as user stories.

Testing with customer teams, functional user and AMPS team (Legacy ERP instance) to ensure that code satisfies customer requirements with business standards

Creation of Custom responsibility, Concurrent programs and scheduling the job

Documentation of Technical and functional requirement like (MD200, MD120, CF250, BR100, BR110, TE050) specification and installation scripts/documentation.

Develop PL/SQL packages, procedures, and Oracle Reports/Forms.

Develop Integrations to connect Foxtrot ERP System with AMPS system from transactional and master interfaces.

Setup the BR100 and BR110 in UAT, SIT and Development instance for user testing.

Coordinate and conduct Weekly status meetings with customer and application demo from offshore with onsite coordinator.

Train team members to understand the current design and requirement mapping to actual developed object and requirements.

Helps wM team to understand the requirement and mapping of canonicals.

Senior Software Engineer- GE Power and Water Jul 2011 – Apr 2012

Employer: IGATE Corporation

Aero Amps logistic implementation was implemented for GE Power & Water. This Business wanted to move their current system from Main Frame to Oracle Apps along with Aviation business, implementing there Using their codes. The challenges here we had to fit in aero business data without hampering the Aviation codes. I owned the Responsibility of Complete Analysis, Coding, and Testing, for WMS, PSS and some Component of AMPS Along with designing a new package for sending the Category data from EBOM to AMPS. Along with this I have owned the complete responsibility for WMS/PSS (Legacy end) as a part of the project.


Id Requirement gathering from Onsite coordinator and functional teams for developing the new elements.

Develop PL/SQL procedures, Oracle forms Oracle reports and Unix scripts

Analyzing and gathering information of the code changes to implement Aero logic in WMS, PSS, EBOM (Legacy System) and ERP

Testing with customer teams to ensure that code satisfies customer requirements.

Writing technical document (MD200, MD120) specification and installation scripts/documentation.

Retrofitting the codes changes for Aero

Analyzing and gathering information of the code changes to implement Aero logic in WMS, PSS and ERP

Provide support for Technical / Functional queries based on the tickets/defects raised by business users.

Setup the BR100 and BR110 in UAT, SIT and Development instance for user testing

Train team members to design & develop various reports and screens (in OAF) related to project.

Creating Conversion Code for Purchase Order, BOM, Supplier and interfaces for WMS Stock adjustment, Shipment notification:

Software Engineer - GE Aviation Feb 2011 – Jul 2011

Employer: IGATE Corporation

Eclipse WMS is a new implementation for GE Aviation business. With this project, GE Aviation is looking at replacing current legacy warehouse management systems (MOVE WMS system and Pack shop system) with Oracle WMS and peripheral Oracle modules, through a multi-phased, multi-year program called ECLIPS (Efficient Lean Distribution of Parts). The target was to move the SCO and LCO material flow for SDC business. The role I fitted was as a developer for conversion codes and Analyst/Developer for SQL, RDF and Xml reports, Form developer


Designing of conversion codes, Pl/SQL scripts, packages, oracle reports, oracle forms, packages and UNIX scripts

Testing with Onsite coordinator to ensure that code satisfies customer requirements.

Worked on documentation in writing technical (SRS, Test Cases) specification and installation scripts/documentation.

Analysis of existing legacy WMS and PSS code to reused in project.

Estimate efforts required for design, development of product.

Developed conversion code for On Hand, Locator and Item

Software Engineer - GE Transportation Dec 2010 - Feb 2011

Employer: IGATE Corporation

Business wish to implement the e-Invoicing solution which will not only help them to comply with the new statutory requirement, which required companies in Mexico to use electronic billing to comply with the GE standards, GE transport needed the data file to be transmitted in XML format. The challenge here was to design the code in such a way that on a button press multiple XML files are generated. That file should have a file name in required format

Oracle E-Business Suite (11i) modules affected:


Daily call with e transportation user to Understand customer requirement, status updates and prepare

Designing of, Pl/SQL scripts, packages, oracle reports to generate xml, XML report to read output, SFTP script to transfer multiple file to GE server

Worked on documentation in writing technical (SRS, Test Cases) specification and installation scripts/documentation.

Estimate efforts required for design, development of product.

Shell script for moving files from Unix to Windows box

Software Engineer - GE Money May 2010 – Nov 2010

Employer: IGATE Corporation

Shared letters are the letters generated by the system to the account holders. Shared letter can be issued at different situations like – Change of payment address, Name change on the account, Account over the credit line, E-invoicing enrollment, Credit line increase etc. The project gives a common platform for GE businesses to replace the main frame system with oracle apps. Along with Development the complete testing, proper documentation, customizing the system, Oracle Applications 11i implementation of the whole GE is other important Responsibilities.


Creation of responsibility, Value sets, lookups, Profile, registration of forms and creating new menus.

Worked on documentation in writing technical (SRS, Test Cases) specification and installation scripts/documentation.

Testing with Onsite coordinator to ensure that code satisfies customer requirements.

Outbound package to send letters details / Outbound package to send pickup merchant and Addresses details

Inbound package to receive letters details from legacy system/ Inbound package to receive Merchant and Addresses details from legacy system

Developed Shared Letter Maintenance form /Developed Shared Returned Addresses /Developed Shared Merchant Code

While working as a part of The Hackett group Ashish has helped the following customers

Centroid in defining a process which can help them load one source file into HFM and Essbase in parallel and explaining how to pull data out of FDMEE backend for loading into multiple application.

Caesars to develop all the ODI component on newer version of DRM and implement the loading of Metadata from DRM into EBS and used it for automating Profile creation etc. used by ARM application.

First Advantage in helping them figure out the data load issue during the year end period for loading 13 period data, making change in Data load rule, providing and insight of FDMEE of Data load mapping and giving them suggestion on how they can improve the process during Month and Quarter end


Bachelor of Engineering (Computer science)

Mumbai University, Maharashtra.


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