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Software Developer Engineer

Mooresville, North Carolina, United States
January 25, 2018

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Rajesh Gurusamy


Ph: 704-***-****


Overall around 13 years of experience in IT.

Extensive working across Web Technologies includes Java, ASP.Net, Oracle Designer9i, Spring, Struts, ATG, Oracle 9i, JavaScript, JQuery, J2EE, EJB, Hibernate, BPM and iBatis.

Extensive working experience in various IT services includes Logistics, HealthCare, E-Commerce, Finance and Retail clients.

Experience in Core J2EE patterns like Singleton, Data Transfer Objects, DAO, Business Delegate, Session Facade, Factory, Front Controller and Service Locator.

Expertise in design with different UML diagrams like Use Case, Sequence diagrams, Activity diagrams and Class diagrams, SSIS package.

Excellent Client Interaction, Communication & Presentation skills.

Worked on various roles as Developer, Technical Lead and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in different assignments and coordinated in the ESB integration.

Experience in developing SOA and J2EE Web Services based on SOAP, REST, WSDL, JAX-WS and Apache Axis.

Experience in using different Software Configuration Management and Defect Tracking tools includes HP Quality Center and Test Directory.

Experience in analyzing, designing, developing, installing, configuring and deploying MS SQL Server suite of products with Business Intelligence in SQL Server Integration Services 2008.

Experience in writing SQL, PL/SQL Queries using DB Visualizer 9, IBM Data Studio 4.1, TOAD and SQL Developer.

Experience working in various software lifecycle methodologies like Waterfall, iterative and Agile, DevOps.

Extensive deployment experience using HTEAM tool in Development, QA and Production environment.

Oracle Certified Java Programmer.1.6 (OCJP6).

Undergone the training in ATG9.0 at Vamsoft Technology (Affiliated ATG partner).

Technical Skills:

Databases & Tools

Oracle 11i/10g / 9i, SQL Server, My SQL, DB2, Attachmate, BPM.


Java1.8, J2EE, Java Script, JQuery, JSP, Servlet, Struts, Spring framework 2.5, Spring boot 1.4.2, Hibernate, Python 2.7.5, ASP.Net, DHTML, ATG9.0, IBatis, EJB, JSTL, HTML5, CSS3, Angularjs, Mongo dB, Bootstrap, JMS.

Application Servers

JBoss5, Tomcat 4.0, Web sphere 8.5 and Web logic

Operating Systems

Windows 7, NT 4.0,2000, XP, Vista, Unix

Source Management

Visual Source Safe, PVCS, Serena, SVN, Clear case, Clear Quest, CVS, TortoiseSVN 1.8.6, JIRA, GitHub, Anthill pro, Jenkins, looper, Subversion, OneOps, Confluence and Atlassian

Tools & Utilities

SQL Developer, TOAD 8.6, MS Office 2007, Oracle Designer 9i, Eclipse 3.2, RAD 9, Beyond Comparator 4, Buildforge, mdeploy, HTEAM, DB Visualizer 9, SOAP UI, Putty, WinSCP, Autosys, Ms Visual studio 2010, Ms VS2012 and RazorSQL.


Logistics, Banking, Manufacturing and logistics, Retail and Healthcare


Bachelors of Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University, TN, India.

Experience/Project Details

Walmart – ISD, Bentonville, AR Dec 2016 to Present

Senior Software Developer

Corp Systems –Open systems: As a Sr Java developer, worked on March CCTV, Verint, CCURE, Lobby Check in, Asset Protection Information Systems (APIS), and developed HIPPA/Subpoena form, Legal tracker, Wire weather systems, Data Analytics Tool –Pharmacy, HandNet.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Worked on the SOA architecture to develop the rest API for Legal Tracker application. WalLegalTrackerController acts as a RestController to serve the resource based on the CRUD operations. For creating the initial business friendly design, we have used story boards, wireframes and mockups.

The services are deployed asynchronously in the microservices. So quick and parallel changes can be made.

Converted the WIRE weather webservice from IBM data power to APIM services.

Worked on HIPPA/Subpoena form application for consuming new WIRE cookies and migrating to Maven, Tomcat, GitHub and deploy it to OneOps to reduce the cost savings.

Written HandNet backup database scripts and created scheduler for DAT logs.

Mentoring junior programmers for developing the business logics and bug fixing.

Implementation (Technologies): Java1.6/7, .Net, J2EE, Spring3.5, Spring Boot, SOA, Microservices, REST API, GitHub, OneOps/Puppet, looper, Angularjs, Visual studio, Eclipse, RAD, WebSphere7, tomcat, IIS, APIM webservice, MangoDB, mdeploy, Buildforge tool.

Wells Fargo & Co. July2016 to Dec 2016

Senior Software Developer

Superuser: Superuser is primarily a call center application that allows call center representatives to search on web and VRU customer investment information, manage some elements of web and VRU customer access.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Have developed the REST API services for interacting with Investment accounts and Asset Management portfolios.

Logged in user can perform the search using InvestorId, SSN, LoginID or EIN and the system would render the results of bond name, account name and amount. These request mappings are controlled by the annotations.

Linking the Investment accounts and user Access levels are changed using Mapper xmls and Mapper classes. Dao Implementation classes are created to perform the DB operations.

Jasper, crmservices, edocs and litfulfillment services are linked with webservices to fetch and update the data.

Using Anthill pro and maven, continuous integration and continuous deployments are carried out in different environments in each phase of the application.

Sybase queries are converted to SQL server queries.

Implementation (Technologies): Java1.8, J2EE, Spring4.2.6, MyBatis3, REST API, HTML5, Anthill pro, Maven, Subversion, Tomcat and Confluence.

United Health Group, Greenville Oct2015 to Apr 2016

Hospital and Physician Pricing Model

Senior Software Developer

HPM/PPM: Provide production/operational level modeling and reporting to Network Pricing for network expansion and contract negotiation. Webservice clients are created as Product so that other system/Application can utilize it.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a Senior Web Developer, understand the business scenarios and created the POC.

Prepared the design document and Implemented the Spring MVC framework, JSP, Angularjs and MVC4.

Identified the webservices and Created WSDL/SVC files and XSD files.

Using the SOAP webservice, the clients like getJobStatus for HPM and getJobStatus for PPM are consumed. Bundled the HCExChangeApp application and deployed it in IIS.

Presented the live demo to business end users and lead managers.

Created SSIS package for the Fee Structure replication, Provider refresh package and RateFacilityInfo package.

Implementation (Technologies): Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2008, ASP.Net, MVC4 framework, HTML, JavaScript, SOAP, Angularjs, SQL Server 2012, Tomcat, SQL Data Comparator.

United Health Group, Greenville Oct2014 to Sep2015

Polaris Provider MDM

Senior Software Developer

Provider MDM Health Check: This is health check App for all the webservices in the Polaris Provider MDM across all the environments.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a Senior Web Developer, understand the business scenarios and created the POC.

Prepared the design document using the Data Model and StarUML.

Identified the webservices and Created WSDL files and XSD files.

Using the RESTful webservice, getPerson and getOrganization, getTaxonomy, getSuspectDuplicate, getTINOwner, getAddress, getHCP, getHCPR, searchOrganization, searchPerson, searchMultiAddress details where consumed.

Bundled the application and deployed it in WebSphere application server.

Presented the live demo to business end users and lead managers.

Based on the review and suggestions Front end changes are implemented.

Implementation (Technologies): IBM RAD9, Java 7, JSP, Spring framework, Spring AOP, JPA, DAO, Hibernate, Restful Web Services, JAX-RS, WAS8.5, Tortoise Subversion 1.8.6, SQL, DB Visualizer.

Provider MDM UI: MDMUI is the front-end application which helps to maintain the party in the HCO and HCP. In the PD, by creating the Human service, General System Services and integration Services we can map with BPM Stewardship to fetch the records of the organization and professionals. Using the HR, the detail description of the name, organization, identification, taxonomy and qualifications would be fetched from the MDM DB and results would be displayed using the coach view framework.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a BPM developer, understand the business flow and involved in the design review.

Developed the General System Service, to get the values from the integration service.

Developed the Coach and Coach Views to display the values.

Have done the deployment and DB Configuration from the process center to process server.

Implementation (Technologies): IBM BPM8.5.0.1 toolkit, IBM BPM Process Center and Server, IBM MDM Stewardship toolkit v11.4, DB2. HP ALM Explorer 11, IBM Data Studio, TortiseSVN.

Lowes Company, Mooresville Aug 2013 to Aug 2014

Stocking Matrix

Senior Software Developer

Enhanced Item Capabilities and Tools -Stocking Matrix: SMA is an Integrated Planning &Execution. It is an assortment localization solution, required by the merchandising and supply chain planning team to leverage Lowe’s Channel Clustering, Efficient Item Assortment, Demand/Fulfillment and Space Planning tools to execute item level merchandising and replenishment strategies at store level.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a lead developer, understand the business flow and involved in the prototype design.

Understood the business quickly and developed the application in the stipulated time in the short span.

Using the spring framework effectively used the objects and reduced the execution flow to enhance the speed of the application.

Have done the deployment in various phases of spring application and Webservices and coordinated in the web engineering team to solve the deployment issue.

Coordinated with ESB team for the Webservices integration for CCI and IKB.

Coordinated for the production support for solving the issues.

Reduced the code pro violations and analyzed and fixed the defects in CIT and SIT cycle.

Implementation (Technologies): Spring framework, java, j2ee, JQuery, DB2, JDBC, Oracle, HP Quality center, Tomcat, SOAP UI.

BlueCross BlueShield, Minnesota Feb 2012 to May 2012

Integrated Health Management

Senior EJB Migration Specialist

EJB Migration: Integrated Health Management (IHM) fulfills contractual obligations for groups, members, and providers of Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS). Currently BCBSMN is in the process of creating IHM platform that enables all users to effectively execute processes.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As an Enterprise Java Beans Migration Specialist involved in the existing architecture understanding and Proposed the new solution for the architectural changes.

Migrated the Session Beans and Entity Beans as per the EJB3.1 using Annotation.

Implemented the Transaction and security constraint annotations to handle the transaction management, roles and authentication.

Implementation (Technologies): EJB3, Java, JSP, Struts, Global Case 360, Clear case.

Walgreens, Deerfield, IL Apr 2011 to Jan 2012

Senior Software Developer, Team Lead

Walgreens Web pickup: This project aims at enhancing the online system to capture product and customer behavior to improve the online sales.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Created the Omniture tracking to improve the product performance while adding/viewing/deleting the shopping cart and also while adding/modifying the wish list pages.

Enhanced search engine optimization using Endeca.

Created the DSP tags and components for Store tracking that is used to find the nearby store using the zipcode or postal address and display the facilities in the store.

Created the repository for Email sign up users to retrieve the database values and store it for each query.

ORM mapping is done using the Repository, same like Hibernate.

Front controllers like Form Handlers are handled to retrieve and feed from the database in the contact us page module.

Implemented the regex and server side/client-side validations in the 76 contact us pages in order to feed the valid data in the system.

Implementation (Technologies): ATG9.0 Framework, Java, JSP, JavaScript, JBoss, JSTL, Spring Framework.

Walgreens, Deerfield, IL Dec 2009 to Mar 2011

Senior Software Associate

Walgreens Roadmap: Walgreens Company (WAG) is the largest drugstore chain in the US. The online store requires fastest mode of scrolling in the web whenever people use the search engine for their needs.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Using the ATG Search Form Controller and RQLQuery, Created the Product List in the bottom of the page for faster crawling.

Designed/Implemented the Category List in the bottom of the page for faster crawling.

Using Droplets, the page items have been navigated to the different pages.

Redesigned the store locator. ORM mapping is done using the Repository, same like Hibernate. Using Spring framework, created the Email signup pages in the Walgreens site which runs in the JBoss server.

Created the Stand-alone batch process for Email Signup Customers/Unsigned customers in the Walgreens portal and updated in the oracle database.

Implementation (Technologies): ATG9 Framework, Java, JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, CSS, JBoss, Spring Framework, Endeca.

British Gas, London Jun 2009 to Dec 2009

Associate- Developer.

Centrica online BAU: Centrica is the online portal in the sales and Services of energy products. Centrica has various modules like Energyshop, Greenshop, Submitter Reading, Acquisition and Conversion Journey.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Credit/Debit card validation for front end is done using the JSP tag libraries and JavaScript.

Using the Struts framework, the payment gateway process to handle the logic has been created.

Implemented the payment gateway to connect with web services layer for all type of credit/debit card system includes visa, MasterCard for energy products.

Subversion is used for maintain the code. Build and deploy is done in QA server.

ORM mapping is done using the Hibernate. Created the framework for Unit testing using the Junit framework.

Implementation (Technologies): Spring Framework, JSTL, Oracle, JSP, JSF, Java, JavaScript, CSS and Subversion.

Rabobank, Netherlands Sep 2008 to May 2009

Software Developer

Reengineering of CBS in to BFS 1.0 (BBS): BBS 3.0 started as an integrated loan request processing system that is intended to provide Rabobank with benefits of portability, concurrency and availability resulting in greater user friendliness and enhanced productivity.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Using spring framework2.5, Created Exceptions as a component to create a framework. Using that all the projects in the Rabobank can implement it with minimal changes in the code.

Created API components in parsers and logging together to form a framework.

ORM mapping is done using the Hibernate/iBatis to validate the framework.

Implementation (Technologies): Spring Framework, Struts, JSP, Java, Hibernate and Subversion.

Ford Motor Company Apr 2007 to July 2008

Sr Technical Specialist

Shared Applications-Migration: The Ford Motor Company IT has come out with a new transaction pattern 2007, which includes various new technologies to be upgraded to the all-existing j2ee applications. The WAS v5.0 clustering environment with its JDK 1.3 is in widespread use at Ford Motor Company today. WAS v6.0 is in limited use at Ford Motor Company today. They plan to roll out WAS v6.1 with its JDK 1.5 to provide a WAS v6.1 multi-node cell environment, not a WAS cluster environment.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Migrated the code from J2EE1.3 version to 1.4 versions.

Ford Frameworks like Presentation and Persistence are implemented to have good look using the FJF DataSet and FJF EL DataSet tag libraries and ORM concepts. For Secured authentication and Authorization is done using eaaseucrity v1.3 to 1.4 framework.

Migration is made in Web Single Login v3.0 to 4.0, ITCORE v2.6 to 2.7, Web services.

Deployed the application to DEV, QA and PROD environment using the HTEAM tool.

Implementation (Technologies): Java, J2ee, Struts, Websphere6.1, RSA, HTEAM, Beyond Comparator.

Ford Technologies, Thailand Apr 2006 to Mar 2007

Designer, Senior Software Engineer.

Thailand Marketing Claims Replacement System: It is a web based dealer facing application conforming to Ford Transaction Pattern 2005 and hosted out of the shared service environment in Singapore Data Centre. The application will be used by an estimated 2500 external users across 180 dealers as well as 50 Ford and Mazda internal user. Following are the impacts/functionalities.

Designed/Generated the Logical Data modeling and Physical Data Modeling using the Oracle Designer 9i for the entire application

Created the Use case for the Vehicle Locator and implemented the struts framework 1.2 for Locating the vehicle in the inventory,

Created the use case for the Vehicle Trading for the vehicle to be one dealer to another dealer and implemented the struts controller to call the business objects, data Access objects and oracle database.

Excel sheet Reports are generated and Front and back end validations are done.

Involved in the Struts Architecture Design. Created the Trigger functionality for Audit log.

Implementation (Technologies): J2EE, Java, IBM WebSphere 5.1.2, Struts, Oracle Designer9i, Test Director 8.0.

Complete Info Systems

JVLS Parcel service Mar 2005 to Apr 2006

Software Engineer

Integrated Freight Exchange: This is computerization of loading and unloading of parcels in railway department. The customers have to enter their parcel details and their addresses.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Created the parcel entry module using the java and jsp and servlet and updated the query values in the oracle database.

Created the test cases to check the modules.

Have done the validation for Jsp pages to do proper checking.

Have created the wireframes for the application.

Implementation (Technologies): Jsp, Java, Servlet, Apache Tomcat4.1.3, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle.

Procurement Solutions May 2004 to Feb 2005

Software Engineer

E-Procurement product, acts between the supplier and the buyer. A buyer organization will have access a list of suppliers where products can be purchased. Every week quotations would be launched in the site. Existing Supplier’s may log in to the site and they can get the technical specification.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in Creating Wireframe of JSP page.

Developed the front-end code to iterate the supplier items in the page using the jsp tags and scriptlets. Developed the purchase order module using the EJB for Session Management

Created the optimize queries like SQL injections for oracle.

Implementation (Technologies): EJB, Java, JSP, Servlet, WebLogic 7.0, HTML.

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