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Engineer Mechanical

Los Angeles, California, United States
January 25, 2018

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**** ****** *****, #***, *** Angeles, 90660, California

615-***-**** LinkedIn: EDUCATION

University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA December 2017 Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering GPA: 3.85/4 PES Institute of Technology South Campus - Bangalore, India June 2015 Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering GPA: 78.9% 1


NOD Labs - Mountain View, CA June 2017 - Dec 2017

Product Design Engineer

● Implemented and tested hardware and software for virtual reality controllers and head mounted cameras (HMC)

● Modelled components, sub-assemblies, tooling and fixtures using SolidWorks for injection molding

● Designed and Prototyped a tracking module for the controller with IR LEDs on the surface and an IR transparent casing. This resulted in no tracking loss and reduced the cost of injection mold tooling by 40% by removal of undercuts caused by the collimator in the original collimated LED design.

● Optimized the form factor of the camera module by 12% reduction in volume by devising a heat sink for the camera module through thermal management studies and FEA simulations for conjugate heat transfer in SolidWorks

● Designed and installed a programming fixture which reduced the programming cycle time of the controller touchpads

● Assembled prototypes for controllers and cameras using 3D printers and CNC machining for design verification

● Troubleshoot mechanical and electrical system failures in VR controllers and camera modules using inspection tools

● Assisted the hardware team in electrical schematics of printed circuit boards and flex design for component integration

● Reverse engineered a competitor’s HMC by teardown and conducted research on their product design

● Built hardware for design of experiments on camera and controller integration to improve tracking performance through optical testing of controllers using Arduino micro controllers

• Collaborated with Asian contract manufacturers to implement DFM feedback for design revisions of components for cost effective tooling

● Drafted an assembly manual for controller prototypes using Design for Assembly principles to reduce the assembly time and recurring errors

● Developed and maintained design layouts, bill of material, detailed assembly drawings and engineering change documents in Google Drive

LNK Innovations – Los Angeles, CA May 2016 - Dec 2016 Mechanical Design Engineer

• Spearheaded the Mechanical Engineering team for new product introduction

• Brainstormed conceptual designs and material selection for mechanical clamps for sunbeds and silicone key caps

• Generated CAD models and detailed drawings of plastic and metal components in SolidWorks and AutoCAD

• Conducted structural analysis of mechanical clamp in Ansys to check design feasibility

• Designed tooling for injection molding and printing plates for silicone key caps in SolidWorks

• Negotiated with suppliers in China to develop new/enhance existing components and assemblies

• Assembled proof of concepts and prototypes of mechanical clamp through rapid prototyping methods

• Executed project management and maintained engineering documentation like BOM, ECO, Procurement Management and Scheduling in a PLM software called Asana Unitron Engineers – Indore, India July 2015 - Dec 2015 Mechanical Engineer Intern

● Received Machine shop training on Lathe, Milling and Shaper machines

● Developed detailed layouts applying GD&T principles for oil expander machine components in AutoCAD

● Performed quality checks of parts for specification conformance using measurement tools

● Responsible for procurement activities, vendor management and record keeping for inventory control ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Quality Management System for Trojan Balance (Startup) Jan 2017 – April 2017

● Instituted a comprehensive business model to deploy a quality management system for a startup

● Applied techniques like manufacturing plan, DFMEA and QFD to develop a control plan for the balance

● Fabricated a prototype based on CAD models and drawings in SolidWorks for design verification testing

● Curated a quality manual for ISO 9001 certification for the company Recycle Master Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

● Conceptualized a recycling machine to sort non-biodegradable materials as a part of the product design team

● Created requirement lists, function structure and conceptual design variants for concept selection and design reviews

● Prepared CAD models, system layout drawings and bill of materials for embodiment design Design and Analysis of a Centrifugal Governor Nov 2016 - Dec 2016

● Modeled a centrifugal governor using the design specifications in SolidWorks

● Conducted static analysis to determine stress concentration areas, Max Von Mises stress, and axial and radial deflection of the governor legs

● Performed frequency analysis to determine natural frequency values for the allowable design criteria

● Plotted a graph for the axial deflection of the governor legs for varying angular velocities Material and Process selection for Piston Heads in IC Oct 2016 - Dec 2016

• Analyzed material requirements for a low cost and weight piston head for a petrol run IC engine and derived material indices for each requirement. Selected the most suitable material from the material library of CES Edupack by elimination based on material characteristics and weighted averages of the desired parameters.

• Selected process based on the manufacturability, shape feasibility, mass and tolerance criteria

• Determined an economic batch size based on the material and process tooling costs and the 3 DOF Robotic Manipulator Dynamics Jan 2016 - May 2016

• Developed equations of motion of a 3-link robotic manipulator using Lagrangian mechanics in MATLAB

• Derived the position, velocity and acceleration for each link using Lagrange’s equation in polar co-ordinates Fabrication and Analysis of Solar Tracking Mechanism Dec 2014 - May 2015

● Prototyped a single axis solar tracking mechanism based on CAD models in SolidWorks

● Used light dependent resistors’ input to control a bidirectional DC servo motor to track the movements of the sun

● Investigated the increase in the power output with the tracking system and performed uncertainty analysis CERTIFICATIONS

• SolidWorks: Advanced Solid, Surfacing, Sheet metal and Molding Tools from LinkedIn Oct 2017

• Diploma in Mechanical CAD from EduCAD D center, Bangalore Oct 2015

• Level 1: Professional Machine Building and Robotics, Bangalore: Evobi Automations Pvt. Limited April 2014 RESEARCH PAPER

Title: Bio-Inspired Material Design and Optimization January 2015 Journal: International Journal of Research in Engineering Technology and Management Volume: 03 Issue: 01

● Discussed design of biological materials with simultaneous optimization of stiffness and toughness for maximum structural support and flaw tolerance

● An optimization problem is formulated under the assumption of appropriate material constitutive models and failure criteria. Explains how short fibre architecture is obtained using ultrasonic tapping CORE COMPETENCIES

Area Skills

Software Experience

SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CREO 3.0, Ansys, SolidWorks

Simulation, SolidEdge, NX, Hypermesh, Matlab,

Front End Tools Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Asana

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