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Computer Science Java

Huntsville, Alabama, United States
January 24, 2018

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Computer Science Graduate

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**** ******** **, **

APT # 13I


AL – 35816





Programming Languages: C, C++,Shell

script, Python, Java, LUA, SQL

Databases: My SQL, Postgre SQL.

Front end: XML, JavaScript, CSS, HTML,


Software: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-

PowerPoint, SharePoint

Technologies: Android Studio, Corona

SDK, AutoCAD, Net Beans, Proteas,


• Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Strong programming capabilities, Practical knowledge in object oriented programming using java along with the front end technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML.

• Proficient in object-oriented design, data structures, problem solving and complexity analysis.

• In-depth knowledge on database connectivity using My SQL, Postgre SQL.

• Created few user friendly simple android applications.

• Developed 2d games using corona SDK as part of the course curriculum.

• Ability to work in a team and under pressure


2015-01 -



Indian Institute Of Technology

• An implementation of an automatic system for robust and real-time detection and recognition of traffic lights for intelligent vehicles based on vehicle-mounted camera.

• A data-set of 11179 frames are taken which are recorded from the camera mounted on the car travelling in an urban environment.

•Detection of the traffic lights are achieved by extracting all the red colored objects in the frame.

•Elimination of the unnecessary red objects(other than traffic lights ) is done by applying erosion and dilation to the output achieved.

•Filtering is done on basis of area, altitude and shape. Education

2015-08 -


University of Alabama, Huntsville, AL

Master of Science, Computer Science, GPA: 3.36

2011-08 -


Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham Kollam, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering, GPA: 3.0 Courses


Miwok App

• A language learning app which has different screens having numbers, colors, family members.

• Touch input navigates to different screens and displays the respective items and also pronunciation of them is given by a button placed.

• Android studio and java also GitHub repository is used. Tap master Game

• A 2d game designed for mobile devices which displays a set of rectangles both red and blue in color, which appear randomly at random locations and only blue must be clicked.

• It keeps track of the score and displays after the end of the game.

• It is designed in corona SDK using lua programming. Memory Matching Game

• A 2d game designed for android devices which displays pairs of images which are arranged randomly and when matched vanishes from the screen.

• The goal is to match all the images.

• It is designed in corona SDK using lua programming. Chat program with cryptographic algorithms

• A chat program between a client and server is implemented along with cryptographic algorithms like DES, RSA, Implemented RSA (1024-bit key), Implemented AES (128-bit key).

• It consists of application layer, communication layer and cryptographic algorithm layer.

• The application layer consists of chat application, the communication layer is done by using java sockets and coming to the cryptographic algorithms RSA and AES are used for the encryption and decryption. Library management system

• Developed a library management system which keeps track of the students, Books borrowed from the library, fines issued on the books that are borrowed, also the total history of the students throughout the semester.

• Postgres SQL is the database used and back end of the project is done JAVA, front end is HTML, CSS. Water Usage Auditing

• Developed a water usage auditing system which keeps track of the usage and bills using JAVA, GUI and POSTGRES.

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