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Design Manager

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
January 24, 2018

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Rúben Ferreira Flores Moutinho

Product Designer



Rúben Moutinho holds a Master’s degree in Product Design. He has long been interested in how we physically interact with products and services and how we can make the world a better place through design excellence. He is looking for new challenges to design systems and devices – create interactive connections between people, the environment and objects. He aims to develop different systems which will improve people’s lifestyle in future through interactive discoveries. Skills: INTERACTION DESIGN – DESIGN THINKING – INNOVATION – MEDICAL DEVICES – SMALL APPLIANCES – PRODUCT DESIGN – ITER – DEMO – DESIGN NUCLEAR SYSTEMS EXPERIENCE:

CAD Designer / Industrial Designer at Instituto de Plama s e Fusão Nuclear Apr 2016 – Present

Product Manager at Kruder

Oct 2015 – Mar 2016

Manage the Design Department including deliverable quality, resourcing assignments and budget planning. Partnered with the Product, Engineering, Marketing and Design teams to devise strategies and execute on the vision. Promote agile techniques – methodology, design thinking, prototypes and product presentations. Define the vision so as to attract new initiatives between the product owner and stakeholders. Provide direction, input feedback to the product owner during all phases of the design process – from project conception to implementation. OPTIMIZATION

Solidworks / Solid edge

Catia V5 / Enovia

Autocad 2D / 3D

Photoshop / Indesign / Illustrator / Premier / Affcter Effects Design activities and integration of diagnostics for ITER with special emphasis on the development of

“ITER Plasma Position Reflectometry, Collective Thomson Scattering and Conceptual Integration of the Reflectometry Diagnostic in DEMO Power Station". Development and design in (Enovia/CatiaV5) of multiple components (Flange, Support, Waveguides, Antennas, and so on). Creation of BTP's components (ISO 2768 mK / ISO 1101/1660/1661) to opening call's for test (IDM@F4E UID 27TUFR).

Simultaneously, the creation of SEE System Design or detailed diagrams: (Cabling, PID, SLD, and PFD) of the Plasma Position Reflectometry and Collective Thomson Scattering systems. DEMO Power Station Design and integration of a reflectometry diagnostic system composed by antennas, placed in the cassette as well as the routing of the waveguides. The design of this system took into account: the Breading Blanket, the Remote Handling, the coexistence with other Ports systems, the compatibility with vacuum boundaries particularly between vacuum interfaces, Eurofer materials for Cassette/Antenna or Antenna in Tungsten. The routing design to convert the rectangular waveguides to circular waveguides and to route the connection between the cassette to the exit port. The vertical waveguide extensions are attached to the cassette flange through a self-guiding and screwed-in interface (using extended screw bars). The development of vertical and horizontal waveguides took into account their manipulation by Remote Handling using the transporter that disconnects and connects them through dock's. Mechanical Designer at Mellow Inc

Feb 2015 – Oct 2015

As the Mechanical Designer of a multidisciplinary team at Mellow Inc., his work was centred in the product development context, particularly in research, design and mechanical design automatism related to kitchen robots. The whole process – from planning and developing solutions to its final production were under his responsibility and domain. The main focus of his strategic mindset was the creation and enhancement of all the technical, aesthetic, formal, and functional constraints of the product.

Graphic Designer at Uprint

Sept 2013 – Jan 2014

Head of the branding and creative design team which was responsible for, amongst other things, thecontinuously fresh graphic content to place online at the product showcase, the packaging and the advertisement. Collaborated in designing products, product packaging, compilation ofmanuals and the design and implementation of promotional/marketing materials. Graphic Designer at Anitima

Oct 2006 – Nov 2009

Team leader responsible for the creative and technical development of large and complex projects for large clientsas well as ensure that the project team members adhered to client budgets and met timeline milestones. Led the development of 3D environmental concepts; generated and directed ideation.

Teacher at Escola Profissional Centro de Estudos e Trabalho da Pedra Jan 2009 – Jun 2009

Developed lesson plans covering product design, project methodology and culture. Contributed to school/community programmes and activities aligned with the school’s mission, vision and goals. EDUCATION:


Catia V5 / Fundamentals, completed in 2015

Exactussensu Teacher Ivo Garcia

3D StudioMax Rendering + Post production, completed in 2014 Escola Superior de Artes e Design

Glyphs, completed in 2014


Enovia/Catia V5 Certificate DES-A role in ENOVIA database, completed in 2016 ITER

See-System-Design (SSD) Certificate System Diagrams, completed in 2016 Product Manager at Metabluesolution Jan 2014 – Feb 2015

Initially as the Product Designer at Metabluesolution, a startup in the medical devices sector, his functions included the conception, design, formalization and optimization of the technical and aesthetic solutions of health care and medical products. For example, otitest - the first device in the world for otitis diagnosis. He developed the process and participated in all the phases through to final production.

As Product Manager he was responsible for the sourcing and monitoring process leading to the NORM 13458 ISO 9001 product certification.

Metabluesolution’s partnerships allowed him to collaborate with different companies in several areas: electronics - Evoleo Technologies; product development - IDMEC-FEUP; and marketing – Loba Costumer Experience Designer.

Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto Rhino 3D/V-Ray,completed in 2013

Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo Master’s degree in Product Design, completed in 2013 Ciências e Letras

Photoshop – Indesign – Illustrator – Freehand, completed in 2010 Universidade de Aveiro

Degree in Technology and Product Design, completed in 2010 R. Luis; R. Moutinho, et al. Neutronics analysis of the in-vessel components of the ITER plasma-position reflectometry system on the low-field side. Fusion Engineering and Design, 2017, ISSN 0920-3796 Available for download from: H. Policarpo, N. Velez, P.B. Quental, R. Moutinho,et al. Optimum design of the ITER in-vessel plasma- position reflectometry antenna coverage. Fusion Engineering and Design, 2017, ISSN 0920-3796, Available for download from: A. Malaquias, A. Silva, R. Moutinho, et al. Integration Concept of the Reflectometry Diagnostic for the Main Plasma in DEMO.

R. Luis; R. Moutinho, et al. Nuclear and Thermal Analysis of a Reflectometry Diagnostics Concept for DEMO.

G. Marchiori, G. DeMasi, R. Cavazzana, A. Cenedese, N. Marconato, R. Moutinho, et al. A plasma boundary reconstruction method based on reflectometric measurements for control purposes. PUBLICATIONS:

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