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Software Engineer

Bridgewater, New Jersey, 08807, United States
January 24, 2018

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Jeffrey William Creswell

Bridgewater, NJ 848-***-****


Established and versatile software engineer known for designing and developing innovative solutions that positively impact operations. Strategic thinker who possesses a gift for architecting creative solutions to complex problems as well as being able to lead small teams in accomplishing projects on or before schedule. Multidisciplinary background in computer science, psychology, and creative writing foment a talent for thinking outside the box by bringing the power of imagination to engineering.


Java, C, C++, Python, JavaScript, SQL, Bash


HTML5/CSS, Cordova, Boost, Qt/QML, J2EE, JUnit

Prototyping, Agile/SCRUM


Data Modeling, UML


C#, R, Haxe


.Net, NumPy, TensorFlow

Project Management, Risk/Cost Analysis, Scientific Method

NodeJS, libgdx, Arduino, iOS, Cocos2d-x

AI, ML, NLP, Data Analytics


iBiquity Digital Corporation/ DTS / XPERI (mergers) 2013 – Present

Senior Systems & Software Engineer

Accountable for definition, development, maintenance, & troubleshooting of prototype and

production Android applications to control HD Radio and FM radio chips, and enhance their

content with metadata pulled over IP (‘hybrid radio’ features). Deliverables were defined in terms of Agile sprints and regular SCRUM meetings kept the team focused.

oAndroid Application Development:

Mastered localization nuances in Android and its resource management tools. Localization allowed the company's apps to be useful worldwide, expanding its potential customer base by millions.

Integrated Google and Flurry Analytics SDKs into the project to collect data/metrics to optimize content programming and management functions. These metrics allowed decision makers to track revenue by feature with 100% reliability.

Developed customized UI graphics using Android graphics APIs (Java) and OpenGL ES (C), which increased application responsiveness.

Developed FM radio metadata tables in a SQLite database which allowed the application to efficiently look up detailed data locally based on quick/easy to obtain keys.

Experimented with Cordova using an HTML5/CSS designed UI and JavaScript/C++ logic to build a prototype cross-platform app to control FM radio, which gave us the ability to expand into other platforms beyond Android.

oAndroid System Development:

Reverse engineered Android dex/odex, oat/art, smali, and Java bytecode binary formats to understand proprietary systems. This understanding allowed the development team to interface correctly with new APIs for prototypes and technical demonstrations, increasing the number of supported platforms by a factor of three.

Worked with ODMs/OEMs to create custom tools, system services, and system images (Android has no standard broadcast radio API in its SDK). This was a necessary step following Android Lollipop’s enforcement of SELinux, and expanded the set of supported device models by hundreds and counting.

Developed expertise in the AOSP source tree structure and commands to create custom ROMs (Java and C This enabled development/debugging of system apps and services, and the enhanced understanding of FM architecture in Android allowed for the support of two additional platforms.

Wrote Python and Bash scripts to automate common AOSP build processes. These scripts reduced the turnaround time for a new system image by roughly half due to having less manual build preparation/modification work.

Wrote and tested SELinux policies and learned the inner workings of libselinux to ensure secure system compatibility with apps. This reduced the debug time with partner companies from months to weeks.

oTeam Leadership:

Managed ad hoc teams of application and system software developers. These teams collaborated to generate custom Android system images which granted limited FM access to known third party applications.

Led a small group of junior developers through SDLC iterations, and these developers quickly became influential and productive members of the team.

Directed technical aspects of researching SELinux on Android and developing system software to work alongside it. This research led to the ability to support Android Lollipop and newer versions, unlocking FM on millions of devices.

Instituted policy of automated testing of application and system code. The additional testing caught bugs earlier in the development cycle and saved thousands of dollars and weeks of time that otherwise would have been spent on unnecessary QA iterations.

oSystem Analysis:

Designed, built, and executed unit and integration tests (JUnit) to computationally validate, verify, and optimize complex systems. Adding automated tests reduced testing time from hours to seconds, and increased software correctness and reliability.

Evaluated a Qt/QML based hybrid radio application which was written for QNX-powered car dashboards and made heavy use of the Boost C++ libraries. This evaluation helped identify bugs and improve code readability.

AT&T Labs Research-Advanced Computing Group 2007 – 2012

Systems Administrator/Software Developer

Responsible for configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing all office and personal

hardware/software systems used by research employees on-site and in remote locations.

oDesigned and built several IT tool applications in Java, C++, and various scripting languages. These tools ensured that technology and analytic researchers were provided with the mix of advanced HW/SW platforms and applications required.

oCreated and launched a Java Swing desktop application that leveraged a J2EE backend and the Google Maps API to calculate the central coordinate of a given geographical point cloud. This application reduced the time required to calculate the ideal office location for a set of employee home coordinate points with respect to commute impact from several minutes to several milliseconds per point.

oProduced UML data models of J2EE application components. These models helped guide the design process and made it possible to quantify risks/costs of development.


●Montclair State University, Master of Science Degree, Computer Science

●College of New Jersey (TCNJ), Bachelor of Arts Degree, Psychology

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