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Design Developer

Lafayette, California, United States
January 25, 2018

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Alireza Mazaheri

Seaside, CA ***55

831-***-**** •

Mathematician & Software Engineering Expert

Technically sophisticated and acclaimed engineering professional with solid history of financial system design with a talent for programming and innovative algorithm software for large businesses. AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Broad knowledge and success in a software engineering development and application implementation.

Track record of directing multiple tasks effectively to ensure on target completion of all deliverables.

Adept at cross-geographical team coordination to drive growth and technological innovation.

Multilingual in English, Persian and Norwegian with 16 years of experience in Development of Financial systems and Telecommunications.

Technical Proficiencies

Tools: .Net C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, REST API, WinForms, WPF, WCF, MVC, Java, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Visual C++, Delphi, FORTRAN, Crystal reports, DevExpress components, SourceSafe, Team Foundation Database: SQL Server, MySQL

Hardware: Access Control (Bewator, Arx, Gantner), SMS Server, Wellness, Bank Terminal, Card Reader, Barcode reader

Methodology: Agile/Scrum, Waterfall

Research Experience

Develop Application for System Biology, based on Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic Algorithms

Limitations of Logic and Computer Programming

Main developer of the AstraZeneca-Sanger Drug Combination Prediction DREAM Challenge

(Karolinska University team)

Automated Theorem Proving

Professional Experience

Dirac Delta, Georgia, Tbilisi

Director & Developers team leader (2012 – Present) Deliver professional services to EU-based companies across Norway, Sweden and Georgia in all design, development and high-end software application implementation. Administer training and orientation of community users and new team members. Environment: Environment .Net Framework, SQL Server, SQL CE, MySQL, ASP .Net, MVC, WCF, IIS, TFS, DevExpress Components

Roles and Responsibilities:

Alireza Mazaheri

Page: 2

- Negotiate and make contracts with different companies to get projects

- Administer the enforcement of project deadlines and schedules

- Facilitated requirement gathering sessions with the Business Users, Designers and Developers, and Project Management to get a better understanding of the Business Processes (Agile/Scrum methodology).

- Participate in design process of each project

- Create standards for the developers to follow

- Write test modules for unit testing, and participate in all steps of software testing

- Optimize database structures and stored procedures for the better performance

- Train new employees to adopt with the company standards

- Direct programing responsible of:

Add two new automatic payment methods (Swish, EHF) to the existing systems. This module made independent and encapsulated and added to two of the previous systems.

(booking system and Xakt)

New version of the anonymous booking system been extended to be used as a calendar for our customers

Adopt the existing shop module with the new regulations of the Norwegian government. To be the first accepted application based on the new regulations.

Add new features to the OCR module to automate the whole process and handle the payment requests and actual payments from and to the system automatically by managing the certified ftp location. Split the large files per company and push them to the system based on the ownership

Implement a full employee time registration system (Web and Windows) and salary calculation based on the company settings and employee contracts. And at the same time invoice the customers which got service by the employee based on the customer contracts.

Add a new feature to the accounting system to be able to close the economic year. By this feature, we automatically migrate all the accounting transactions, vouchers and journals to the archive database. Data is still visible but not changeable

Add new standards to the debt collection journal. Add more debt collection companies to the system. Enhance direct payments for the debt collection routine automated with zero manual job

Make more statistical and analytical economic reports for the managers

Make export file structure standard for all the tables. Make export routine for all the accounting features in the system.

Create a SDK module to allow the other applications interact with the existing accounting system.

ASPnor, Hemne, Norway

System Developer (2006 – 2012)

Main responsible, designer and developer of the leading software name ‘Xakt’ utilized by training centers, newspapers and syndicates in both Norway and Sweden. This software contains more than 100 projects.

Environment: Environment .Net Framework, SQL Server, ASP .Net, REST API, MVC, WCF, WPF, IIS, TFS, SourceSafe, Visma Global, Visma Business, Helios, Entro, SysMan Server, Crystal reports, DevExpress Components Roles and responsibilities:

- Design and develop ‘Info Convert’ application both web and windows which can convert economic file types from one system to another one (Web Forms, WinForms, SQL) Alireza Mazaheri

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- Design and develop ‘Power Payment’ application to read the power usage of the customers and make invoice (both paper and electronic) and manage their payment based on their contract & usage (WinForms, WCF, Oracle, Visma, Helios)

- Design and develop ‘Info Order’ web application which let a company to manage their orders and convert them to invoice and generate economic files to import to any existing economic system in Norway. (Web Forms, java script, REST API, Ajax, WCF,SQL)

- Main Designer and developer of the windows application ‘Xakt’ (WinForms, WCF, WebForms, Com objects, Socket programming, Card reader, Bank terminal, SMS server, Barcode reader SQL server, SQL CE, Access Control Systems

Facilitated requirement gathering sessions with the business users.

Facilitated training sessions with the senior accountant to learn us the basics of accounting and what an accounting application should have.

Design and develop the contract template and contract management of the system.

Design and develop the routine to make invoice out of the contracts


Design and develop the payment routine based on the payment term of the customer

(read OCR payment from bank/cash payments/Avtalegiro payments)

Design and develop Access Control systems. The windows service in the local computer communicates with the service in the server to get latest card updates and transfers the latest events. (the application made for several different access control brands like Arx, Bewator,Gantner)

Design and develop the customer follow-up module

Design and develop the loyalty programs.

Design and develop Shop Module (Casher, barcode reader, offer management, gift card management, bank terminal integration)

Design and develop article/inventory management with the ability to send orders automatically to the supplier based on the customization

Design and develop check In/out

Design and develop Card Reader which can read cards (RFID/magnetic) cards and assign them for the customers as identification

Design and develop User management Module

Design and develop Notification Module (WCF) which can send necessary notification to the customers based on the different customized situations

- Main responsible to migrate from SourceSafe to Team Foundation

- Design and develop ‘Info Booking’ application on web to let all the ‘Xakt’ users have booking system for their customers. This contains anonymous booking and member booking which the payment can be done by web site or by the invoice. (Web Forms, SQL)

- Design and develop ‘My Page’ for the ‘Xakt’ users so they can offer to their customers.

- Design and develop ‘NOF’ application which is taking care of the routines of Norwegian syndicate of the officers in army. The monthly routine from the previous software of them was taking 2 days and my application was taking just 10 mins. (Winforms, WCF, SQL bulk import)

- Design and develop of ‘Info Web’ web application which was hosting the website of many companies in one database. We were keeping all the information including the web page design and css files in the database and was building each page based on the specific flexible saved designs. (Web forms, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, SQL)

- Third line support.

Kankash Sedgh, Iran, Tehran

Application DDDDeeeevvvveeeellllooooppppeeeerrrr (2002 – 2006) Constructed various complex applications for medical centers, laboratories, pharmacies equipped to direct Health Care Insurance claims processes for physicians. Roles and Responsibilities:

Alireza Mazaheri

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- Facilitated requirement gathering sessions with the Doctors and laboratory employees.

- Create intelligent report maker for the pathologists.

- Make financial application for the doctors and laboratories and pharmacies which will take care of their needs in connection with different insurance companies

- Make customer follow-up application for optometrists. Environment: Environment .Net Framework, C++, Delphi, MySQL, ASP .Net, MVC, IIS, SourceSafe, Crystal reports Additional experience as an IT Teacher for various institutions in Iran, Tehran of the following courses: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Information Technology for Managers, Knowledge Management for Managers, Automation for Managers, e-Learning, Fundamentals of Windows Programming, Object-Oriented Programming & UML, the Art of Problem Solving & Discrete Mathematics, and the Art of Problem Solving & Topology. Education and Training

Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran (2004)

Master of Science in Pure Mathematics

Polytechnic University, Tehran, Iran (2001)

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science Alborz College, Tehran, Iran (1996)

Diploma in Mathematics & Physics


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures Develop XML Web Services & Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET/Microsoft .NET Develop/Implement Web Applications with Microsoft® Visual C#TM .NET & Visual Studio® .NET Develop/Implement Windows® Applications with Microsoft® Visual C#TM .NET/Visual Studio® .NET TS: Microsoft® SQL ServerTM 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance Publications

“Best approximation on L1”, Proceedings of 29th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference

“Approximate method for solving fuzzy integral equations”, Proceedings of 38th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference

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