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Quality Engineer

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
January 23, 2018

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Karl S. Ricker

Personal Information:

**** **** **. **

Albuquerque, New Mexico

*****-**** 505-***-**** (M)

LinkedIn Profile Education

08/1996–07/1998 University of New Mexico, Anderson Business School Graduated receiving an Executive Masters of Business; finance and business analysis capability

05/1978–08/1979 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York Graduated receiving a Master of Materials Engineering 08/1973–05/1977 University of New Mexico

Graduated receiving a Bachelor’s of Science, Majoring in Chemistry, Minor in Geology Professional 08/1984–12/2012 Development Certified/trained Lockheed Martin Lean/6-Sigma Recent completion Green Belt Training, 12-2016

Apollo Root Cause Analysis

Modeling Agency Data Mining Levels I, II, III

ISO9001: 2000 Lead Auditor Certified through ASQ

SNL ENGR 200 Good Measurement Practices

Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Malcolm Baldrige Quality concepts and NQA criteria course ASQ Supplier Certification Processes

Experiment Strategies for Process Variables

Mixture Variables design for experiments statistics Competencies:

Leading Change Independent Aerospace Consultant, 2005-Present Innovative Solutions, Inc. Albuquerque, NM

Performed AS9100B/C and AS9101C/D audits over the past seven years for small business aerospace firms Sun Country Industries (SCI), Serbin Machining. Worked with the small business assistance program at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) as a member of the technical staff.

• Support for AS9100 registration: Performed third party audits in support of the companies’ needs to meet governmental and industry registration per IAQG.

• Aerospace Business Planning: Assisted and advised on content required for AS9100/AS9101 compliant QMS (Quality Management System) for one of the small aerospace manufactures. Input was provided using as an example how national security organizations utilize in their risk and project management areas. I was instrumental in assisting in the writing of control of records and documents, corrective, and preventive actions associated with AS9100/AS9101 rev .B and C. RESUME

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Knowledge of all areas of the QMS were required in performing audits and making suggestions, where required.

Sandia Laboratories, Quality Engineering, Qualification Plans 1984-2012 Member Technical Staff, Albuquerque, NM

• Other Business Planning: Involvement with the SNL Mentor Protégé small business assistance program required participation in planning and improvement within that program with small business in the local area. Was a member of the SNL corporate advisory committee concerning the path forward to meet SNL’s contractual small business objective of 45% from small suppliers. This number was achieved and the small business program was a fundamental portion of that requirement.

• Process Improvement through Product Realization: Improved efficiency and effectiveness of key processes within and across SNL organization and operating groups, visa via a process analysis and improvement driven approach while qualifying product and processes.

Sandia Laboratories, Quality Auditing, Quality Assessments and Audits 1984-2012 Member Technical Staff, Albuquerque, NM

Leading People Lead Qualification of testers and gages used in production and validation of components and systems both at the Albuquerque facilities and at the Pantex Plant, Amarillo, TX.

Lead one team in annual weapon oversight analysis resulted in reporting to executive management concerning “state of the stockpile.” Emphasis was with W88 system. Participated as a judge and primary contributor to ASQ ITEA quality program – an internationally emphasized program.

Results Driven Performed and completed analysis-driven Independent Quality Assessments (IQA) with various Sandia Laboratories staff and Independent Quality Contractors. Outcome: Produced reports for executive management for improvement of the SNL supplier program.

Sandia-wide ISO 9001:2008 gap analyses reported to Sandia management. Outcome: SNL ILMS (Integrated Laboratory Management System) gaps were identified relative to ISO9001 and reported to Laboratory President and weapon system Directors. Responsible for observing DOE/NNSA oversight requirements while performing engineering, auditing, and reporting tasks.

Business Acumen Built models and scenarios in Excel and other analytical software to provide statistical foundation for reports. A spreadsheet routine was crafted to allow automation of Mil- STD-414, "Sampling Procedures and tables for Inspection by Variables and Percent Defective" in analysis of SAW product. COTs (Commercial Off-the Shelf) cost analysis of a weapons test system showed viability of using such components in high reliability environments.

Outcome: The reliability analysis resulted in a paper showing sufficient reliability for the system versus the required reliability. A re-design of the test system using more COTs, fewer SA and WR-grade components saved approximately $27,550 at the time. Extensive Interaction with supplier sourcing included leading supplier and design assessments of key components and systems within the national security complex. This included manufacturers of explosive components ex. ICI Americas, Valley Forge, Penn., RESUME

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UPI, Phoenix, AZ, and Mound (Perkin Elmer), Miamisburg, Ohio; qualification of round and flat cables and connectors at Honeywell, Kansas City, MO; parachutes; electroplating lines; LED, optocouplers, and photodiodes produced commercially by companies such as Honeywell, Richardson, TX., and SDI (JDS Uniphase); qualification of highly-reliable Surface Acoustic Wave (SAWs) devices produced by Raytheon for use in radar systems – to name a few.

Outcome: A Supplier Relationship White Paper was produced in 2012 while at SNL. Building Coalitions Participated and led engineering related assessments and analysis related to Bureau of Reclamation IT Management Assessment, directly affecting IT Security, DOE/NNSA oversight audits, and other programs.

Teamed with Primary Standards Department with SNL in audits and assessments of suppliers and processes within the national security complex related to ISO17025. Outcome: Reports written summarizing findings, observations, and remarks from such audits supported continuing quality, security, safety, and reliability related to standards for the national security systems.

Provided critical analysis of the ACRR/ORR reactor (Annular Core Reactor) for use in producing medical Mo (99) and Technetium as the quality engineering representative. Outcome: SNL team provided analysis for the business opportunity to implement such an isotope production.

Researched flat-panel phosphor technology while assisting outside companies. Professional Experiences and Core Knowledge, Skills: 2005–present AS9100/AS9101 audits Performing audits for local small aerospace industry. References

available upon request. Familiar with

IEC 61025 2008, MIL-HDBK-338B, MIL-

STD-882E, and SAEARP4754/ARP4761.

08/1984-09/2012 Sandia National Laboratories Staff Member of technical staff. Working knowledge of most quality standards

including ISO13485, ISO9001, AS9100,

ISO17025, NNSA/DOE QC-1 (national

security industry), and Malcolm


06/1992–present American Society for Quality (ASQ) American Society of Quality Control

(ASQ), Certified Quality Engineer,

Certified Quality Auditor; Officer of

section 1400.

1993-97, 1998-01 Quality New Mexico Lead Examiner for four years. Quality New Mexico utilizes the Malcolm

Baldrige Award criteria.

2001 Lockheed Martin Black Belt Certified/trained Lockheed Martin Lean/6-Sigma.

01/2006–12/2011 SNL Small Business Assistance


Supplier Relationship White

Paper was produced in 2012.

07/2013–12/2013 New York Life Financial Agent Passed NM Insurance License Exam 7- 2013; license #332340 is inactive.

References are available upon request.

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