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Research Scientist

San Antonio, Texas, United States
January 23, 2018

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Khaled Rashwan, PhD

**** ******* **., *** ****

San Antonio, TX – 78240


Executive Summary

Research scientist in academia and industry, with pure/applied chemistry, biological and pharmaceutical backgrounds.

SBIR/STTR (Small Business Innovation Research/ Technology Transfer) grants and patents process experience.

Industrial lab management to include marketing, finance and deal negotiation.

Results-oriented leader and mentor to students and employees.

Research Field Experience: N-halamines; Polymer, Organic and Analytical Chemistry; Surface Functionalization; Mirco- and Nano- Materials; Protein Labeling; Biomedical; Biochemical; Bioassay; Drug Delivery; Food Science; Water Purification; Photocatalysis Water Splitting; Laser Ablation; Optical nano-based biosensing. Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Chemistry August 2016 The University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD, USA Master’s Degree in Chemistry 2014

The University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD, USA B.A. in Pharmacy 2006

Misr University for Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.), Cairo, Egypt Physics & Astronomy; University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA); Research Fellow [Part Time] 2017 to 2017

Department of Energy (DoE) Funded; (Nuclear): Evaluating the interaction of chemical contaminants to DOE facility materials (steel and concrete) using spectroscopic techniques

Laser Ablation: Synthesizing nanomaterials using laser ablation for antimicrobial and anticancer purposes

Labeling Nanomaterials: Synthesizing and functionalizing of fluorescent nanomaterials and protein conjugation

Optoacoustic Biosensing: Developing rapid, sensitive and precise biosensing device via the application of aptamer-nanomaterial conjugates (DoD)

Drug Delivery: Killing prostate cancer using unconverted nanoparticles without cachexia (NIH)

Grant Proposals: Writing academic and SBIR/STTR (DoD/NIH) grants University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

Instructor [Part Time] 2017 to 2017

Physics (PHY 1971) Labs: Teaching two labs with an overall rating 4.86 and 4.92 out of 5 according to student course evaluations

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI);

Research Visitor 2016 to 2017

Drug Delivery: Developing ultrasound mediated liposomes for cancer therapy Education

Career History & Experience

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U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (USAMRMC); U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR)

Postdoctoral Researcher Fellow funded by [Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education (ORISE)] 2016 to 2017

Wound Dressing: Synthesizing novel hydrogel dressing for burn wounds (DoD)

Wound Healing: Developing of novel siRNA delivery platforms for burn wounds (DoD) Antimicrobial Materials Inc. (AMI)

Lead Research Scientist 2015 to 2016

Antimicrobial Conveyor Belts: Developing novel chemistry for antimicrobial food processing conveyor (USDA)

Antimicrobial Prosthetics: Developing nanoparticles with antimicrobial functionality (NIH)

Grant Submission: Writing USDA SBIR grant (SBIR-USDA)

Market Analysis: Assisting with commercialization projects

Large-scale Production: Creating quality control procedures for scale-up processes The University of South Dakota;

Intellectual Property (IP) Committee Member 2014 to 2016 Unique Position: Selected as the only graduate student on the IP committee across the University.

Patent Approvals: Voting member of the decision-making committee for University patent submissions

Intellectual Property Decisions: Negotiation of a comprehensive agreement on intellectual property The University of South Dakota;

Graduate Researcher 2011 to 2016

Research work focused on applied nano- and micro- based chemistry (organic and organometallic) and their biomedical and cosmetic applications with a focus on commercialization.

Antimicrobial paints, polymers and ocular devices (n-halamine chemistry)

Antimicrobial titanium dioxide nanotube implants (nanomaterials)

Dentinal tubules nano-occlusion (nanomaterials and LbL)

Less harmful titania-based cosmetics and sunscreens (nanomaterials)

Drug delivery nano and microcontainers (nanomaterials)

Fluorescent pH dependent labelled nanoparticles-protein conjugates for immunology assays (Staph. pyogenes) (bio-nanomaterials)

Immunology, vaccination and bioanalytical application (bioassay)

Selected techniques and methods followed:

Adsorption isotherms including Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin and Dubinin models. (analytical)

Computational chemistry (theoretical)

Solid-support based chemistry (organic chemistry)

Silane coupling (nanomaterials)

Plasma-surface chemistry (surface chemistry)

Secondary research includes:

Functionalization of carbon based materials, including multi-walled carbon nanotubes, as well as, computational chemistry on these materials

Educational chemistry: Synthesis of PVA-fluorescent materials The University of South Dakota- SD, USA; Teacher Assistant 2011 to 2014 The University of South Dakota, ID weeks Library- SD, USA; Software Technician 2009 to 2011 The University of South Dakota, Aramark- SD, USA; Office Assistant 2009 to 2010 Misr University for Science and Technology- Giza, Egypt; Laboratory Instructor; 2006 to 2009 The New Age Pharmacy- Cairo, Egypt; Pharmacist Assistant 2003 to 2006 Khaled Rashwan, PhD 605-***-**** Page 2 of 5

• Invited to submit a highly prestigious Presidential Fellows research grant in collaboration with Julie Goddard, PhD at Cornell University. 2017

• Published a book chapter after an invitation* by the president of ACS, Diane Schmidt, PhD, entitled:

“Nanotechnology: Delivering the Promise”. The soft (online) and the hard copies (published by Oxford University Press) are available. 2015-2017

*Invitation received after my presentation at the 249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition.

• 18th Annual Posters on the Hill: “Design of Nanoscale Compositions for Remineralization of Human Dentin.” Rashwan, K.; Christianson D.; Burum, B.; Mottishaw,W.; Thirumen, S.; Sereda, G. 2014

• Modification, reproducing and scaling up of antimicrobial paint recognized by CNN as one of the “Top 10 innovations of 2009”. 2009 Publications:

Sereda, G.*; Rashwan, K.; Karels, B.; Fritza, A., Materials Science versus Tooth Hypersensitivity. In Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Third Edition, CRC Press: 2017; pp 1-6.

Sereda, G.*; Rashwan, K.; Karels, B.; Fritza, A., Novel Materials for Desensitizing and Remineralizing Dentifrices. Adv. Mats TechConnect. 2016, (1), 135-138.

Rashwan, K.; Sereda, G.*, Applications of Nanoparticles through Surface Functionalization. In Nanotechnology: Delivering on the Promise Volume 2, American Chemical Society: 2016; Vol. 1224, pp 91-105.

Rashwan, K.; Sereda, G.*; Kilin, D., Adsorption Patterns of Caffeic Acid on Titania: Affinity, Charge Transfer, and Sunscreen Applications. Mol. Phys. 2015, 114, (3-4), 498-508.

Rashwan, K.; Brakke, E.; Sereda, G.* “Fluorescent labeling of materials using silica nanoparticles” Nanotech. Rev. 2014, 3 (6), 591-596.

*Sereda, G.; University of South Dakota research advisor and dissertation committee chair Scientific Manuscript Evaluation & Review:

Five organic research manuscripts through

research advisor.

One nanomaterial-based research manuscript

(Direct invitation; ACS Book)

Current publications in queue:

Metal-based antimicrobial titanium nanotube

implants. (Expected Submission: Jan 2018)

Immunology, vaccination and bioanalytical

application for Streptococcus pyogenes

(Expected Submission: Feb 2018).

N-halamine antimicrobial paints


Novel Antimicrobial for Ocular Devices; Antimicrobial Materials Inc. (AMI) (Application submitted) 2016

Grant Proposals: (Principal Investigator; PI & 1 Co-PI)


DoD-STTR Phase I: “Robust Biochemical and Biomarker Rapid Detection and Assay System for Field Use”; EchoLase 2017


NIH-SBIR Phase I: “Targeted upconverting nanoparticle kills prostate cancer without cachexia”; Vitanova Biomedical Inc 2017


USDA-SBIR Phase I: “A potent and rechargeable antimicrobial polymer for modular conveyor belts”; Antimicrobial Materials Inc. (AMI) 2016

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Publications & Reviews

Highlighted Recognitions

Selected Achievements

Khaled Rashwan, PhD 605-***-****

• “Material Functionalization for Life Science Application: Industrial, Applied, Pure, Educational and Computational Chemistry”

Ideafest, The University of South Dakota 2016

• “N-halamines: Antimicrobial surface functionalization of polymers and nanomaterials”; 251th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Diego 2016

• “Controlled Cross-linking of Nano- & Micromaterials for Biomedical Applications”; 250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Boston 2015

• “Exploring Biomedical Applications of Nanoparticles by their Surface Functionalization”; Ideafest, The University of South Dakota 2015

• “Exploring Biomedical Applications of Nanoparticles by their Surface Functionalization”; 249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Denver 2015

• “Catalysts for Partial Hydrogenation of Fats”;

PhD seminar, The University of South Dakota 2015

• “Towards Controlled Functionalization of TiO2 Nanorods and New Analysis of Monofunctionalized Nanoparticles”;

Photo active nanoscale systems (PANS), The University of South Dakota 2012

• “Controlled functionalization of nanoparticles”; M.S. seminarThe University of South Dakota 2011

• Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; UT Health at San Antonio

• US Department of Agriculture; ARS/USDA

• Biomedical Engineering; The University of South Dakota

• Sanford School of Medicine; The University of South Dakota

• Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; South Dakota State University

• Materials and Metallurgical Engineering; South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

• Kansas Polymer Research Center; Pittsburg State University

• Avera; Health Care Company

• Safari Belting; In-house Belting Company

• Specialty Polymers Inc.; Water-based Polymers & Adhesives Company

• ORISE/ORAU: Oak Ridge Institute for Science &

Education managed by Oak Ridge

Associated Universities.

• SD GOED: South Dakota Governor’s Office of

Economic Development

• USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

• DoE: United States Department of Energy

• NSF- CHE: National Science Foundation Division of Chemistry

• NIH: National Institutes of Health

• PANS: Photo Active Nanoscale Systems

• NSF SD-EPSCoR: National Science Foundation

South Dakota Experimental Program to Stimulate

Competitive Research.

• Research Poster Judge: The UTSA College of Science Research Conference “Advancing Science to Serve Humanity” 2017

• Undergraduate Research Mentor: Ciencia, Ingeniería, y Matemáticas Aliados (CIMA NSF LSAMP) 2017

• Undergraduate Research Mentor: University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) GRIP Program 2017

• High School Research Mentor: ACS Project SEED Program 2017

• High School Science Activity Organizer: Lawrence Brothers Science Camp 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015

• Research Mentor: Research Apprentice Program (RAP) 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Selected Presentations

Research Funding

Service & Outreach

Research Collaboratives

Khaled Rashwan, PhD 605-***-**** Page 4 of 5

ACS: American Chemical Society ΓΒΦ: Gamma Beta Phi Bilingual: Arabic and English

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Advanced Excel and PowerPoint, and Snagit Hardware: Computer Networking


Laser Safety; University of Texas at San Antonio 2017

Radiation Safety; University of Texas at San Antonio 2017

Hazardous Waste Generator; University of Texas at San Antonio 2017

Standards of Conduct; University of Texas at San Antonio 2017

Researcher Biological Safety & Bloodborne Pathogens; University of Texas at San Antonio 2017

Hazard Communication; Southwest Research Institute 2016

Personal Protective Equipment; Southwest Research Institute 2016

Lock-Out/Tag-Out for Affected Employees; Southwest Research Institute 2016

General Laboratory Safety; Southwest Research Institute 2016

Laboratory Hoods; Southwest Research Institute 2016

Environmental Health & Safety Chemical Hygiene; The University of South Dakota 2016 Professional Memberships

Other Tidbits

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