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Tampa, Florida, United States
January 23, 2018

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Highly competent, skilled, motivated and hardworking person with extraordinary expertise in programming and network field. An expert in IP network management. A key and real contributor and outstanding performer in EMC/SMARTS products and customer support.

Preferred Job:

Some companies are using Ionix/InCharge software from EMC/smarts. They may need people with expertise in Ionix/InCharge software to configure, maintain, certify, customize, automatize or optimize InCharge software for their own needs or solve any problems. I will be the best candidate for this kind of work.

Also considering any jobs matching my experiences and skills.

Over 20 years of Windows programming experiences. Over 17 years of Network management programming experience with Model, C/C++, Smarts adapter script language (ASL), Perl, CGI and Unix, Linux and Windows system script language . Expertise in network management programming and problem solving. Strong object-oriented design and development experience. High quality and large scale network software distribution and system administration programming with Visual C++ and MFC. Database (Access and SQL), COM/DCOM, MTS, and DLL (using C++ and assembly) programming. Advanced 2D and 3D game programming using Visual C++ and assembly language under Windows 95, 98, 2K, XP or NT with advanced MFC and DirectX SDK. Real time 3D game optimization using assembly and Visual C++. Expertise in advanced bitmap manipulation. Customized game data encapsulation experience. Java programming knowledge. Skills in PC hardware and network device configuration and troubleshooting. Assembly language programming for automatic instrument, experiment and hardware controls.



EMC/Smarts Consultant/Developer --- RTP Network Services, Inc. working on Smarts InCharge/Ionix code development automation and customizations for big network management clients in Jacksonville, Florida.

Programming Achievements

Setup and convert SNMP trap handling in Smarts NOTIF. Test and debug ECI to match existing trap handling results to make sure NOTIF configuration is equivalent to running trap_mag.conf.

Designed and implemented customized code to selectively disable monitoring for some disabled power supplies of wireless routers.

Found and fixed bugs in EMC Smarts package handling XML message queues to create and send XML document for device agent and IP status for configured devices.

Implemented Perl script to handle JSON file configuration for XML message queue definitions.

Designed and implemented web page programming Combined by Perl CGI and JavaScript functions for HTML scripts used for user authentication control configured by XML document edited with editable table implementation.

Designed and implemented customized code with device certification and dynamic model to collect mib data for Digi Router with SNMP poller so the interested mib value could be monitored regularly by the Smarts SNMP instrumentation poller.

Designed and implemented EMC/Smarts code to handle XML message queues from IBM message queue manager to extract information to create and clear events and heartbeat monitoring in Smarts SAM console, which involved implementing ASL, perl and shell scripts and dynamic models.

Discovered and resolved device problem related to DNS and IP configurations in Smarts IP servers.

Designed and implemented customized scripts to monitor heartbeats for various software and hardware monitoring and create notifications in Smarts SAM console.

Designed and implemented code to monitor firewall interface errors and created notification and ticketing based on customized threshold and data collected from SNMP MIB walks.

Designed and implemented code to detect events for email notifications and ticket creations.

Converted Mainframe traps to notifications in Smarts SAM console for various mainframe traps through hook script created in NOTIF configuration.

Implemented Smarts escalation policies in SAM servers to notify and create tickets for related alarms.

Handle device certification problems for devices not certified in Smarts software with field certification.

Handle all urgent problems related to Smarts network management software in production environment

Designed and implemented customized scripts to handle SNMP traps through NOTIF to create notifications in SAM console.

Designed and implemented customized scripts to discover and monitor BGP/MPLS protocols in Smarts IP AM/PM servers.

Designed and implemented customized scripts to discover and monitor WAN connections in Smarts IP AM/PM servers.

Designed and implemented customized code to MPLS hosts as IP objects to save device licenses in IP servers..

Designed and implemented escalation policy for email notification of firewall device failover interface events.

Designed and implemented escalation policy for automatic ticket creation in SAM servers.

Designed and implemented escalation policy for host heartbeat monitoring.

Designed and implemented customized scripts for notification adapters to handle all kinds of traps properly.

Customized scripts to move selected cellular devices from production server to a dedicated server to monitor all the devices in topology with external ICMP poller.

Designed and implemented customized scripts to move selected cellular devices from production server to a dedicated server to monitor all the devices in topology with external ICMP poller.

Investigated IP unresponsive problem for cellular devices and developed solution by customized external monitoring script adapter.

Investigated IP topology split manager problem and initiated topology splitting on production topology into multiple domains.

Made perl scripts for customized seed file creation.

Made perl scripts to collect debug information.

Customized topology splitting scripts to output customized seed files.

Designed and implemented customized device certification for VRRP devices on linux system. Resolved VRRP device discovery and monitoring problems.

Designed and implemented discovery and monitoring solutions for thousands of MPLS BGP IPs and interfaces with BGP edge routers with customized topology import adapter.

Investigated long discovery problems in new IP product with scripts and other debug tools.

Configured and customized IP package for topology splitting on large topology.



SMTS (Senior Member of Technology Stuff). Software Engineering --- Core Infrastructure Developers, 2202 N. West Shore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

Programming Achievements

Worked with EMC Ionix NOTIF configuration and customization for alerts adapted from other products, such as Nagios, Firefly and Dice.

Worked with EMC Ionix EISM configuration for VMWare and Virtual Center discovery and monitoring.

Created perl and shell scripts for automated test used by QA and for investigation of Smarts InCharge problems.

Designed, implemented e-mail notification code for escalation policy in Smarts SAM server.

Customized Smarts code to automat SNMPv3 device discovery.

Designed and implemented code for host CPU utilization averaging with customized model and certification

Designed and implemented scripts to collect port status and other information

Implemented code for various checks for Smarts ACM suite

Designed and implemented escalation code for SAM hook scripts and configuration for e-mail notification.

Customized perl script for Smarts events parsing and incorporated with other products.

Designed and implemented customized device certification for large disk usage on linux system.

Expanded SAM code to manage ICS notifications, such as export and import notification list.



Smarts Consultant --- AIG Global Services, Enterprise Monitoring, 2 Peach Tree Hill Road, Livingston, NJ 07039

Programming Achievements

Customized Smarts code to perform SAM notification and ticket processing.

Automated Smarts client connection information collection and provided useful information for client connection monitoring.

Optimized Smarts domain failover process and simplified configuration and operation procedures.

Provided scripts to handle SNMP trap forwarder problems related to new buggy libraries from EMC.

Provided scripts to collect topology from all the domains to check topology accuracy.

Fixed problems related to InCharge AM/PM discovery and alarms.

Fixed bugs in customized ticketing code.

Expanded SAM code to manage ICS notifications.

01/2009 –


Smarts Consultant --- New York City

Programming Achievements

Successfully completed projects for Argent to synchronize topology and alarms between Argent and Smarts InCharge servers in Tellabs.

05/2000 –


Senior Software Engineer --- EMC/SMARTS, 44 South Broadway, White Plains, NY10601 and

1133 Westchester Ave. White Plains, NY 10604

Programming Achievements

Contributed to all the release of EMC/Smarts network management software.

Customized various EMC/SMARTS products for several critical customers.

Designed and implemented network device auto-discovery process in InCharge network management software with Model, C++, and script language in Unix and Windows system.

Designed and developed automatic snap simulation systems and website with dos batch files, assembly language program, Perl, CGI and Smarts adapter script languages (ASL).

Designed and developed several projects using Model, C++ and ASL, and Unix and Windows system script language.

Fixed severe bugs in Smarts software and improved the quality and performance of Smarts products.

Debugged, modified and extended several Model, C++ and ASL programs for network management applications on Unix, HP, AIX, Linux and Windows systems.

Expertise in customer support for complicated problems.

Initiated, implemented and maintained unit tests for network device discovery programs.

Educated colleagues in EMC/smarts about network and related programming techniques and skills.

04/1999 05/2000

Developer Cognet Corp., 465 Columbus Avenue, Valhalla, NY 10595

Programming Achievements

Designed and implemented 64-bit primary and reference keys for network database and completed all the programming necessary to translate the old code to the new code for the database in all the projects in Cognet.

Designed and developed several projects using Visual C++, MFC under Windows NT4.0, 95 98 and NT for network software distribution and system administration.

Debugged, modified and extended several C++ programs for network and database applications on Windows NT4.0, 98 and 95.

05/1997 03/1999

Senior Programmer Advanced Productions, Inc., 1230 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY 11010

Programming Achievements

Designed, developed and enhanced several game products using Visual C++, MFC for Windows 95, 98 and NT, including advanced bitmap manipulation, InstallShield programming and customized game data encapsulation.

Developed and completed 3D and 2D games using Visual C++, MFC and assembly language with Microsoft DirectX SDK.

Designed and implemented DLL and other tools for windows client programs using C++ and assembly language to optimize game products.

Researched, designed and implemented MMX codes using MASM 6.12 and Visual C++ to optimize 3D game performance under Windows 95 and DOS, according to CPU type.

Implemented inline assembly language in visual C++ programs under Windows 95, 98 or NT for optimizing real time 3D game performance.

Researched, initiated and completed DirectPlay for multi-player game implement using the Windows 95 Game SDK.

Researched the possibility of optimization on advanced 3D graphics cards used for fast 3D game development.

09/1990 05/1997

Programmer/analyst Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University, Bronx, NY 10461

Programming Achievements

Developed scientific programs on UNIX machine using C and Fortran programming languages combined with UNIX shell programming.

Developed and implemented Excel application programs (for non-linear curve fitting) using Visual Basic in Windows environment.

Designed and developed programs using C++ for Stock database management.

Implemented C++ for WWW home page programming for Sue Golding Graduate Division, and for Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Designed and completed C++, Fortran and Assembly Programming for automated simulation and analyses of crystal structure data.

Invented and implemented programs for automatic instrument and hardware control using printer ports, completed analog/digital data acquisition control of RC A/D converter, graphics displays and graphics printer controls using Assembly, PCL printer language and C++ Programming languages.

Developed applications in assembly language for data analyses: general statistical analyses, on-line and off-line data analyses for average, cross-interval, auto and cross-correlation, fast Fourier transforms, power spectral and coherence using electrophysiological and other signals. Linear and non-linear curve-fittings and computer simulation for electrophysiological signals.

Developed applications for digital data editing, digital signal conditioning, database converting, etc.

Assembled, setup and maintained multiple computers and systems in several laboratories.

03/1987 08/1990

Research Associate School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Responsibilities and Achievements

Designed and developed statistical data analysis application using BASIC language.

Designed and implemented applications for stimulus pulses using BASIC and assembly languages on Apple II computer.


Completed C# Programming & C#, ASP.Net Application training in 2004, at New Concept Training Center, 136-87 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354.

Completed CCIE lab in 2003, at New Concept Training Center, 136-87 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354.

Completed CCNP, training in 2002, at New Concept Training Center, 136-87 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354.

Completed CCNA, training in 2001, at ACS Computer Training Center, 36-60 Main St., Flushing, NY 11354.

Cisco Certified Network Associate, certified by Cisco in 2001.

Completed Oracle and Java developer training in 1999 at New Concept Training Center, 136-87 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, NY 11354.

Studies of Computer Science with American Institute for Computer Sciences. Courses completed: Fundamentals of programming languages, Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C, Software Engineering concepts, Operating systems, Compilers, Database and Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence.

Master of Medicine in Physiology, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Beijing, China, 1983 (evaluated as Master of Science in Physiology).

Bachelor of Medicine, Nanchong Medical College, Sichuan, China, 1980, (equivalent to a professional degree in medical science in a regional-accredited institution).

Selected Publications

1.Huang, W-X. and Cohen, M.I., Computer simulations of spike trains of phrenic motoneuron populations. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 23(1): 727, 1997.

2.Huang, W-X., Cohen, M.I., Q.P., Yu and He, Q. High frequency oscillations in membrane potentials of medullary inspiratory (I) and expiratory (E) neurons (including laryngeal motoneurons). J. Neurophysiolo. 76 (3):1405-1412, 1996.

3.Huang, W-X., Cohen, M.I., and He, Q. A statistical description of the firing patterns of phrenic motoneurons. Soc. Neurosci. Abstr. 1995.

4.Huang, W-X., Cohen, M.I., and See, W.R. A fast graphics printing program for neurophysiological data. CABIOS, 9(4):475-476,1993

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