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Engineer Design

San Jose, California, United States
January 23, 2018

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-Utilizes research, analysis and problem-solving abilities to develop optimal solutions


Problem Identification & Rectification: Analyzed the problem of carrying dry ice with malaria vaccine in bulky container and solved it by replacing ice with thermoelectric cooler which helped in reducing weight of container.

Workflow Improvement: Implemented idea of using tablet devices for customer to register vehicle problem when no executive available to attend them. Eventually increasing vehicle count by 20%/day and reduction in use of paper.

Analysis & Testing: Analyzed and tested an automobile rim and reduced its weight by 8.29% with just a total deflection of 0.001 inch.

Proficiency in CAD Design Software: Worked as a design engineer for SSR Labs optimizing heat-sinks. Designed drive-train components for Renault Motor. Helped graduate students with CAD designs, simulations and optimization.

Technical Skills

CAD software - ANSYS-(FEA & CFD), SolidWorks, SolidWorks PDM, Pro-E, AutoCAD, PTC CREO, CATIA v5, Revit

Programming language – MATLAB (Simulink)

Software - Microsoft Suite 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio), Tableau, PLM (Agile)

Fabrication/Machining – DFMEA, DoE, 3D Printing, Welding, Milling, Plastic Injection, Molding, Die-Casting, Sheet metal fabrication, Six Sigma, GD&T (ASME Y14.5), Basic hand tools and basic electronic design/fabrication

Professional Experience

Mechanical Design Engineer at Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc. (San Francisco, CA) July ’17 – Dec. ‘17

Product Design and Design Verification of: Airflow required to cool a processor, Design of a or verification of an existing heat sink with 3D simulation and optimization of heat dissipation on SolidWorks and ANSYS (FEA).

Instructional Student Assistant at San Jose State University (San Jose, CA) Sep. ‘16 – May ‘17

CAD Modeling and Simulation: Supervised Mechanical and Aerospace CAD lab by assisting students in CAD design with the software such as SolidWorks, Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, Catia v5 and ANSYS (FEA).

Service Engineer at Gen Next Motors (Renault Motors) (Mumbai, India) Sep. ‘13 – Aug. ‘14

Root Cause Analysis: Performed failure/accident analysis for mechanical and electrical equipment in vehicles. Prepared mechanical failure reports and performed fabrication duties on vehicle parts.

Product Design: Created parametric CAD data and GD&T documentation using SolidWorks incorporating design intent and engineering information.

Academic Projects

Portable Backpack Cooler for Vaccine Delivery Aug. ‘16 – May ‘17

Research & Development: Designed backpack cooler working on Peltier effect and powered by solar panel.

Obtained low temperature inside cooler for medicines which needs to be carried at places inaccessible by vehicles.

Design of BeagleBone Black Operated Electric Skateboard Aug. ‘16 – Dec. ‘16

Design: Performed calculations for selection of brushless DC motor, Electronic Speed Controller(ESC) and battery.

Mechatronics: Used Shell script to run code in micro-controller which controlled acceleration and speed of motor.

Speed achieved was 14 mph at road inclination of 5 angle.

Contact Analysis of Wheel with Road Bump and weight optimization of rim on ANSYS Jan. ‘16 – May ‘16

Optimization and Testing: Designed an automobile rim for contact, non-linear and fatigue analysis.

Reduced weight of rim by 8.29 % (7.758 lbs.) with total deflection less than 0.001inch.

Thermal Analysis of Impact Wrench on SolidWorks Jan. ‘16 – May ‘16

Simulation, Optimization and Testing: Conducted thermal simulation, optimization and drop test on impact wrench and modified it by adding a sensor to control the rotor torque.

Alma Mater

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, San Jose State University, CA (3.637/4.0) Aug. ‘15 – Dec ‘17

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Pune, India Sep. ‘10 – May ‘13

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