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Powerbuilder, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL server T-SQL, Sybase T-SQL, and db2

Dresher, Pennsylvania, United States
January 23, 2018

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Professional Profile

Mr. Lin Yang is a Sr. Information Technology Specialist in GBS. The practice is responsible for providing project management, integration services, and e-business solutions to area businesses. He has 21 years of experience in Powerbuilder and 10 years of experience in Oracle databse and PL/SQL.

Lin has 33 years of experience in systems integration and application development on a variety of computing platforms including Windows XP, Windows NT, Window 95, Sun Solaris, Unix, MS-DOS, and IBM mainframe. Lin has been a programmer/analyst throughout his career. He is skilled in PowerBuilder, Java J2EE, MS SQL Server Transact-SQL, Sybase Transact-SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, C#, .Net, SQL Reporting Service, MS SQL Server DTS (Data Transformation Service), ASP.Net.

Experience and Accomplishments

IBM Sr. IT Specialist Role --- From 01/06/2008 to Present.

Lin was involved in the development and rearchitecting of the PowerPlant application for Williams and Nisource. The system ss used to control, manage, and monitor the assets and accounting information using PB, Oracle, and Citrix. It is assest and accounting management system.

Support Powerplant application in Williams and Nisource Account. PowerPlant is a Property Accounting Software System that was designed specifically for the utility and other asset intensive industries. It enables the company to control and monitor distributed construction and to take advantage of its capital intensive nature, in terms of costing and profitability analysis, asset recovery and tax minimization.It is a huge application including work orders, assets, accounts, depreciation, closing process, batch jobs, and reports.It uses Powerbuilder12 as front-end and Oracle11 as back-end. We write Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle stored procedure, and Triggers.

IBM Sr. IT Specialist Role --- From 4/15/2006 to 12/31/07.

Lin was involved in the design, development and rearchitecting of the COU and Premium Audit Powerbuilder and VB applications to MS .Net Web based applications, policy tracking system and audit system for ACE USA insurance Corporation using MS .Net frame work, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Reporting Service, and MS SQL server. Lin also maintained the Inventory Control System for OCIP/ALPS, and NEES using Powerbuilder and SQL Sever.

IBM Sr. IT Specialist Role --- From 2/1/2001 to 4/15/2006.

Lin developed and maintained billing registration and tracking systems for ACE USA insurance

Corporation using Powerbuilder, MS SQL server, and IBM DB2. Lin also used MS DTS to design, develop and

maintain the packages to transfer data bewteen SQL server and DB2. Lin was responsible for the SBS frond-end and

Upload/Download, NEES, and COU systems. When Lin joined the team, there was a big locking problem, which

offen hang the SBS frond-end system. Lin resolved the locking problem and improved the invoice inquery performance from approximately 10 minutes to one or two seconds. In addition, Lin uncovered a performance issue in the SBS upload/download which took at least 4 hours on weekends, and 2 hours on weekdays. Lin reduced the processing time in half. Lin also analyzed, designed, and developed four new large SBS frond-end systems. He was responsible for the project planning including; design, unit test, system test, and QA test, working closely with the customer. He scheduled customer meetings, got the detail specifications, led design and development, QA test, and implementation for the NEES and COU systems.

IBM Sr. IT Specialist Role --- From 8/10/2000 to 1/15/2001

Lin analyzed, designed and implemented an electronic payment assistant system using Powerbuilder, Oracle PL/SQL on Sun Solaris and NT for one of the largest document companies in the world. The system validates and reformats data from an external payment system to their own system. It also created error reports, audit trail reports, payment, national cash, payroll deduction, and taxable income. This was a complex system that validated and reformated data from the company to fit the external payment system.

EXE Technologies Sr. R&D Programmer/Analyst Role --- From 6/10/1999 to 8/1/2000

Lin developed a warehouse information system which tracked information about stores, products, transactions, orders, shipment, and billing in warehouses for a leading software company in the inventory industry, Using PowerBuilder, Sybase, Oracle, and MS SQL Server.

Cendant Mortgage Sr. Programmer/Analyst Role --- From 2/1/1999 to 6/1/1999

Working with a large mortgage company, Mr. Yang developed a loan origination information system for loan officers. Mr. Yang designed and automated a process to handle incoming and outgoing faxes using Powerbuilder and Sybase. The database and user interface for this function automatically sent, received, and forwarded the faxes. By implementing this function, loan officers avoided missing faxes, saved faxes as images, and reduced the time needed to search faxes by 40%,greatly improving and speeding up the whole process of completing customer mortgage applications, and getting more business on the books.

Horizons Corp. in Phila Sr. Consultant Role --- From 1/15/1996 to 2/1/1999

Mr. Yang designed, developed, and implemented a public pay phone information system for a large city allowing the government to track the phone information such as an application, geography, and billing. Implementation of this system avoided duplicate, inaccurate, and missing data. Mr Yang improved data quality by replacing flat files and he was able to improve the application performance by 30%. The solution was designed using PowerBuilder, Oracle, and Access.

Mr. Yang analyzed, restructured, and enhanced a worldwide product pricing reporting system for a large pharmaceutical company. The system kept track of the product pricing information all over the world, and migrated external data such as flat files into the pricing database. This system had been developed two years before he took over, but it had not been used because there were a lot of problems.

Mr. Yang developed a doctor call center system which managed and tracked information about prescriptions, doctors, patients, and their phone calls for a pharmacy company. He used PowerBuilder and Sybase on NT.

Mr. Yang developed a worldwide executive information system which let executives predict the future tendency on the market for a large pharmaceutical company. He used PowerBuilder and Sybase on NT.

Education and Background

MS in Department of Computer Science, from ST. Joseph’s University

MS in Department of Computer Science, from Ji Lin University

BS in Department of Computer Science, from Ji Lin University

Summary by Industry, Domain, Environment, Competency


Financial Services, Insurance, Government, Higher Education, Manufacturing Process, Consumer Package Goods

Project Domain:

Application Development, Systems Integration


SUN, PCs and Compatibles

Operating Systems:

UNIX, SUN Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95, MS-DOS, and IBM Mainframe

Computer Languages:

PowerBuilder, Java, C#, PL-SQL, Transact-SQL, DTS packages



Development Tools:



Microsoft Office


.Net, SQL Reporting Service, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, JSP, Servlet, Enterprise Java Bean

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