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Data Analyst Engineer

Raeford, North Carolina, 28376, United States
January 23, 2018

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Herbert S. Proctor


Obtain a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and fine management skill with a growing company to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and maximum profits.

Summary of Qualifications

Over 26 years of honorable military service supervising and managing over 340 personnel promoting teamwork, solid communication, training and interpersonal skills

Strong written and verbal communications

Excellent teamwork, solid communication skills and interpersonal skills

Experienced Manager, including over seven years of warehouse management experience, and safety is my number one priority

Knowledge of all operations, planning experience, and military tasking, and maintenance repairs on all facility

An organized, detail-oriented, and conscientious self-starter seeking a challenging role in Business and/or Management industry

Experienced in planning shipping, and tracking of all inbound and outbound of soldier’s equipment and supplies

Worked for postal service, delivering mail to customers and prepares all claims needed to ensure all customer are satisfied with all inbound products

XVIII Airborne Corps (06/15/2015 to (06/14/2017) (40 hours per week) Fabric Worker

Duties: Performed production line parachute inspections, repairing, packing and replace damage sections/panels of parachute canopy. Operating industrial heavy duty sewing machines. Inspect the condition of the canopy fabric and check for weak spots. Ensured that the pack assemblies, the pack trays, grommets, rip cord assemble, and all suspension lines were not presenting any evidence of deterioration or fraying. Physically examines personnel and cargo type parachutes including the pack trap and harness assembly and deployment bags. Check for signs of mildew, rust, water, oil, and acid and other conditions which cause fabric to deteriorate. Demonstrated performing complex repairs on all parachute system in accordance with guideline established in each item's technical manual; led the completion of over 400 Initial Technical Rigger Inspection on T-11 parachute system.

Science Application International Corporation (SAIC/SRA International) (05/13/2013 to 08/30/2014) Senior Field Engineer/Analyst-Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Duties: Act as the liaison/ face of (ePTS). Train and Assist 11th Quartermaster on the Enhanced Parachute Tracking System (ePTS). Daily on-site assistance to riggers on the packing floor as T-11 parachutes are being packed. Ensuring proper use of the PRFID tags in the tracking of the T-11 Parachute System through life cycle. Maintaining logistic locations for Bin tags. Ensuring that inventory audits are accurate by reviewing Bins and locations tags are synchronized. Work with PD AMIS on weekly basis. Testing serviceability and charges of CAC readers. Maintain accountability of all hardware issued of the PD AMIS. Ensured new parachutes were accurately entered into the system. Conducted monthly ePTS training on the Hand-Held Terminals (HHT). Tracked parachutes as they moved through various locations in the parachute packing facility. Informed on-site leadership of various task under taken in facility. Advised 11th Quartermaster chain of command on the use of the ePTS tracking system to manage its fleet of T-11 parachutes.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (07/06/2010 to 05/09/2013) Air Drop Data Analyst-Fayetteville, North Carolina

Duties: As a key member of a NDCEE task for the Defense Safety Oversight Council (DSOC) to explore potential injury rate reduction using a new type of parachute. Consult with 82 ABN DIV and support staff, Corp Parachute Office. Assess evolving transition schedule for the new (T-11) Parachute system, and technical changes to the packing process for the T-11 vs. the T-10 Legacy parachute, a total of 23,000 jumps recorded. Attend weekly 82nd Airborne Division Air Operation meeting. Maintain relationships by contacting 82 ABN units. Assist the DZSO team in preparing for all airdrop operation missions through pre-drop activities, airdrop data collection and post drop activities. Collect weather data by recording the temperature, humidity, and wind speed using the Kestrel Model 4500 pocket weather tracker. Gather extensive information on injured jumpers and provide information on how injuries occurred.

Battelle, (04/05/2006 to 04/10/2009) Warehouse Technician Specialist- Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Duties: Performed a variety of basic logistics functions to include loading and unloading of equipment from the Integrated Logistics Support Facility (ILSC FSF). Property Accountability and Logistical Support for Fort Bragg. Successfully assisted in the transition of 28,102 boxes of Energy Dissipating Pad (Honeycomb) (Valued at $3,934,280). Assisted in the repair of over 4,479 Soft Loop Center Pull Reserve Parachute System. This project was a saving of over $ 200,000 for the Tank Automotive Armaments Life Cycle Management Command (TACOM)

Smithfield Packing (05/10/2005 - 09/06/2005) ( 40 hours per week) Distribution Supervisor

Clayton, North Carolina

Duties: Supervised over 20 personal daily shipping and receiving operation of a high-volume food distribution center, Supervise 10 production lines with 15 team members. Achieved exceptional levels of customer satisfaction through timely, accurate processing and shipping of orders. Loaded and unloaded trucks in the cold dock storage areas. Train twenty employees to operate pallet jack, dock stocker, high lift. Monitor the facility to ensure employee and product safety daily. Packaging merchandise for shipment, and shrink wrapping goods for loading onto trailers. Matching quantities and items being shipped against invoice. Assisting in annual inventories. Sustained zero safety hazards by proactively maintaining clean and organized warehouse environment.


Education / Training:

Bachelor of Art in Organizational Management -2011

Completed over Forty-Five-Defense Acquisition, Logistic, and contracting courses online. Working toward Level II Certification in Life Cycle Logistics. (Over 400 of DL hours)

Received Three Outstanding Performance Award within a year.

Completed 9001: 2008 Documentation Workshops (ISO). Fayetteville Operations Safety Committee

Received a Certificate of Appreciation from PD AMIS

Attended the United States Army Quartermaster School, successful completion the Parachute Rigger Course (92R)

Successfully completion the Free Fall Automatic Ripcord Replace Assembly (FF-2) Course 860-F2

Successfully completed the Civilian Foundation course, (74 DL hours 1-250-C59)

Successfully completed the Civilian Leader Basic, (40 DL hours 1-250-C60)

Security guard for Wackenhut for two years in Columbus Georgia

Experience in electrical, and plumbing, and Carpenter repair, over 60 hours of plumbing and electrical work

Plan and schedules all inbound and outbound flights that are departing from Fort Bragg and Ramstein Germany. Supported the 82nd Airborne Divisions units during deployment and redeployment back to Fort Bragg

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