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Project Developer

Maharashtra, India
January 23, 2018

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Mukund Shelke Resume(*+ years)

Mobile: +91-986*******

Career Summary

More than 2.2 years of work experience in multiple technologies.

More than 1.2 years of experience in Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development using JAVA Technologies.

More than 1.0 years of experience in working with Node.js and MongoDB.

Strong knowledge of Core Java

Proficiency in Java, J2EE and the latest frameworks like Spring(Core, MVC), Hibernate.

Working with Studio3T tool for MongoDB 3.4.6v and MySql Workbench tool for mysql .

Proficiency in supported JavaScript libraries for Node.js. ie..(underscore.js, express.js, async.js).

Created tools for upload dynamically generated excel-sheet, Paper Setter application(automatic question paper generations etc..) using java.

Created tools for Event Scheduler, DMS(Document Management System), Excel Uploader and Mapper using Node.js and MongoDB.

Knowledge of versioning tools like SVN, GIT.

Knowledge of tool for code quality check like Sonar Cube.

Extensive experience in developing web based applications using Spring, Hibernate.

Knowledge of Bootstrap, Ajax and jQuery.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills and ability to critical thinking skills.

Technical Skill Set

Languages/Technologies: JAVA, Hibernate 3.x, Spring Framework 4.x, Node.js 7, Express.js, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, XML, DTD, Bootstrap.

Database: MongoDB (NOSQL), Mysql, Oracle10g.

Distributed/Web Environments: - Apache, Tomcat 6.0 +, npm .

Development tools: Eclipse IDEs, Net Beans 8, Maven, Log4J, Sub Lime Text3, WebStorm, Postman, Sonar Cube.

Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu, Mac.

Functional Skill Set

Ability to handle a team of developers and co-ordinate smooth delivery of the project.

Training the new members in the team and getting them productive quickly.

Problem solving capability peered with strong communication skills.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills and ability to critical thinking skills.

Key Projects Undertaken

Project: Automation

Duration: 11 months

Team size:6

Role: Developer

The Automation System product focuses on managing day to day process of business and It is basically made for SME’s (organizations) in minimal price. Automation System can map different businesses like Educational, Sports, Manufacturing, Transports etc.

The Automation System having following modules

User Management – It includes Role Management, Permission Management, Department Management etc. (Basically there are 2 types of users – Employees, Customers).

Organization Setup – User need to setup their organization to map their business in to the system. One user can have only single organization. (based on unique mobile number).

Attendance – There is provision to mark attendance of user himself and his subordinates based on batches user is belongs to.

Task Management - This is the important module of that project . It includes Statuses, Lifecycles, Processes, Projects and Events/Tasks management as sub modules.

Document Management – Document upload, download document, copy document, move document, rename document, share document, Set permissions to document. i.e.-(document level permissions and user level permissions).

Scheduler – It is an independent tool for scheduling tasks, Projects, Processes, Meetings, Notifications, emails etc.

Mapper and Uploader – It is tool for upload excel files data to the system. User can map excel file columns with database columns as he want.

Subscription Flow – User need to register with system by purchasing subscription. Again it is limited for specified time period (subscription packages).

Review Flow – There is reviewer for tasks to manage status of task assigned to user.

Attachments - It is document attachment for task.

My role is lead Backend developer as well as Database designer.

Environment: Node.js 7, MongoDB (NOSQL), MYSQL 5.0, Express.js, JSON Parsing, Postman.

Project Detail: It is an own product of an organization. Product is developed module wise to maintain it functionally independent.

Project: ERP Project

Duration: 5 months

Team size: 5

Role: Developer

The ERP product focuses on managing Head Office level Planning and Management and Point Of Sale facility, Raw Material Management, Order Processing, Invoicing, Production, Shop Management.

HO do their plan for daily production. They do more manufacturing Based on Orders.

There are 4 types of orders they considers. Dealer order, mass order, standing order, day time order.

At head office order compilation, generation of production chart, generation of check list happens based on order type.

My role is lead developer as well as database designer.

Environment: Java, MYSQL 5.0, Google Map, Jasper Reports, Apache, Tomcat 6.0, JSON Parsing.

Project Detail: Satav Foods project works on admin console .It consists of Several modules like All Master forms, Order planning, Order Processing, Invoicing, MIS(reports). In Customer application, it will have an option to select the car and to order it.

Project: Paper Setter App

Duration: 3 months

Team size: 2

Role: Developer

Environment: Hibernate 3.1, jasper Report, java jdk7.0, MYSQL 5.0, Netbeans IDE.

I worked on persistent layer of this project creating database using hibernate.

I created all relation using “ *.hbm.xml ” file.

I written dynamic query using HQL & Native SQL applied some conditions using hibernate Criteria.

I created all possible relationship using hibernate & maintain Versioning

Project Detail:

Paper setter is desktop application to generate Automatic Questions Papers. This is automated system. User neet to operate the application with valid inputs. User can generate question paper by selecting questions randomly from database, also he can generate manual question paper as well.

Once question is generated there is no chance of getting same paper again. If user want to generate same paper again then he/she can go for manual paper generation.

User can upload bulk of questions to database by selecting excel sheet and also he can export questions to excel sheet.

Project: Hotel Management App

Duration: 3 months Team size: 2

Role: Developer

Environment: Java jdk8.1, Jasper Report, Eclipse.

Hotel management is billing software for Restaurant as well as Bar. We can manage billing based on tables. Software manages the running bills, unpaid bills, paid bills, available products (menus). User can manage purchase details, sales details, stock updates, reports based on date as well as product wise.

User can print bills, can switch tables, manage pegs for bar.


I was involved in developing the code as per the requirements.

Interacting with the client to understand the project and finalize its scope.

Writing UI/Business validations for the owned use cases.

Unit testing and integration testing of owned use cases. Handled different types of issues.

The enhancement issues need to address within the functionality of the product without affecting the other functional areas.

Bug fixing and maintenance of the product.

Designing project Database & Architecture.


Roots Innovations Labs pvt ltd (recently named as GiBots) – since dec-2016 as a Software Engineer.

Tej IT Solutions (I) pvt ltd. since april-2016 as Software Developer.


MCA (Master Computer Application) from SIBAR, Pune University.

Computer Society of India (Embedded Programming).

Completed Training Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP).

Personal Details

DOB: 15th July, 1991

Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi.

Address: shingave naik, Tal- Nagar, Dist: Ahmednagar, State: Maharashtra.

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