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Customer Service Software Engineer

New York, New York, 10013, United States
January 23, 2018

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John A. Engstrom

*** **** **** ******, ***

New York, New York 10036


Executive Overview

Senior level full stack software engineer and solutions architect with over 22 years of experience

Full stack engineer working in JavaScript; Node.js, Angular 4.x, React, Redux

Team lead with extensive Agile experience

20+ years experience with JavaScript (the good parts)

7+ years enterprise Node

3+ years Angular/React experience

5+ years working in a professionally managed Agile team

11+ years experience creating mobile format software

Excellent communication skills

Executive experience

Active in local tech community

Active speaker in local tech community

Technical Skills

Enterprise-scale application architecture and development using JavaScript: Angular 4/Ionic 3/React, Node/Express, ElasticSearch, CQRS, micro services, Docker

Extensive Agile experience (developer/scrum master/Kanban leader)

Enterprise-scale Node.js API development (legacy,

Knowledge of major Node.js frameworks and Express

Extensive SQL/NoSQL experience. SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL/Percona; forensic SQL tuning

Knowledge and application of various NoSQL and keystore servers including MongoDB/MongoMX, Redis, CouchDB, Redis, CouchDB, PouchDB

MEAN stack; application design patterns using the MEAN stack

Angular development, custom directive development and extensive use of popular Angular projects (TypeScript, NGRX, Angular 4 Material, Teradata Covalent, Angular Bootstrap)

ElasticSearch, Logstash

Advanced Redis, Redis queues

Containerized application design, micro services, CQRS

Forensic JavaScript tuning

Front-end JavaScript library development and management; distributed, scalable systems

Single-page and hybrid application development with Angular 4, Ionic 3, Cordova, and React/React Native

Extensive use of jQuery and Backbone.js (built and optimized jQuery from source)

MVVM/MVC/MVP/ MV* and OO design patterns in client-side JavaScript and Node.js

Test-driven and behavior-driven development, libraries and tools

Unit testing with Jasmine/Karma. Extensive Angular 4.x testing experience.

JavaScript templating libraries

CSS and compiled CSS (SASS), forensic CSS tuning

Adobe Creative Suite

NPM/Yarn libraries; Node.js module selection and management

Continuous integration (Semaphore/Jenkins/Hudson/Artifactory)

Cloud deployment and DevOps (Docker, Puppet, Chef, etc.)

Messaging and job queues (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Redis)

Linux system administration

Legacy application servers (PHP, ColdFusion, .Net, Ruby, Perl, etc.)

Software product lines development (SPLs); automation

SQL/NoSQL data modelling and diagramming (COMN, E-R, UML, Fact-Based, Semantic Notation)

Strong communication skills (visual documentation and training videos)

Professional Experience

Thomson Reuters

Hoboken, NJ

November 2017 to February 2, 2018

UI Consultant

Joined as lead UI consultant for a short-term project

Worked with code base written in Angular 1.6 code written in TypeScript running on a .Net back-end

Refactored code and performed peer reviews

Coordinated with international team located in USA, Europe, and India

New York City Department of Sanitation

New York, NY

November 2014 to November 2017

Lead UI Engineer/Architect

Joined as lead UI consultant on the New York Department of Sanitation’s SMART (V1/V2/V3) project, a real-time command and control system for managing personnel and equipment and the largest software project in DSNY’s history that will eventually replace their current suite of mainframe applications.

Extensive use of JavaScript, Angular 4.x, AngularJS, and Docker. Also, extensive use of web sockets, Docker, MongoDB, Bootstrap, GitHub and JIRA

Team lead for migration of code base from Angular 1 to Angular 2/5.x

Designed and implemented UI architecture that connects to a real-time, CQRS pattern-based micro services written in JAVA

Team lead managing and performing code reviews for team of 8+ full time UI developers

Developed a strong working relationship with key project stakeholders and executives and participated in sprint planning and sprint retrospectives

New York Times

New York, NY

July 2014 to November 2014

Software Engineer/Full Stack Developer/Architect

Joined New York Data Science team as a consultant to complete a short-term a project migrating the legacy mobile user tracking code to the universal New York Times Event Tracker system

Extensive use of Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, ElasticSearch and Amazon services (SQS, SNS, S3, EC2)

Required installation and modification of iOS and Android versions of New York Times reader to complete forensic testing of tracking code

Assisted team in developing AngularJS based real-time dashboard

Attended weekly internal tech seminars covering big-data related topics, DevOps, programming languages and other IT related topics

Attended planning sessions for implementing a new Hadoop-based system for storing, managing and publishing all tracking data for all New York Times properties

Presented a code documentation seminar to 20 engineers

Developed and conducted an introduction to Node.js seminar to a group of 15 engineers

National Notary Association

Chatsworth, CA

Dec 2012 to April 2014

Lead Software Engineer/Architect

Lead application developer and JavaScript specialist supporting team of 6 developers in an agile environment

Extensive use of Node.js, MVP pattern, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery plugins, SQL, PHP, .Net and Java

Developed Node.js API for connecting legacy mainframe application to third party eCommerce system

Created MEAN single-page application for purchasing real estate background checks online, via a mobile device or tablet

Implemented AngularJS custom directives for shopping cart widgets

Updated Node.js/ customer service chat application

Developed JavaScript build system for front-end API

Assisted in migration of website from PHP/Java to .Net

Implement Git source control for team

Developed a CI deployment system using Jenkins

Facilitated scrum ceremonies (grooming, sprint planning, retrospectives, daily stand-ups, etc.)

Oregon Employment Division

Salem, OR

April 2011 to April 2012

Tech Lead/Software Engineer/Full stack developer/Architect

Full stack developer and JavaScript/CSS specialist supporting a team of 4 developers in an agile environment

Facilitated scrum ceremonies (grooming, sprint planning, retrospectives, daily stand-ups, etc.)

Produced code according to predetermined specifications and OED best practices

Extensive use of MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery plugins, Node.js, PHP, Oracle PL/SQL and Java

Implemented OO library and state machine for a complex, multi-step form wizard SPA that was a core feature of the application

Implemented Node.js server and API for migrating over 20M tax records

Created Node.js, Backbone.js and based customer service website, API, and chat plugin demonstration for senior management

Worked with Oracle PL/SQL packages and developer tools

Responsible for site-wide CSS and cross-browser CSS testing

Implemented SVN source control

Created test scripts for unit testing (Jasmine, Mocha)

Developed solutions for complex user interface problems

Completed all assigned programming tasks within allotted timeframe

National Notary Association

Chatsworth, CA

Sep 2008 to May 2011

Tech Lead/Software Engineer/Manager/Architect

Lead application developer and architect specialist supporting team of 6 developers

Extensive use of JavaScript, MVP pattern, jQuery, jQuery plugins, PHP, ColdFusion Node.js, and Java

Implemented Agile within organization

Facilitated scrum ceremonies (grooming, sprint planning, retrospectives, daily stand-ups, etc.)

Coordinated with senior management and attended status meetings

Successfully managed rebuild of public website including coordinating all departments and functions

Successfully managed rebuild of internal customer service intranet including coordinating all departments and functions

Created new CMS system and integrated marketing campaign manager

Created systems for surveying and mapping over 20,000 page endpoints from the old website to the new website

Successfully integrated Ariba cXML procurement system into NNA inventory and billing system

Built Node.js server for connecting to affiliate marketing (Commission Junction, Linkshare, Etc.) APIs for generating reports for the NNA affiliate marketing program

Extensive use of SEO best practices

Built Node.js server for handling inbound SOAP requests

Build and demonstrated Node.js and built demo of a real-time customer service chat

Created inbound PO queue processing system, outbound invoice queue processing system and various administrative tools to manage the data pump between the NNA and Ariba and our customers

Responsible deploying source code to beta, staging and live servers

Implemented SVN source control for group of 6 developers

Connected NNA to vendors via SOAP, REST, and SAML

Optimized Node.js server for connecting to IBM DB2 and Oracle database servers

Responsible for reworking all JavaScript code, SQL, and CSS

Requires extensive work with jQuery, AJAX, Web Standards/CSS, XML

Built error tracking system for monitoring JavaScript errors in real-time

North Dighton, MA

Oct 2007 to Nov 2009

Lead Software Engineer/Architect

Senior developer and JavaScript specialist responsible for system architecture, design, development, and maintenance of production and development web applications

High-traffic ecommerce site

Extensive use of JavaScript, AJAX, MVC pattern, jQuery, jQuery UI, SQL, PHP, and Java, Web Standards/CSS, XML

Extensive use of SEO best practices

Created OO JavaScript validation library for shopping cart

Responsible deploying source code to beta, staging and live servers

Completed three complete site redesigns in two years

Completed complete rewrite of inventory management system

Built error tracking system for monitoring JavaScript errors in real-time

Created automated batch image processing system queue

New York, NY

Oct 2006 to Nov 2009

Lead Software Engineer/Architect

Senior developer and application architect

Extensive use of JavaScript, jQuery, MVC pattern, jQuery plugins, SQL, PHP, Java, and Ant scripts to deploy web applications to a Linux environment

Coordinated with senior management and attended daily status meetings

Responsible for design, development, and maintenance of production and development web sites

Responsible for managing and improving legacy code while migrating site to OO JavaScript and web standards

Completed two major site redesigns

Managed all front-end JavaScript libraries

Responsible for deploying site builds to beta, staging and live server

Created Ant scripts to deploy code to server farm

Window Media

New York, NY

Jan 2001 to Oct 2006

IT Manager/Software Engineer /Architect

IT Manager and lead application developer supporting 6 developers and 2 support staff

Responsible for design, development, implementation, hosting and maintenance of 40 applications running on LAMP, Windows 2000/2003 and SQL Server 2000/2005

Extensive use of JavaScript, jQuery, Java, PHP, CSS, AJAX, and SQL

Helped website grow to 75,000 visitors and 500,000 pages view per day

Designed and engineered API for integrating sales system with account system

Designed and engineered online dating website that was connected to weekly events listings; helped grow site to 100k visitors/day

Created SPA AJAX app for viewing display ads on mobile devices

Responsible for full lifecycle of all web development projects

Developed custom tools for rapidly prototyping and deploying complex websites their underlying databases

Developed advanced techniques for importing and exporting data to and from legacy databases into SQL 2000 server including real-time and automated import/export programs

Supported website and all client-side JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle PL/SQL systems

Managed source code in team environment (Eclipse, CVS and Subversion)

Deployed source code with Ant

Met with senior managers on a weekly basis to discuss IT related activities

Managed e-mail service for 400+ users

Increased the reliability of my network from 99.9% to 99.9999% over 12 months

CoreByte, Inc.

New York, NY

Dec 1998 to Jan 2001

Senior Software Engineer/Architect

CEO and lead application developer for a Manhattan-based tech startup

Obtained $2M in seed funding

Created web-based groupware application consisting of 10 separate applications and developed strategies for marketing application

Extensive use of JavaScript, JavaScript libraries, Java, PHP, .NET, DHTML, CSS and SQL

Managed staff of 10 developers and support personnel

Met with senior managers and investors on a weekly basis to discuss IT related activities

Responsible for managing the daily activities of staff, resolving staff-related problems, preparing budgets and approving all software and hardware purchases

Attitude Network/Architect

New York, NY

Dec 1997 to Dec 1998

Software Engineer and Manager

Lead application developer and JavaScript specialist supporting team of 12 developers

Extensive use of JavaScript, Java, PHP, .NET, DHTML, CSS and SQL

Designed interactive video widgets using JavaScript and Java

Designed and built website and network infrastructure for a large scale, high-traffic website and e-commerce site

Assisted management develop technical plan for mass-market website

Managed 8-member technical team

Implemented first use of JavaScript on website

Created a 10,000-user, browser-based e-mail system

Responsible for Accipter/Engage Ad manager servers

Coordinated with senior management

Managed Linux and Microsoft NT servers

National Basketball Association (NBA)

New York, NY

Mar 1997 to Dec 1997

Software Engineer and Manager

Lead application developer/project manager

Led rollout of a Microsoft NT-based network and Lotus Notes application

Met with key management to discuss and analyze rollout issues and develop strategies for taking advantage of the new platform

Manage team of 4 network engineers

Responsible for solving technical issues related to Microsoft NT4 servers, Lotus Notes installations, remote access servers and implementing Microsoft SMS


New York, NY

Apr 1996 to Mar 1997

Software Engineer and Manager

Lead application developer/project manager

Responsible for 4,000-user intranet and groupware system

Created applications for customer service intranet using HTML and JAVA

Managed team of 6 support personnel

Prepared migration strategy for moving from heterogeneous email system to Microsoft Exchange and bespoke intranet

Met with key management to discuss migration issues and planning

Responsible for all aspects of intranet and e-mail network including network, routers, servers, software, remote access and end-user training

Pacific Bell Information Services

San Ramon, CA

May 1994 to Apr 1996

Tech Manager/Software Engineer

Lead application developer/project manager

Found job using the DICE BBS, the precursor to the DICE website prior to the internet

Managed 4,500-user intranet and groupware application

Created applications for customer service intranet using HTML and C/C++

Managed team of 12 engineers and support personnel

Managed and supported Novell Netware network, Windows network, Sun Solaris servers, Web servers, SMTP and POP servers, Oracle database, TCP/IP internetworking, and Novell GroupWise

Provided customer support to end-users

Attended weekly planning meetings

Trained senior staff

Installed NCSA Mosaic 1.0, Netscape 1.0, and IE 1.0 browsers on over 500 desktops and trained staff how to use and the World Wide Web

Created first intranet and extranet for PBIS

Organized a three-day internet training seminar for department manager

Worked closely with the network engineers that built the first internet connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco

Industrial Risk Insurers

San Francisco, CA

Oct 1989 to May 1994

IT Manager/Application Developer

Application developer/project manager

Team lead and manager for staff of 5 developer

Developed applications for property insurance underwriters using C++, Excel, Microsoft Access, Focus, SQL and Basic

Met with executives and senior staff to assess needs, create project plans and provide updates on work-in-progress

Developed phone-based BBS system for accessing loss prevention reports

Created programs for integrating mainframe data into desktop applications

Required advanced knowledge of Microsoft Access, Word Perfect, Word, Excel, Lotus 123, BASIC, COBOL, Focus, and SQL


San Diego City College

San Diego, CA

1986 to 1988

Computer science major

Developed BBS system with a GUI interface in C++

Senior project team lead

Montana Tech

Butte, MT

1984 to 1986

Computer science major

Assisted diagnosing Microvax II

Created mining data analysis software in VAX Lisp

Monache High School

Porterville, CA

1980 to 1984

Graduated with honors

Honors architecture program (1980 to 1984)

Computer programming summer camp leader (1981 to 1983)

Served as California chief justice in YMCA Youth in Government program (1983 to 1984)

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