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Customer Service Real Estate

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
January 24, 2018

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Michael T. Enser

**** ****** ****, **** ***, ****3 - 716-***-**** (C) - 716-***-**** (H) – PROFILE

Self-motivated extremely organized with extensive experience in most aspects of the legal field, office Administration and superior customer/client/vendor relation skills. Thorough and detail oriented with a demonstrated commitment to excellence. Proven ability to thrive in a fast paced environment through advanced multi-tasking skills, independent judgment, and decision making abilities


• Expert in mortgage regulatory guidelines and

relationships with banks / financial institutions and Regulatory Agencies; RESPA, CFPB Guidelines

including “SAFE Act”, FHA/HUD Guidelines, TILA,

OCC, and extremely familiar with all aspects of the

“National Mortgage Settlement”

• Thorough knowledge of various types of work and

vehicle accident injuries, including what treatments are typically administered for different injuries.

• Legal correspondence preparation, letters to counsel and\or clients.

• Extremely organized both electronically at work on my computer, and in my home and work office, which

makes completing tasks much more efficient while

producing high quality work product

• Transcribing/finalizing pleadings

• Very familiar with Real Estate law, Personal Injury Law. Workers' Compensation, Domestic Relations and Foreclosure Law

• Expert with 5 years’ experience in utilizing LPS, MSP Systems in recognizing escalations review of

invoices to ensure vendor compliance, review of

notes, and particular holds placed on accounts that may be relevant to the research I was conducting at the time

• Proven to assist the Escalated Consumer Complaint Resolution in meeting all their own SLAs, while still performing and meeting all SLAs within my own


• Expert in reviewing and organizing medical records in chronological and injury relevance order

• Type at approximately 55 wpm.

• Professional communication with clients, vendors, colleagues, superiors, etc.

• Proven expert team builder; having bringing

together the Consumer Resolution Team

Enterprise Legal, and Escalated Complaint

Resolution Team to meet one common goal all

having different service level agreements.


Bank of America, N.A. O ctober 2012 –November


Consumer Resolution Specialist, Regulatory Inquiries Team (Litigation Specialist) Jacksonville, FL

• Managing a case load of 100 plus loans, the majority of which being litigated foreclosure actions and direct action brought against the bank by retaining the appropriate litigation and/or foreclosure counsel to represent the bank in these actions, including providing, reviewing, and approving the initial budget

• Mitigating costs by choosing the appropriate firm to protect the bank’s interests, reviewing the business records and ensuring what the banks interests in the property actually are; for example many times the bank will be named in a Sr. foreclosure action, I can quickly learn the bank was named due to a 2n d

mortgage that has been changed off that was either never boarded onto our updated systems after a merger, or unsearchable for another reason, once I confirm through county land records and/or if necessary a title search I would instruct counsel to file an Answer asserting the bank’s lien position, or “non-contesting” Answer based on the circumstances of the case as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

• Navigating through multiple bank systems, having multiple platforms open on a dual screen display to review the business records as efficiently as possible to assist in prepping bank representatives and counsel for non-jury foreclosure trials, as well as researching the loan history for any potential issues that may arise focusing on the claims the borrower is bringing against the bank

• Review and analyze bank and court records to determine case merit, in order to best determine case strategy going forward. Then work with counsel for direction and opinion and assisting in filing the necessary Pleadings to move the litigation in the direction most beneficial to the bank.

• Review and approve attorney work product, such as Discovery, Settlement Agreements, and various Motions prior to filing and/or execution

• Assist counsel in all aspects in researching the servicing history and reviewing multiple document storage platforms to provide all relevant documents counsel may need to defend the action.

• Negotiating settlement agreements; mitigating risk by weighing many factors, such as, property value, anticipated future legal costs, leading to Consent Judgments or determining to allow the court to provide the relief requested by the bank or the adverse party by allowing counsel to proceed to Judgment or prevail in any action where the bank is a named Defendant

• I would essentially manage the litigation from beginning through its conclusion. Counsel would be dependent on me throughout all phases of the litigation to Respond to Requests for Production, Request for Interrogatories, and any other Discovery Demands our adversaries may make. Once all the information was forwarded to counsel and they had the Pleading prepared, I would then review it for accuracy and execute the Pleading on behalf of the bank. M & M Private Investigations and Legal Services November 2003 to July 2012 Paralegal / Investigator

Alden, New York

• Supported multiple attorneys with generating and filing of Pleadings, Motions and various court documents

• Service of Process on all relevant parties and any individuals/entities each specific case required.

• Running any errand and performing all tasks requested by the client

• Performing clerical duties such as preparing the Reports and Affidavits which were all done using either MS Word or Adobe

• Itemized billing or basic invoices both through Microsoft Excel

• Interviewing potential witnesses of accidents involving Personal Injury Claims

• Investigation of accident scenes taking photographs and verifying witness accounts

• Conducting surveillance, usually related to tracking individuals to obtain evidence and or information necessary to protect my clients, client’s interests in the litigation Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Bernhardt and Zosh, LLP. N ovember 2005 to August 2008


Akron, New York

interview potential clients, provide customer service to existing clients, speak will attorneys, coordinate with staff, interview potential clients, provide customer service to existing clients, speak will attorneys, coordinate with staff, interview potential clients, provide customer service to existing clients, speak will attorneys, coordinate with staff,

• Interviewing potential clients and providing customer service to many of the existing clients; dependent on the case merits most times Michael Zosh, Esq., would conduct the initial interview and most communication beyond that would be done by myself. review medical records; prepare medical chronologies

• Review medical records; prepare medical chronologies, to assist the client in receiving reimbursement through the insurance companies for travel, etc, in Workers Compensation matters and maintaining a neat and orderly file, which was always very helpful when a case was in the Discovery Phase and we were preparing different responses to Discovery Demands going to Trial in a Personal injury matter.

• Drafting Demand letters in an effort to settle matters prior to actually having to file an action with the court.

• Prepare and compile D iscovery responses; open and organize files; and handle any other assignments that would come my way.

HSBC Mortgage Corp. USA (Appleone Temporary Staffing) J une 2003 to February 2004

Mortgage Document Review Specialist

Depew, NY

• Review ofnewly executed origination Mortgage documents for mistakes; i.e. missing signatures on documents, assuring all documents needed to file were included, assuring all necessary signatures were provided, etc. Once confirmation that all the appropriate documents were included in the file would sign off as “reviewed collateral file”, which would then be transported to the vault for storage

• If mistakes found would make contact with department either responsible for the error and assist in any necessary remediation

• Making requests for Riders that may have been missing from the Title and organizing the Mortgage packet

• Escalating issues to management on an as needed basis if for some reason I could not resolve and remediate any errors discovered in the collateral file

• Making contact to Purchasers Attorney when any errors were made on their part in execution of Origination Documents


State University of New York at Buffalo 2006

Legal Studies/Political Science

B.A. Social Sciences Interdisciplinary

Buffalo, New York, United States

What I have learned in the classroom has proved to be critical in my professional career. Classes included Contract Law I and II, and Real Estate Practice, Sociology, Public Speaking, to name a few. Erie County Community College 2004

Paralegal/Legal Studies

A.A.S Applied Science - Legal Studies

Buffalo, New York, United States

Taught by highly respected attorneys with many years experience on how to be the most efficient and productive Paralegal possible. Accounting I & II, Real Estate Practice, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legal Ethics, Paralegal Duties, Tax Practice, and Legal Research and Writing were some of the classes required by this program.

**Transcripts from schools, contact information for previous employers, and letters of recommendation from employers, former clients, and current business partners are readily available upon request.

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