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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
January 24, 2018

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Pharmacist, MSc, PhD

(H) 323-***-**** /

Professional Summary

Highly motivated and passionate Pharmacologist with PhD degree in Pharmacology and Masters in Neuroscience looking to expand career to the next level and bring over 10 years of experience and skills in laboratory science and research and development to an amazing employer. I obtained my Master's degree in Biological Science in 2012 and my PhD in 2015. I received two grants during my PhD from the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo. This grant contributed to my education abroad and l e a d t o m y intellectual growth as a scientist and allowed me to go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. From there I studied as a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Southern California. I consider myself humble, serious and very responsible at work. I am capable of working in a team, developing my own projects, and overcoming the problems that may arise at work. Accomplishments

Research Support Postdoctoral Fellowship: NIH/NIEHS Awarded Grant: Department of Gerontology University of Southern California- Davis School Mentor: Kelvin Davies Ph.D.

SWE Fellowship: Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) to The Children's Hospital of the Philadelphia (2013- 2014).

Ph.D Fellowship: Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP): 2012-2015. M.Sc. Fellowship: National Research Council (CAPES), Brazil: 2010-2012. Bachelor in Pharmacy

Multiple publications in International Journal

Worked at the children's hospital of Philadelphia

Worked at USC with kelvin Davis

Studied in the US in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Boston. Skills

Strong problem solving skills

Self -motivated

Great time management and organizational


Experience with laboratory work competency

Processing samples and primary cultures

Giving seminars and lectures on studied


Experience with handling animals.

Conducting research alone or with

a group

Experienced using microscopes

and lab equipment

Working in Clean Rooms


Highly Organized and detail


Strong IT skills involving Excel, Photoshop,

Word and PowerPoint

Conducting Antioxidant trials

Writing scientific publications for

International Journal

Developing projects and procedures

Skills Continued

Strong Leadership skills to manage

a team

Writing and organizing protocols

Good communication skills writing

documents and reports

Work History

Performing and examining

Microbiological test

Fast learning abilities

Postdoctoral Research Associate 01/2017- Present

Boston University- BU Boston, MA

Grant Department of Physiologic and Biophysics: NIH/NIEHS (RO 950*******) Mentor: Clint Makino, Ph.D.


Project: Investigates the psychopathology of neurodegenerative diseases. Research is focused on neurodegeneration diseases of the retina and the interaction between genetic factors implicated in the disease and environmental factors. Document and report experimental results.

Compiling data and writing papers to submit to Scientific Journal. Presenting findings at scientific conferences.

Investigate of the effects to hypercapnia and oxidative stress photoreceptors. Postdoctoral Research Scholar 09/2015 - 12/2016

University of Southern California- USC Los Angeles Grant Department of Gerontology: NIH/NIEHS (RO1E003598) Oxygen Radical Toxicity and Protein Degradation Mentor: Kelvin, J.A., Davies, Ph.D.


Project: Free radicals and oxidative stress during aging process and regulation of gene expression in oxidative stress. Worked with designing molecular and cellular laboratory experiments, overseeing their execution, and interpret the results.

Worked specifically on a concept term aptive homeostasi a phenomenon which enables cells, tissues, and Whole organisms to increase the expression of enzymes that protect against future oxidative insults. Ph.D 02/2012 - 12/2015

School Medicine of Ribeirao Preto / University of Sao Paulo. Department of Pharmacology Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Worked with several teams on Biochemistry and Pharmacology research. Worked with visitor Researcher in the Children's Hospital of the Philadeplhia with Dr. Haralambos (Harry) Ischiropoulos. Studied the reciprocal regulation of neuronal activity by s-Nitrosylation and S- Palmitoylation using contextual fear conditioned on lab rat models. Worked with Nadja Cristina Pinto in the Institute of Chemistry - University of São Paulo. Managed behavioral and autonomic assessments of rodents in the Fear conditioning contextual. Regularly communicated with scientific research teams from Brazil, Uruguay and USA. M.Sc. 02/2010 - 09/2012

School Medicine of Ribeirao Preto / University of Sao Paulo. Department of Pharmacology Ribeirao Preto.

Studied role of the muscarinic receptor in the medial prefrontal cortex in the modulation of the conditioned emotional response (CER) evoked in the model contextual conditioned fear. Received three honorable mentions from oral presentations given at conferences in Brazil. Bachelor in Pharmacy 01/2005 -12/2009

University Federal of the Juiz de Fora Juiz de For a, Minas Gerais, Brazil Scientific Initiation 03/2005 - 01/2007

Lab of Microbiology- Federal University de Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Grant: Undergraduate Research Assistant Minas Gerais Research Foundation

(FAPEMIG), Brazil. Department of Pharmacist Science of the University Federal of the Juiz de Fora, Brazil


Postdoctoral Research Associate: Department of Physiologic and Biophysics Boston University (BU)


Postdoctoral Research Scholar: Department of the Gerontology University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles 2016

Ph.D.: Department of Pharmacology

School Medicine of Ribeirao Preto / University of Sao Paulo (USP). - Ribeirão Preto. 2015

Master of Science: Department of Pharmacology

University of Sao Paulo (USP). - Ribeirão Preto


Bachelor in Pharmacy:

University of Federal University of the Juiz de Fora (UFJF). - Juiz de Fora 2009

Research and Publications:

1. Defilippo, P.P.; Raposo, A.H ; Fedoce, A.G.; Ferreira, A. S. ; Polonini, H.C.; Gattaz, W.F.; Raposo, N.R.B. cPLA2 and sPLA2 activities were inhibited by Centella asiatica water extract in primary cultures . Natural Product Communication, v. 7,p. 841-843, 2012.

2. Ferreira Junior, NC. ; Fedoce, A. G.; Alves, F. H.F.; Correa, F.M.A; Resstel, L.B.M. Medial prefrontal cortex modulates the baroreflex activity through CB1 receptors . The American Journal of Physiology, v. 302, p. R876-R885, 2012.

3. Ferreira-Junior, N.C.; Fedoce, A.G.; Alves, F.H.F. ; Resstel, L.B.M. Medial prefrontal cortex N -methyl-D- aspartate receptor/nitric oxide/cyclic guanosine monophosphate pathway modulates both tachycardic and bradycardic baroreflex responses . Journal of Neuroscience Research, v. 91, p. 1338-1348, 2013. 4. Borelli, K.G.; Albrechet-Souza, L.; Fedoce, A.G.; Fabri, D.S.; Resstel,L. B.; Brandão, M.L. Conditioned fear is modulated by CRF mechanisms in the periaqueductal gray columns . Hormones and Behavior, v. 63, p. 791-799, 2013.

5. Fedoce, A.G.; Ferreira Junior, NC; Resstel, L.B.M. M3 muscarinic receptor in the ventral medial prefrontal cortexmodulating the expression of contextual fear conditioning in rats . Psychopharmacology, (Heidelberg), p. 267- 280, 2015 .

6. Fedoce, A.G.; Fogaca, M. Ferreira- Junior, NC; Guimarães, F.S.; Resstel, L.B.M. Involvement of M1 and CB1 receptors in the anxiogenic-like effects induced by neostigmine injected into the rat prelimbic medial prefrontal cort

Psychopharmacology, (Heidelberg), v. 233, p. 1377-1385, 2016

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