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Engineer Engineering

Clio, Michigan, 48420, United States
January 22, 2018

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Flint, Michigan-48504


A highly aspirational Masters student with over one year experience in Automotive field as a Vehicle Quality Assurance Inspector, Dynamic Test Engineer at Renault Nissan Automotives India & as a Supervisor at local garage. Being vehicle performance enthusiast, I am looking for full time opportunities in the field of Vehicle system Dynamics, Automotive Powertrains, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Control Systems and Vehicle Safety Systems. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION:

Kettering University, Flint, MI (Oct 2016-Dec 2017) M.S in Automotive systems engineering GPA-3.5

Courses: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion, Vehicle System Dynamics, Vehicle Crash Dynamics and Accident Re- Construction, Automotive Powertrains, Combustion and Emissions, Energy & Environment Anna University, Chennai, India (Aug 2011-Apr 2015) B.S in Mechanical Engineering GPA-3.38

Fluid mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery, Manufacturing Technology, Engineering economics, Automobile Engineering, Design of Transmissions PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Technical Supervisor at local garage:

o 3 Months of supervising at an Automobile garage involving from general servicing of vehicles to overhauling of IC- engines, suspension works, tire alignment, brake lining works and exterior/interior modification works.

Vehicle Quality Assurance Inspector at Renault Nissan Automotive Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India. (Feb 2016-June 2016) o Single window person for AVES (Alliance Vehicle Evaluation Standard) evaluation of the vehicles Renault Kwid

(XBA), Nissan Micra (K13), Datsun Go and Go+ models. o Visual inspection of interior and exterior of the vehicle with over 170+ checkpoints. o Root cause analysis study was implemented to analyze the major cause of defects in vehicles & alternate solutions were proposed.

Dynamic Test Engineer at Renault Nissan Automotive Pvt. Ltd, Chennai, India: ( June 2016-July 2016) o Performing High endurance track tests on Renault Kwid, Datsun Go models to analyze the vehicle braking and suspension characteristics.


Design Software: CATIA V5,CADD,CREO


Programming: Matlab



Development of handling model for investigating the effects of suspension bushing stiffness on vehicle handling: o Investigation of vehicle handling characteristics via the cornering event braking-in-turn test, by varying the suspension bushing stiffness of a double wishbone suspension system. o The results depicted that altering the bushing stiffness for the lower control arm of the suspension has a significant change in vehicle handling.

The effect of Twin spark plug in a two stroke IC engine: o An effort to diminish the CO and NOx emissions, enhance the scavenging and thermal efficiency of the late 2-stroke engine by altering the ignition method and ignition timing, employing a fabricated cylinder-head and modest engine mods.

Automotive controls of Active suspension and active steering systems: (In progress) o The handling and ride comfort analysis of a vehicle model with active suspension and steering system using Simulink and MSC ADAMS.

o The vehicle model is designed in MSC ADAMS and integrated with SIMULINK to create a three D.O.F mathematical model.

o Simulations for various iterations are run to obtain an optimized suspension. The tests Impulse steer, step steer analysis determine the handling and ride characteristics. Hybrid Electric vehicle modelling:

o Evaluation and Comparison of parameters like fuel economy, driveline efficiency & the effect of road load forces for various drive cycles of a 2017 Audi Q7 as a gasoline vehicle and as an EREV, using Matlab and Simulink. o The data from Argonne lab is analyzed for the 2013 Chevrolet Volt, an EREV equipped with power split drivetrain. Simulink models are built to evaluate the tractive effort & analyze the energy consumption for UDDS city cycle tests conducted in charge depleting mode and charge sustaining mode. The results are used to find the fuel economy. Vehicle Performance Analysis:

o A series of tests like Chassis dynamometer, Acceleration performance and coast down is performed on a Ford Focus for analyzing the effect of Road load forces, selection of efficient final drive ratio, & Tire size. o The data of a Saturn LS2 is studied, analyzed and experimented to obtain the best vehicle performance characteristics.

Mini Sled Impact Project:

o The objective of the project is to mathematically estimate the pre- and post-impact velocities of the bullet and target sleds in a mini-sled impact test.

o A mathematical model governing the two-sled impact is developed to identify all the input parameters that need to be measured in order to simulate the two sled impact test. Activated Carbon, Lithium Hydroxide, and Calcium hydroxide scrubber for CO2 Capture: o A successful endeavor to minimize the level of CO2 emissions in any vehicle by the use of activated carbon, LiOH, Ca(OH)2 scrubber.

o The results of using these three carbon sequestrating material scrubber depicted that the level of carbon dioxide emissions is reduced from 12.8% to 10.6 and%.

o The collected CO2 is regenerated periodically by mixing the core with NaOH solution to get NaCO3 as a product. Automation of sealant application on Oil Pressure Switch and Rear oil seal leak test: o An industrial project that boosted the production efficiency of Engine manufacturing unit at Renault Nissan Automotive India Pt. Ltd. by use of pneumatics, rack & pinion mechanism. o The Rear oil seal leak test boosted the production efficiency of Engine manufacturing unit by 11% (0.6 sec/engine) at Renault Nissan by the use of pneumatics and QC tools. PUBLICATIONS:

o Journal publication on “Effect of Twin Sparkplug in Two Stroke IC Engine” at International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR). URL:

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