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Software Engineer

Hermosillo, Son., Mexico
January 22, 2018

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Luis Garcia Blanco

Nationality: Mexico





Senior Developer with a Master in Computers Science and over 14 years of experience in the software development, working with several technologies including: Java, Java Swing, Java Spring, Jasper Reports, Servlets, JSP, JSF, JavaFX, Maven, Php, MySQL Server, PostgresSQL Server, SQLite, HSQLDB, MSSQL, Oracle, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Hibernet, MVC, MVVM, TopLink, Active Record, Odata4J, Olingo, Apache Web server, Glassfish Server, Tomcat y Jboss, Html, Html5, Telerik Kendo UI, Javascript, AngularJs, Xml, Json, Jquery, Knockout, Linux servers admin, SVN and CVS, NetBeans, Eclipse, InteliJ.

Solid Knowledge and experience with Analysis of requirements, Specification, use cases description, Project planning, Project management and Software development.

Experience implementing Scrum methodology; implementation of ceremonies and training the team to know the roles and philosophy of the methodology.

Experience in business ERP development including accountant and financial processes.

Experience as project leader and architect in several projects including: Invoice, warehousing, purchasing, sales, and finnacial and collecting systems.

Installation and management of Course Management System (Moodle). March 2014– 2017 SmartClinic Software Engineer

Phonix, US

Sofware Engineer

Responsible of migration from a legacy project ( a monolithic) decoupling the components to a microservices environment, designing architecture of each microservice using Java EE and Java Spring Boot in Back-end.

Development in Java 8 with Mysql Database and AWS services.

As a devOps responsible of Merge and Deploy every release at the end of the Sprint, migrating from shell script deployment process to Jenkins.

As Linux Sysadmin, responsible of FTP configuration, user management, security over TLS and SSL.

Professional certificates management, resource monitoring.

Experience Java Spring Batch implementation to process and import tons of CSV files. Implementation of Hibernate 5.0.

Implementation of Git & ZenHub for an Agile Project Management.

Front End Development in Angular/Angular 2.

Java Heap analysis to solve memory leaks.

HIPPA certification, HIPAA provision is resulting in substantial changes in business development processes, policies and procedures for all covered entities - providers

(hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies) clearinghouses and payers. Confidential




March 2012– 2014 CBMWAre Product Owner

Hermosillo, Mexico

Product Owner

Responsible of analysis and product definition, writing user stories and maintaining produc backlog.

Sprint Planning, Prioritize and sequences the Backlog according to the business value

(ROI), maintaining the focus of all the team to achieve the busuness goals.

Assist with the elaboration of Epics, Features into user stories that are granular enough to be achieved in a single sprint.

Conveys the vision and goals at the beginning of every single Release an Sprint.

A customer representation, continously engaging the customer and the stakholders to ensure the team were buildingt the right product.

March 2007 – 2012 Special Compu Software Architect Hermosillo, Mexico

Software Architect

Responsible validate, test and implement new technologies to implement in the development process, some of those technologies are client side frameworks for web applications, and some other frameworks for the back-end (Server Side) for web and desktop applications.

Responsible of define software architecture based on the system specifications. Scrum Master

Responsible of the implementation of ICESCRUM a platform for Agile Development.

Responsible for planning, executing and evaluate projects according to predetermine time-lines and budgets.

Building and managing project teams, reporting to project sponsor and ensuring quality control throughout project life cycles.

Responsible of the implementation of the Agile Scrum methodology, working with two teams of 4 and 6 people.

Responsible to lead the daily meeting, Owner Springs, Spring Review and Spring Retrospective meetings.

Working face to face with the Product Owner to define and prioritize the deliverables list for the spring and the average life time of the projects. Nov 2005 – March 2007 Special Compu Project Engineer Hermosillo, Mexico

Responsible of validate, test and implement new technologies to implement in the development process, for the back-end ORM for PHP, (Active Record) and Java

(Hibernate), In the Front-end Knockout framework was implemented, Angular and Bootstrap 3 CSS.

Responsible to keep the version control in projects with Subversion on Linux environment.

This system was designed and developed to control the students and teachers Confidential

information. It has about 240,000 users along the country. Jan 2003 – August 2005 Boga Tecnologías Sr Programer Hermosillo, México

Developing with Java and HTML web applications, Java swing for desktops, using MySQL and PostgresSQL, working with a 4 person’s team and developing for local companies.

April 2000 – August 2003 Universidad del Noroeste Jr. Programer Hermosillo, México

Responsible for analysis, planning and development of a project to control the students and teachers’ information. This system had about 2300 students and 150 teachers as users.

Master in Computers Science. Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo, Hermosillo, México, 2005 Bachelor in Computer Systems Engineer. Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo, Hermosillo, México, 2001

Computer Technician. Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Industrial y de Servicios, Hermosillo, México, 1997

Spanish: Native

English: Intermediate


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